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K Bites – 30.03.2009

SS501 to advance into the American market?


It seems that SS501 will move into the plans of advancing into the American market with great cautions.

SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Yeong Saeng recently took part in a concert performance and for an interview in LA. There they met up with famous producers Andrew Lane and Steven Lee on 21st March and discussed about music and advancing into the American market.

A DSP representative said, “When we were working on the album ‘U R Man’, we have also received some songs from Andrew Lane. Through this, we get to meet these people in America.”

“We did have talks about advancement into the American market. We do have plans on an American market advancement but we have yet to have solid plans laid down.”

SS501 will be releasing a special album in May and in summer they will release a new album.


So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri transform into a goddess for K Will’s new MV


yr_300309_2So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri has transformed into a goddess for singer K Will‘s new MV ‘My tears are falling’ off his new minialbum.

A teaser video to the MV, featuring Yuri‘s first crying scene since her debut, was also released on 30th March.

Yuri, “The moment when I listened to the music, my tears started flowing. I hope that my first crying scene will be a pretty one.”

SS501 in America Wow. Imagine that

34 Responses

  1. dont even bring dbsk into this…right now sm has boa in america, yg has se7en….jyp has wg…dsp wants to look big by letting ss501 go to america cuz they dont have any other artist that are better.

  2. *”in”

  3. seriously their type of ‘music’ isnt exactly what’s “n”
    what are they thinking?? boa has more success then them and even she has a rough start…how much more stupid does dsp have to be??? they always have to make bad decisions for ss501?

  4. shakes head @ goldenGAZE

    I assume you dislike DBSK too because maybe you think their fans are “hostile” as well?

    That’s BS. I’m not a fangirl of BB nor DBSK, but that would be a completely stupid and immature reason to dislike the group itself…

  5. Whoa, Andrew Lane & Steven Lee! Kyu said in his diary that he learned lots of things from them.
    Think it over well, DSP! Have DoubleS gain more acknowledgment from Korea & Japan & China… Asia first. I can wait till U’re ready & am gonna support U all the way <33
    (But I can’t wait till they release their new album already!! ^^).

    Anyway, right after the drama, with the next album release, Asia Tour & everything, do U seriously think that they will send the guys to English schools? ^^

    Chill, everyone!!

  6. @goldenGAZE

    also your right..ss501 might have a chance even if they’re not popular in korea,,,all it takes to get here anyway is your dedication to music and creativity and who knows ss501 might have it right?..^^


  7. @goldenGAZE

    I wouldn’t mind you saying “SOME VIPz”…but saying rude and hostile “VIPz” is plain ignorant as well,,,not all VIPz are like that..please STOP the generalizing!!!..i dont really like talkin’ back to people but im over it trying to keep quiet when BB or my other fellow VIPz are being insulted,,,yes i would agree with you some VIPz are plain rude but NOT ALL OF THEM!!!

    peace^^ πŸ˜€

  8. the vid seems to have the same effect or feel like 8eight’s mv with sohee…


    Just because you are not number one in Korea, doesn’t mean you can’t be number one in America. I mean look @ BoA, Rain, Se7en-all seen as the best of Korea, but they have failed miserably in attempting the American market, i don’t think the fact that you have a mega large fanbase will mean they will succeed.

    To people saying “Big Bang, TVXQ woulda been better”, well SS501 and tvxq produce similar kinds of music so honestly i think they’re on the same level in America, oh wait tvxq does have a Guinness world record to their name, i sure that will make a HUGE difference… Big Bang used (notice past tense) to sound unique, but lol image them singing Sun Set glow in English (you’d think they’re Disney kids or something). The best chance BB has is if Taeyang goes solo in America coz he’s the best all rounder and the music he made for his solo album was pretty hot.

    SS501 may not be MEGA popular in Korea (in your view), but this doesn’t mean that they can’t try in America. They have a chance just like any other boy band. America doesn’t see SM-YG-DSP. They just see music. Although i agree the era of BoyBands is pretty much dead in America so i wouldn’t recommend the guys do this. they should just stay in Korea (but not because they’re to “bad” for America, but because they’ll be more appreciated in their homeland).

    Sorry for the rant, but i’m just sick of how rude people are towards DSP artist, i used to be a huge BB fan until i realise how rude and hostile Vipz were to every other artist besides their precious big bang.

  10. OMGAHHH no offence, I like them, but they are barely #1 in Korea, how could do even consider sending them away to USA?
    BoA is fighting hard to get a name there , Rain and SE7EN are kind of in sleeping/failing mode. (really not hate, just being honest).
    They should see Japan as a test country.
    They’re barely even known in Japan, they will be like thin air in USA and it’s quite known for disbanding in USA etc.
    They don’t have what it takes to make it there, sorry, but I don’t want to see them hurt and fall there.
    I wish they stay safely in where they are now.

  11. oh ss501, save your money and stay in korea! even with boa and se7en, they won’t make it very far in america!

    yuri looks gorgeous as always, but girl, why you throwing a gdragon fit? lol.

  12. OMG YURI !! she looks absolutely beautiful ! o_o

  13. OMG YURI !! The looks absolutely beautiful ! o_o

  14. seriously..
    its even hard to think that the amazing groups TVXQ and big bang will do good in america..
    (hmm.. maybe tvxq… they should come to canada though :D)
    but SS501? NEVER thought of it..
    the only music of theirs i have is the BOF ost
    and U R Man…
    other ones just never seemed popular or that great..
    and no im not against SS501! i am not an anti-fan!

  15. Relax!!!! I”m sure they are just talking about since they have been working with the American producers for their Ur Man album and their upcoming album. It’s just a way for them to generate attention I guess!!

  16. This ain’t working out. Period. Even if boy bands try to invade the US, shouldn’t groups like Big Bang be first? At least their music actually resembles something Americans listen to…..

    And what the hell does Yuri mean my first crying moment is pretty? Who’s pretty when they’re crying? -_-

  17. relax guys~~ you guys r bashing now…

    i personally think they’re not ready yet,,,good that DSP is thinking about it and dont have a concrete plan yet…maybe they should research on American market clearly and polish on things that needs for them to succeed here! even though I dont follow them very much, I still feel that there’s a LOT of things they NEED to do to make it here!!!… πŸ˜€

    if they ever really decide to come here..gOOdluck to them!!!

  18. I think if they want to debut in U.S
    They should debut as solo star or pop-rock boy band
    like Jonas Brother

  19. If DSP can’t get their artists to be at the top like SM, YG, & JYP
    they shouldn’t even THINK about trying the U.S.
    That would be utter failure!!!
    Seriously, they shouldn’t even THINK about it.

  20. omg,please no.i don’t know that much about SS501 but tI do know that they are a BOY BAND.america is done with boy bands.people here will think they look gay and just laugh at them.oh the horror.

  21. relax guys
    I thought they have not have concrete plan yet

  22. Is DSP stupid?
    SS501 ain’t even that popular in Korea when it comes to their music.
    If they can’t make it in their home country, they will NEVER make it in America.

  23. haha that’s funny. i remember watching a video back of SS501 and they were speaking english. it was so funny.
    “hollywood bowl” “you are the girl, i am the boy. we are the stoooodents!” ahaha. i love them, but gg because SS501 and america don’t go together.

  24. does look amazing *

  25. Btw… Wowee.
    Yuri does amazing.

  26. Wow, you are kidding.
    SS501 will honestly fail in America, no offense.
    DSP better think twice before moving on to that plan.
    cause you need to know, understand, speak, and write English in America… and that’s only the first step and usually take eons.. and English is a very hard language to learn. And don’t you think they’re moving too fast?

  27. Well, at least they are just thinking about it. It’s smart for them to not drawing out any plan yet. AND hope they won’t come up with a plan in the future about mergin into American market. Gosh, I agree, I just hate hearing fobbish English songs. I’m so distracted with the bad english, I can’t even concentrate on the lyrics.

  28. what is DPS thinking? Can they even speak English or sing in English?
    OMGOSH!!! Hope they are just kidding! *fingers crossed* cuz I just don’t want these boys to get criticized because I do happen to like their personalities. That is just so random!!!

  29. as much as i like SS501, they arent exactly the group that would garner interest in america. considering how long it took them to get famous in korea, i dont think it would work out very well for them in america. they would be laughed at. their english isnt that great either. i think they are more suitable for the asian countries. i wish all these artists would stop trying to debut in america. DSP is terrible at promoting their artists. just because they had one hit girl group in the past doesnt mean anything. it took what 3 years to get SS501 on the map and it was without two members. kara is a joke in my opinion. they lost one really talented member for two members who barely sing or do anything in the group. they also took a really long time to garner any attention in korea. they are barely up there too. what, B-list right now, it is a big step from where they were before. DSP needs to rehire their marketing team before they do anything like letting SS501 debut in america.

  30. Why is everybody trying to get into the American Market. Unless you’re pretty good at English, like BoA or Se7en, stay in Korea. I much prefer listening to music I don’t understand than hearing bad english.

  31. i thought that they were just going to go here for training and everything. i didn’t think that they were going to try to advance in america just yet. i thought that there would be more time before they tried to do this. i don’t mind if they did but i really didn’t think that they were going to do it just yet. whatever, I love SS501 either way. SS501 FTW!!!!

  32. uh no offense but they dont really have that “it” thing to make it in the american market.
    Well to me personally anyway, I dont really listen to them.


    what are they thinking?!

  34. O____________O

    this is a joke, right? :3

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