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Seo In Young is at ‘it’ again?


Netizens asked, “Seo In Young is at it again?”

Hmm, spot the difference?

It’s not hard to guess what the netizens are talking about.

Seo In Young recently attended the launching show for Levi’s Bodywear on 23rd April. Of course everyone noticed the new hairdo and that pretty floral summer dress, but what stands out more was Seo In Young‘s nose.


Netizens are puzzled on how her nose had looked different from what it had used to be, again.

Seo In Young awhile back after she came back from her vacation in America.



Seo In Young before during ‘One More Time’ and ‘We Got Married’ days.

Here in the photo, Seo In Young admits to doing plastic surgery to her nose. She revealed she went for Botox and also did the tip of her nose once.


Seo In Young when she first debuted


A compilation done by a netizen


Netizens say:

  • “She just wants to be Pinocchio”
  • “She looks pretty even without the plastic surgery. I wonder why she has to do that?”
  • “What is wrong with her nose she needs to change it again and again? Her nose looks pathetic”
  • “She’s like the 2nd Michael Jackson”
  • “I like her photos when she first debuted best”
  • “She just lost weight and her nose looks longer now”

58 Responses

  1. Many people are saying she looks ugly. I, personaly, pity her because I can just image how she feels with many people criticizing her. I don’t care about her plastic surgeries because is her life and her talent is more important to me. She has an amazing voice and that’s all that matters to me.

  2. Well emm..personally it’s her decision to do the surgery, perhaps it might not look so good to others, but if she think the surgery makes her prettier, let em be. haters, y bother talking or commenting saying her look ugly and stuff?
    Does it make u any better, im not her fans, but i do watch her in WGM..

  3. she looks better with her normal nose…the after picture of her nose is just creepy

  4. what in the flying fuck seo in young was so fuckin hot when she first debuted! damn… she ruined it… shes still hot tho hahah XD

  5. Since I’m not really too into Korean media and pop culture, I didn’t even realise who this person was until I recognised her as the same woman from “We Got Married” a few pictures down.

    There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, but I don’t think that it ought to be used as a cover-up for low self esteem. I doubt she’s ever going to be able to find that perfect nose she’s looking for.

  6. Here nose looks the same as before her trip to the US!!

    Come on people be objective….there is no difference. Just because you don’t like her …you don’t have to bash her.

    And what is wrong with having plastic surgery?! Honestly this is a decision those people make for themselves..it has nothing to do with you!

    People, please think of all the suicides among korean celebs!!
    Partly it was because NETIZENS (yes I don’t like them, and i don’t think i am an netizen) were bashing stars crating rumours that were NOT true.

    AND ugly is not an argument! So what if someone is in your opinion ugly? Is he she a bad person?? IYou can judge actors for bad acting, you can judge singers for bad singing…But be careful with your word.

    I know blog sites need those Headlines to atracct readers but: Think of coolsmurf! I liked his style of writing. It was less bashing, more facts..

    In the end: what you write about someone doesn’t characterize this person, but YOU.

  7. seo in young is hot no matter what πŸ™‚

  8. oh yeah . her nose .
    it looks scarrier i think .
    i like her more when she debuted ..

  9. she was so pretty in her pics during her debut.. poor so in young.. she shouldn’t have undergone the surgery..


  11. lol no wonder why Jewelry has a song called ‘baby one more time~’ XDDD

  12. she was so much prettier when she first debuted and than after it was still nice now its just plain UGLY

  13. it turned really bad i like the old one better!

  14. Wow, her nose looks fine to me during her debut days. Actually looks the best out of all of them.

  15. Wow… she look REALLY pretty back in the days.
    LMAO pinochio. Yeahh agreed. Lols makes me
    want to cover up my nose. i mean looking a hers…..
    ew. But why did she get plastic surgery in the first place?
    She looked fine! what the heck i wrong with her?

  16. she looked really pretty when she first debut-ed!
    now she just looks pure plastic seriously.
    like wannabe barbie /:

  17. if she lied she never got surgeries this time,, her nose will grow more longer

  18. ROFL.. i loled so loud at the pinochio comment.. hahah.. she’s pretty.. why does she have to do that. oh well

  19. I didn’t know she used to look so pretty when she made her debut. What happened to her?! o__O

  20. O_O she’s crazy to get plastic surgery again… and again… and again!!

  21. I like her photos when she first debuted best too. she looked so pretty with the long hair & everything. but her nose is really sticking out in these pics. i hope she finds a way to change it, cause it looks terrible right now!

  22. It’s swollen, ‘it’ SHOULD look better. Ha! Not, I love SIY (mainly for her bold fashion/new styles) but the girl gotta stick to ‘it!’

  23. omg!
    her nose really look alike pinocchio..

  24. OMG 2nd Michael Jackson
    I think she has gone too far now
    doesn’t look like she needed it in the first place
    very sad case
    feel sorry for her
    example of how people ruin things themselves


  26. she looks scary now, she looks best when she first debuted. she WAS a beauty. I think something went wrong with her nose so she had to redo ‘it’ again or else, she is just never satisfied and, addicted. I really like her photos from her debut though.

  27. er, i dont think she looked rly nice now ):

  28. LOL @ the title of the article. I knew if it was Seo In Young it was gonna be about another nose job. I think she looked way better in her debut pics. Why do people mess with God’s creation (their bodies) only to end up looking jacked up?! One thing that put me off about SIY when I first saw her with Jewelry nearly a year a go ago was the shape of her face. I just thought it looked odd. Now that I know it isn’t natural doesn’t make it any better. She was already a pretty girl; she should have stayed away from the plastic surgery for real.

  29. why??u already pretty??
    why u should change ur look become pinocchio??

  30. her nose got bigger omg x.x

  31. This is why I don’t believe in plastic surgery: you can make yourself look worse than you would’ve originally looked. So sad. She was so pretty too.

  32. I think she wasn’t satisfied with her first nose surgery and then she tried to fix it but then she tried to fix her second surgery because it wasn’t good either, etc etc etc….
    Or maybe changing the nose is part of changing concepts when coming back with Jewelry or when she comes back solo

  33. nose job 4 once again……
    she’s addicted…. maybe

  34. She looked gorgeous when she first debuted!
    She even looked nice last year. But NOW?! She should have left it alone man. In another year she won’t be satisfied and change it again. Plastic surgery is addictive.

  35. She obviously didn’t do much research before undergoing plastic surgery. What a lousy surgeon! I feel like chopping the tip of her nose off for her. It’s so bloody sharp, like an arrow. Bleh. She should have gotten some recommendations from other celebrities for some skilled plastic surgeons. One that actually makes it look NATURAL.

  36. lol yeah why did she had a surgery..she is very pretty in her old pictures…such a shame to waste natural beauty :c

  37. She was pretty when she first debuted and maybe she just wanted a bit more but her WGM / One More Time (except the mushroom hair) she looked prettier. I can’t see anything new on the first pic, unless she gained a bit weight?

  38. oh noooooo…it just got worse! She should have stopped it. Now it looks really big..and a bit crooked. =/

  39. OMG..her plastic surgeries nose turn bad.

  40. lol @ the first comment

  41. looks bigger but not nicer…
    that big nose make her look ugly.

    she look pretty when she firs debut but than she look even more ugly.

  42. holy molyyyy what happened =( she looked SO pretty when she first debuted!! seriously she pulled a michael jackson…

  43. OMG! Her nose looks like its swollen now 😦
    I preffered the pointy nose….i admired her for her sense of fashion..

  44. She was fine before…she just keeps messing up her face now. Sad.

  45. She looked much better when she was first debutted. I wonder why she went for nose surgery. See now.. her nose is jz liked pinocchio’s nose.

  46. In the first time when I saw hαΊ», I think: She is not pretty!
    But she is very sexy!
    And now, I still think like this!

  47. wow. what was wrong with the previous nose?

  48. YIKES!!
    That was a waste of money. >.<


  50. euwwwww…..

    she looks so fake. the 2nd soon-to-be-obsessive-plastic-surgery-michael-jackson.

    She was pretty way back when she first debuted.

    Now??? I dont think so.

  51. whoa, she looks like a different person in all these pictures! She looked gorgeous when she first debuted… this is y people shouldn’t be addicted to plastic surgery

  52. a lot of people said that plastic surgery is addicting, once you tried it, it will force you to do it again and again…
    she should have stopped on her first debut face, she’s already beautiful there…
    now she looks awful…

    btw sookyeong, you made a good decision of staying here…i enjoy reading your site…You are so fast and fair on every articles, plus your comments are decent…and i also love your banner… πŸ™‚

  53. I didn’t know she looked so hottt when she first debuted. Not digging her new look.

  54. OMG!!
    she looked better when she first debuted
    I saw her on an old ep of Xman and She looks SO different!

  55. she look more uglier than before

  56. I KNEW IT!! i always suspected the reasoning for her absence from the kpop scene! it looks horrible.. its like someone cut off the end of her nose and added an extra whole nose at the bottom.. its pretty long on her face. no idea why she had a nose job in the first place… her debut pics look the best

  57. it looks like her nose got bigger =X LOL

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