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K Bites – 03.04.2009

KARA says goodbye – another girlgroup leaves the Kpop scene, at least for now


After So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA is the next to end their promotional activities.

KARA will be having their last promotion performance for their 2nd minialbum ‘Pretty Girl’ on 12th April on SBS Inkigayo. They released the single last December and have since promoted the songs ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey. And all these while, they have been put in comparison with So Nyeo Shi Dae for the title of ‘Korea’s best girl group’

The members will rest after their non-stop promotions since December. And they will be back with a new album after 2-3 months.


Zia hits #1 with just 1 day into new album release


Singer Zia released a new minialbum ‘Orchestra’ on 2nd April. And within just 1 day into the album release, the album’s title song ‘Like Breaking’ went up to the #1 spot on Cyworld.

Also of the 6 songs collected in the album, 4 songs were within the top 20 positions on SKT mobile chart.

Zia last released her 1st album ‘Road Movie’ in 2008 which won her the female ballad award during the Entertainment Arts Awards.

Here’s the MV to her minialbum ‘Orchestra’


ki_120309KangIn, “For about 1 year after debut, I didn’t get to go out”

Super Junior member KangIn revealed that for about 1 year after his debut in Super Junior, he did not get to go out.

He is on MBC ‘SaBaKwi’ set to air on 4th April where he was posed the question ‘Did you receive management in terms of an idol’s private lifestyle?’ and he answered, “For about 1 year after debut, I didn’t get to go out. We spent our time at the quarters practising.”

He also added honestly, “After 1 year, we also started taking little alcohol.”

6 Responses

  1. finally !
    they ended it up !

  2. I’m not surprised SNSD and KARA left (for now), all the other girl groups are coming back (new and old), and the boy bands.

    LOL @ Sam, man you don’t know how much I was annoyed with the, ‘Honey, honeyyyy, honey,’ crap!!

  3. well i’m sad to see kara go but excited for their new release..
    i loved pretty girl and honey was even more awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @ sam. Lol!! yeah agree with you. Finally KARA is backing off. But i thought theyre gonna be the MCs of idol show season 4? Uh-oh tell me it isnt so!

  5. Finally, Kara, FINALLY.
    I have a heart attack yesterday when i saw them promoting a new song from that bazillion-years-old-mini-album on MNet, but it turn out to be a special stage… FEWWWWWW

    And I love Zia’s new concept. Her hairstyle is awesome.
    I absolutely love her new MV. But it’s kinda cruel though. The guy give the girl his love energy, and it costs him his life (b/c he’s also a robot), but then the girl just box him up the same way her last owner boxed her. I hate that damn girl robot…

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