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Big Bang and Yoo Jae Seok voted on Nick Kids Choice for the 2nd consecutive year


Figure queen Kim Yuna, idol group Big Bang, and Koreans’ MC Yoo Jae Seok have been picked up by young people of Korea as their choice of people in the spotlight.

Young people entertainment channel Nick recently did a poll online for ‘2nd Korea Kids Choice Awards’. And Kim Yuna has been chosen as the ‘Best Wannabe’ with 3486 votes (50%), the figure that young people want to be.

And group Big Bang and MC Yoo Jae Seok received 4907 votes (70%) and 4693 votes (67%) respectively, receiving overwhelming response and approval by young people to be awarded the ‘Best Male Singer Award’ and “Best Gagman’ for the 2nd consecutive year.

Big Bang said, “We are stunned to know that even though we have ended our activities in Korea, we are still receiving support and love from everyone. But we are hoping we can also win next year.”

While Yoo Jae Seok, “I would like to thank all the young people. I will definitely keep this cute trophy at my display cabinet.”

While groups So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls have been awarded ‘Best Female Singer Award’ with 3184 votes (46%) and 2096 votes (30%) respectively.

The poll took place from 9th March to 9th April on Nick’s official site, with 7 categories surveyed and received about 48755 votes.

23 Responses

  1. yea big bang !
    more and more awards .
    a good choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @ Sophie
    Then how come Big Bang won for best male group if they were away since last year as well?

  3. whoooooooo~
    big bang HWAITING!

  4. @Sophie
    according to your opinion,suju must win ‘Best Male Singer Awardโ€™ because suju just make a comeback and ‘sorry sorry’ fever


    i know snsd is popular. One of the reason is because of their comeback. Arent im right in saying that they won because of that.
    Wondergirls is missing since december.

    I like after school these day esp Bekha.
    Her rap’s so awesome & she’s got attitude.
    sorry not related

  7. omg congrats BANG!!!

  8. @Sophie
    it seems like you don’t know anything about snsd’s popularity these days. lol

  9. Snsd just make a comeback and gee craze.
    Wondergirls is away from korea for sometimes, thats why they arent getting it.

  10. congratulations!bigbang is vip

  11. yay for kim yuna

  12. SNSD win by 46%.
    WG had won last year.
    as WonderFuls , I dont care if they are always not on top.
    as long as they achieve what their dream, I feel happy.
    congrats to SNSD though.

  13. Who won for Best Female Singer Award?

    So Nyeo Shi Dae or WonderGirls

    or Both?

  14. Congrats Big Bang! & OF COURSE MC Yoo

  15. congrats to our boys && mc yoo!!<3<3

  16. Yeeeeahhhh BIG BANG!
    Congrats to them! โค

  17. Yay congrats Big Bang and MC Yoo! <33

  18. congrats Big Bang! (:

  19. I wonder how kids vote for this or adults also join too. hehehe
    Congratz for the winner. XD.

  20. Big bang rocks!! I will be voting for them too if I had the age to and if I understand korean^^

  21. big bang ftw !!
    nothing more to expect from big bang !! and yoo jae suk would win hands down hes sooo funny especially on family outing and bak in the x-man dayys !!

    oOo first ? ^_^

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