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See Miss Korea NaRi transform!


See Miss Korea NaRi transform!

No more ajumma perm. No more embarrassing poses. No more 1980’s feel. The brochure photos of the upcoming Miss Universe for Miss Korea 2008 NaRi will make Koreans feel at least a little prouder of showing their native beauty.

More photos for the brochure.




I can actually see a little charm in her now.

Thank god they didn’t showed her up like how she did for Miss Korea pageant last year.



Miss Korea down the years.

Lee Honey ’06, Lee Ji Seon ’07, NaRi ’08

But like any other Korean will say, Lee Honey still felt like the best of all Miss Korea.


Honey during Miss Universe 2007


Honey‘s brochure photos for Miss Universe then


Honey Lee FTW. And I don’t care that this article has more Lee Honey‘s photos than NaRi‘s.


28 Responses

  1. All had plastic surgeries. Honey got the most plastic surgeries, then miss korea 2007, and the last one got just a horrible nose job.

  2. You people are all so racist. You all think Honey Lee is the best because you all are so narrow-minded. You like her because she looks Caucasian. That’s why! HIGH nose bridge an HIGH cheek bones and tanned skin! And as TALL as the Westerners. So all beauty pageants should have their features altered by plastic surgery and made to look caucasian!

    I think there is perfectly nothing wrong with NaRi winning. She looks much more natural. Just like how a Korean beauty should look like. She’s not a product of plastic surgery. Just because she looks Asian so you all call her ugly.

    ~ugh! You people are a whole bunch of racists not knowing any better.

  3. a

  4. Even though i’m a Filipino,but I voted for Honey Lee in Ms.U 2007

  5. I like Honey Lee….
    she is very beautiful…

  6. honey lee is by far the most talented, if you read about her she’s performed in CARNEGIE HALL, attended SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, black belt in tae kwon do etc etc etc…

    Nari is the a typical asian woman who comsmetically enhanced her face and body (breasts)

  7. she’s very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…^_^…

  8. […] Ms Korea Nari, a Yonsei University graduate received a lot of flak after winning Ms Korea Universe last year. Many did not find her attractive enough to represent Korea in the Ms Universe 2009 pageant and compared her to previous stunning Korean beauty queens. In spite of the negative reaction, the Ms Korea organizers have worked on “improving” Nari’s looks and you will see her “transformation” in this blog. […]

  9. Yeah, Honey Lee looks the best out of the three.

    She’s really beautiful =].

  10. honey is is the best miss korea for me:D
    shes just too adorable.

    nari….umm..is it just me or does she have VERY short legs. the first two photos of her do NOT flatter her legs at all–they look really stumpy.

  11. Lee Honey is the best among those girl n she’s well educated.Nari?I couldnt believe that she’s Miss Korea after i watched Star Golden Bell which featured some Miss Korea.What is annoy me the most was her action on the show.I just wonder Shouldn’t she care abt her image as nation figure?Nari looks better now but to me,Honey is stil the best.

  12. Oh gosh. I remember this. That pama! T_T It reminds me of beauty pageants back in the 80s.

  13. How tall is she? Nari looks too short and isn’t firm enough to join miss Universe

  14. How tall is she? Nari looks too short for miss Universe standard

  15. wow! i couldnt even recognize her! i think the change was good for her. she looks even prettier!

  16. Errr yeah… NaRi looks better than she did in the pageant. ^^;; But she doesn’t stand out to me.

    I don’t know any of the Miss Koreas, but Lee Honey looks gorgeous. Esp in this pic: https://sookyeong.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/honey1.jpg

  17. Lee Honey was best. I dont even want to know how Nari won. She’s just…. don’t want her representing Miss Korea >.>

  18. Ehh… She’s okay.. but
    I still love Honey Lee πŸ™‚

  19. It goes downhill from Honey Lee
    I still don’t see the ‘Miss Korea’ quality in Nari
    it sounds superficial or whatever but isn’t that what pagents are about?

    I see some GaHee resemblance in Honey Lee, the dimples and the teeth
    seriously, GaHee can win Miss Universe if she enter the freaking contest.

    just wondering, did anyone watch this year’s miss universe? haha it was hosted in my country so my family watched it… pretty…. uhm… Miss USA fell… 2 years in a row T_T When miss vietnam is a tween singer that everyone forgot about

  20. Honey Lee is the best. No doubt.

  21. hahah
    yeah nari looked wierd at first
    not so wierd now

  22. Personally, Nari is okay but I have to say that there are other natural beauties that are prettier than her. However, that’s not the only think counting here.

    Do they accept people applying to either Miss Korea or Miss Universe that had plastic surgery?

    • as far as i know (correct me if i’m wrong)..Honey Lee is going through plastic surgery..><

      but stil she is the best Miss Korea i’ve Know…SMART!!

  23. Nari isn’t ugly or old looking in my opinion. She’s just really plain and has a very obviously Korean face. At least, as a comfort, we can be assured there’s no plastic work in those features :]

  24. i agree we need to find another lee honey, nari still looks like an ahjumma even without the hair. her face is just too old looking.

  25. i agree Lee Honey is the best i know its kind of mean but how come did nari even win ?!!

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