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2NE1 posters + ‘Lollipop Re-Edit’ MV revealed!


The photoshoot to ‘Female Big Bang2NE1 has been revealed.

On the 6th, their homepage ‘www.yg-21.com‘ is officially opened and 20 photos of the group were posted on it.

YG Entertainment said, “Since 2NE1 is a new group and this is the first time they are doing a photoshoot, we were worried that it would be awkward for the girls to do photoshoot. But it was surprising they gave us confident and natural poses.”

Together with their new photoshoots revealed today, a new MV version ‘Lollipop Re-Edit’ will also be revealed.

Some of my favourite shots of each member






Meanwhile, ‘Lollipop Re-Edit’ for you.


35 Responses

  1. i really luv b0m unNie…

  2. @lingle

    CL is the one with shades..
    Sandara is the one who’s teary-eyed…
    Park Bom is the one with fishnet stockings..
    Minji is the cutest one^^..with the black hat^^….

    i hoped i helped..

    can’t wait to meet these girls!



    lol… I mean Kong Min-Ji.

    Seriously Kong Min-Ji really looks like Dae-sung…

    100% photocopied out from Dae Sung’s face

  4. ahh im lovin the girls already!!!!

  5. Minji’s arm sleeves remind me of Final Fantasy.
    Lols but i like them.

  6. Wow, i love the pictures.
    Oh yeahh that’s the wayy YG trainees are.
    Confident =] WOW, LMAO CL, i see some G-Dragon& TOP fashion
    in glasses in you.
    Park Bom is fricken beautiful in everything.
    sandara. aww she looks like she’s tearing up. but it’s still pretty.
    Minji, damnn i like.
    I love their photoshoot! pretty!

  7. could someone please explain who is who?? :S


  8. their pictures are kind of weird
    but i like the mv. parkbom’s cute
    and I can’t tell if cl is pretty or not.
    &i think they should debut earlier bc the song is already growing onto people then later listeners would be sick of the song in may

  9. […] Source:Kbites   […]

  10. Ah the re-edit is total WIN! Less Big Bang and more of 2NE1.

  11. I think it’s really sad that some people really thought their concept would be “Lollipop”-esque. T.T
    In any case, I like these pictures a lot 8D They did a good job and they look kinda like high-fashion models… a little haha. I’m proud of them, and I hope the “hype” dies down so when they officially debut with their own song, people won’t judge too harshly.

  12. ommygosh I LOVE THEIR STYLE!! (:
    &i wish i could wear heel like theirs!! awesome!!
    lollipop is addicting too ^^ i think they can become really popular XD

  13. OMG why do they make Gong Min Ji look like she’s 30?! Crazy thick makeup!

  14. i love the pictures… finally…… a different concept. I was worried there’d be cuteness overload and thank you Mr. YG for making them so unique. This photoshoot is great…. ^^

  15. some people have the most boring ‘fashion’ sense -.-
    this shoot is fierce man! i love it. i see some gd accessories too =P loving bom in the fishnets and minji’s killer heels <33 i love the makeup on minji where she’s posing with sandara. love it!

  16. damn, the pressure of being called
    “FEMALE BIG BANG” is like big, a lot would
    anticipate them they shouldn’t disappoint
    everyone’s expectations..feel sorry for them 😛

  17. i like the pics of them..
    they toally look different from all the girly girl groups out there..
    soo cant wait for their debut.. ^_^

    ^^ i agree on the pressure these girls might have…
    hope they dont stress over it too much

    BB21 Fighting<3<3

  18. this is so convincing! LOL i swear, I want a lollipop now so badly! *throws away my ice cream* LOL

  19. O.M.G. ,,,i seriously was never interested in this kind of outfits, especially the black ones they wore. BUT O.M.2.N.E.1!!! I <333 it..it looks gOOd on them!!!

    man cant wait for them..but @ the same time kinda feel sad a bit bcuz they have SO MUCH pressure on them..fans and people interested in them expect them to be like “BB” or even better or pwnd those other girl groups. even i cant imagine the pressure put on them and if it were me i’ll probably go crazy XD BUT HWAITING GIRLS!!! <333 always~~

  20. they are definitely the female version of big bang ..
    their styles look a like ..
    i like them all .. haha
    especially CL and park bom ..

    finally .
    there’s a brandnew female group with different style !

  21. lol, kinda scared the crap out of me XDD No offence but, how different is there concept compared to toher girl groups? Ive recently loved them a lot, but seeing the photos, they look just like any other girl groups. But atleast they have great music i guess….


  23. this is actually a pretty good photoshoot.

    thank goodness they didn’t wear their lollipop outfits.

  24. i like those new pictures. the brightness of the lollipop theme was beginning to hurt my eyes
    regardless of everything, i’m still looking forward to their official official debut come may.
    and i hope they have something more dynamic to show us, music wise that is.

  25. why no pairing couple photoshoot with Big bang.
    2 of them are pretty , 2 of them look average.
    If they have another 1 member,
    it would be perfect to match with Big Bang..
    so good luck to them

  26. CL IS DA BOMB.

  27. @julie: the re-edit focuses of 2NE1 a little more, and there’s more close-ups of their faces. plus, at the end when they all pose together, the girls are in the middle instead of BB.
    …so yeah, bottom line, it tries to focus more on 2NE1.

  28. yay! i love them already
    (: i’m kinda biased though… hehehe

    but CL is my favorite!
    she has so much charisma and talent!
    plus she totally rocks TOP’s glasses in the first picture (:

  29. F I E R C E ❤

    don’t hate cuz they’re not the typical pretty-girls.

  30. whats the difference between the re-edit mv and the regular mv? i dont see a lot of differnt things

  31. I just watched the video, and the little CL and SeungRi part was so cute heheh.


  33. I love all those pictures!
    Now I have a female group I want all my clothes from. lol. : )

  34. i don’t know what those hand thing are call
    but that just remind me of GOONG haha
    but I think I have an idea whose idea those clothes are.

    … are you thinking what I’m thinking? haha

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