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K Bites – 28.04.2009 III

Newcomer actress Woo Seung Yeon commits suicide

wsy_280409News came that newcomer actress Woo Seung Yeon (24) had committes suicide on the 27th due to depression.

Woo‘s company provided on the 28th, “Woo Seung Yeon has committed suicide due to serious case of depression. All this while, she has been receiving treatment for her depression.”

Her body will be placed in Seoul General Police hospital, the funeral will take place on the 30th.

Woo debuted as a model for fashion magazines, but went on to acting after that. Her latest works are movie ‘Hub’ and sitecom ‘Yap’.


Kim Jeong Hoon says goodbye and thank you to 800 fans


Former duo UN member Kim Jeong Hoon gets enlisted for his military service on the 28th in front of 800 fans at replacement unit in GyeongGiDo.

His short hair was visible only after he took off the cap he has been wearing.

He said in an interview before he got enlisted, “I’ve decided on enlisting for military service. The 2-3 years period when I was not in Korea, I had a lot of good and fun experience overseas.”

“I’ll be back better after 2 years. Thank you everyone for your concern and support. Let’s meet again after 2 years.”

“I’m feeling very calm now. This is what every other man in this country will have to go through.”

He will be releasing a solo album later this first half of the year.







Kim Jeong Hoon‘s beautiful rendition of ‘Parrot’

12 Responses

  1. NOOO~ KJH-sshi TT_TT
    we’ll wait 2 years TT_TT
    gawd, i missed seeing him on screen and hearing his vocals T^T
    i’ve seen those performances many many many times already XD

  2. i feel so lonely but im happy for him…see yah in nxt 2yrs…jeong hoon..we will miss you

  3. AHHH! oppa’s hair is gone. =x will miss you, oppa. another korean love away for 2 years.. sighhh.

  4. he’s cute

  5. eileennnnn .. i am so sad to see him leaving.. *tears*

  6. ❤ i love his voice…i can’t wait till he comes back..he still looks really good looking with his hair like that =)

  7. what a change..haircuts can really change a persons look,before with longer hair he look boyish and sooo young,now..he looks like a mature man…see you in 2 years dongsaeng….take care ..chal chinaeyo…

  8. LMAO…he looks cute

    gonna miss him.

    By the time he’s out, I’ll be graduating. 2 years is fast

  9. another suicide.T_T
    jeonghoon oppa soo cute
    I will miss him

  10. she’s so pretty .. sigh..

    he look happy. bye bye Kim Jeong Hoon. see you next two years

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