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GDragon’s solo album postponed to August


Big Bang GDragon‘s solo album, like many has known, was originally set to be released in April.

In YG‘s message released on the 3oth, he explained the situation that GDragon was put under and why the album has been postponed. He also mentioned a little about GDragon‘s slight depression under all the stress of work. But reassured that GDragon is alright now.

YG also talked about the little misunderstanding on GDragon‘s collaborate compositions of songs done so far.

To sum up, GDragon will be releasing his solo mini album in August this year, which will include about 7 songs.

From YG’s message released on 30th April:

  • About JiYoung‘s solo album

“Unfortunately, JiYoung‘s solo album, set to be released in April, has to be postponed.

About 2 months back, I’ve heard news about JiYoung being very tired from people in my surrounding, and I met up with JiYoung and we had him sent for a counselling. His condition is a bit more serious that a slump and depression.

This is because there has not been a real break for him since debut, it has been a toll both mentally and physically. Under this condition, the stress he has to go through for his first solo album is even more.

Even though it is said that their promotional activities have ended with their ‘Big Show Concert’ in February, they have to continue working for their new album set to be released in Japan in June and also busy with CF filming. The truth is that there is not enough time for JiYoung to release his solo album in April.

Looking at JiYoung and him being so tired, I just feel very sorry. I never consider the time and environment that he is working under but I have always expected good results.

So I said, “JiYoung ah, no need to care about the exact timing but just prepare the album at the your own pace. Even if it is until next yaer.” and had gave him the responsibilities to work on producing for 2NE1’s album.

Even though issues at hand are important, I believe fans who have been waiting anxiously for his solo album will think the same as I do.

So after that it has been about 1 month. And JiYoung came back with his bright and cheerfulness again. So lately he has been back enthusiastic about his own album again.

We are predicting that the album will be a minialbum with 7 songs recorded in it. Because this album will also feature newly invited composers in the works, fans will get to enjoy music of a different feel from what we have seen so far. All 7 songs will express JiYoung‘s own special music style. I personally thinks that they are satisfying.

With regard to the concept and style for his solo album, JiYoung is currently having a vacationg in Europe (for about 8 days). And the works for the album is already at its last step. Coming June-July period is the period for Big Bang to release and promote their new Japan album. Hence for JiYoung‘s solo album it will be scheduled to be released in August.

We hope for fans’ understanding.

  • About misunderstanding for JiYoung‘s composition

All this while, there have been a little misunderstanding and rumours about JiYoung’s participation as composers to songs has been a collaboration composition with other composers.

For example – ‘collaborate composing of a song is like completing the composition of the whole song, shouldn’t JiYoung‘s name alone be reflected for the song?’ and ‘he doesn’t even known song arranging, what composing?’

Composing is to come up with the lyrics and the accompanying melody. It is a very important part of the song producing. Until now all the song that JiYoung has been doing collaborate composing – 100% of the melody, rap and lyrics come from him.

For the case of the composers in YG, usually before making the melody to the song, an accompanying music will have to be made first. Making the accompanying music(beat) is a very ordinary work, and in just 1 day up to 2-3 accompanying music can be churned out.gd_290409

JiYoung will choose from the tens and hundreds of beats made by composers which he likes, and he will do the melody and lyrics at home. After which he will go to YG studio where he will record his own demo. If the song is decided to be included in the album, the other Big Bang members will be asked to come together for their opinions, then there will be practice and then recording.

Because the beats are not done by JiYoung himself, we call this a collaborate composition, there is a division of jobs in it. (This goes the same for TOP‘s composed pieces too)

I hope that there will no longer be any more misunderstandings about this.”

Translation: sookyeong

PS: YG also ended off the message asking for fans to anticipate for GD‘s album

Bong FTW!

55 Responses

  1. […] comes with great anger since YG president Yang Hyun Seok has gone all the way out to explain rumours about GDragon’s song compositions […]

  2. […] comes with great anger since YG president Yang Hyun Seok has gone all the way out to explain rumours about GDragon’s song compositions […]

  3. […] comes with great anger since YG president Yang Hyun Seok has gone all the way out to explain rumours about GDragon’s song compositions […]

  4. […] was previously mentioned in YG’s message on how GDragon has been having  a hard time coping with work and had been down with slight depression a wh…. Fans’ responses to his cameo appearance have been welcoming […]

  5. […] was previously mentioned in YG’s message on how GDragon has been having  a hard time coping with work and had been down with slight depression a wh…. Fans’ responses to his cameo appearance have been welcoming […]

  6. I read some rumours saying that G-Dragon was now in Paris for a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine. Is it real? Could someone confirm that “info”?

  7. aww, was really looking forward for his album, but better late than never 🙂

  8. I knew the album isn’t coming that soon…since I have been waiting and waiting for some announcement but GD has been so busy with BB!

    Can’t wait for the album…yay! Totally pre-ordering.

  9. our jiyong deserve our ‘standing ovation’!!
    JI YONG OPPA~ hwaiting!

  10. GD.. please rest more and be healthy..
    YG, thankyou so much for giving GD the break.. we all care about jiyong^^
    GD & YG hwaiting!!!

  11. Oh gawd! I’m so shocked to hear that GD was depressed. I want to do something to make him feel happy. I guess I can only wait.

  12. juz expected & i’m glad 4 this actually…^^ he shudn’t rush 4 his solo debut, juz plez take a good care of ur health 1st, mentally & physically…such a heart break to know that u r in a bad condition… T________T

    yeah & i tout he’ll b in europe 4 a month studying fashion??? 8 days,what can u do my dear??? rest enuf??? i know u won’t do that!!! there’s no way GD will juz sit thr,rest & do nothing in europe rite? but plez, dun overwork enuf said…gosh! really hope he’ll b good afta d so called “vacation”… ur enthusiasm is all we need,dun rush & push anything if u r not ready yet…^^

    & about d collaborate composing, hopefully there’s no more misunderstanding nor hard feeling coz we all know YG best 4 d talent!!!

    best of luck my beloved Kwon Ji Yong!!
    i’ll b very anticipating ur solo album, FIGHTING!!!!!!
    & YG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

    p/s : sookyeong u r d best!!!!!!!! thx 4 translating!!!!!! really appreciate it so much!!!!!! LOVE U!!! ❤

  13. Am totally grateful to YG for caring and letting Jiyong rest (though I wondered HOW asking him to work on 2NE1’s album next was suppose to help him!)

    Thanks for the translation. This line “And JiYoung came back with his bright and cheerfulness again. So lately he has been back enthusiastic about his own album again” suddenly made me feel so upset!!

    I was thinking about how he’s been so quiet lately and everyone knows how SUPER THIN he is right now. And it’s sad that he was working so hard on his album till he got depressed and wasnt enthusiastic about it anymore. I just feel terrible for him. Poor guy, he’s only 21 people! Give him a break!

    Bong ah, I hope you always get to do what you love in life and not overdo it till you yourself dont like it anymore! Depression is a serious matter people! Even if his album comes out next year, I’m sure his loving fans will wait patiently. Bong GAMBATTE!

  14. why??? why only 8 days??? he should have a vacation their for 1 month! (haha! :D)

    no..seriously..i really am so worried about his health mentally and physically lately..by just merely looking at his other photos i don;t know…

    anyway…please oppa! take care of yourself! you will not be gdragon forever if you don’t take care of yourself…you know many fans are always waiting for you^_^…..please be healthy!

    ♥saranghae♥ (as if he can see this..haha!:D)

    thanks eileen unni^_^

  15. […] news, G-Dragon’s solo was postponed to August. I guess that it was pushed back, but it’s sad to have it confirmed. Apparently GD was a bit […]

  16. i just cannot imagine seeing GD stress like that.. it will really break my heart to see that, seriously TT__TT

    but glad that YG noticing it and told him to go on vacation and i believe few days ago we saw his pics hanging out with his buddy.. and he look so happy…

    btw i thot i heard that GD will be on europe for studying fashion… @_@ but whatever he do, i just hope he will always be happy and cheer up .. thanks

  17. My boo, GD, poor baby. He has such a happy and strong exterior, I would’ve never known. He’s ‘Strong Babyyyyy!’ =D [I’m so lovin’ G-Ri right now! LOL.]

  18. oh no~~
    he must take care of himself T_T
    why am i feeling like i want to cry 😦

  19. poor jiyongie,, give them rest ASAP

  20. Thank you alot for translating. I don’t mind GD’s solo is pushed back to August. I have waited a long time and I think this time I can wait more as long as GD is healthy and finds his passion back. I always have my money ready

  21. I’m just happy YG is kind enough to put business aside and seriously show care and devotion for his artists. ❤ I don’t mind if GD’s solo album was delayed; I’ll buy it whenever it comes out. Just as long as he’s healthy now, that’s all that matters~

  22. Must be a busy year for YG ^^;;

    Hope GD doesn’t over work himself.

  23. Aww, after reading this, I am glad that GD’s album won’t be rushed and GD will be at his best when he debuts with this solo album in August. I’ll patiently keep waiting. ❤

    But I also feel bad that he went thru a period of depression and major stress. It’s good that he’s much better now. ❤

    Omg… 7 songs.

    His vacation went down to 8 days instead of like a month. D:

    Thanks for the huge translation, Sookyeong!!! <333

  24. aww jiyongiee its ok =/ i had no idea he went through depression… its a good thing he’s alright now =D finally he’s taking a break! jiyong ah take your time with your solo. we’ll be waiting patiently (:

  25. but i thought BigBang always release a mini album on august and full album on november?

    Regardless what other might say about what i think….
    SeungRi will have a very hard time if he wants to release a solo album. It’s just not going to sell well. Don’t mention the strong baby, that was in the remember album after all. Plus, Compared to other BB members, he’s the less popular of them all in KOREA if you hasn’t notice. His voice, just get old quickly if he sings the whole song and not distinct enough.

    Daesung is risky if he wants to release a solo album. Although he’s vocally talented, he’s just…. not good looking enough. I really do love him but it’s a known fact that people are superficial. However, he just might pull through in the local korean market due to his popularity in family outing.

    Taeyang – no comment. We already know how great he can be releasing a solo.
    GDragon- I have high hopes for him. He can be as good or even better than Taeyang! He got it all, looks,voice and stye.
    TOP might just be someone who will shocked you as the black knight of the 5. After lollipop, he proves to many that he not only just a rapper.

  26. yes, Bong FTW.

    it noticed how he’s not as vibrant as he use to be
    and for the Caffe Latte shoot, it was the first time I’ve seen his bright smile in a LONG time, all the pressure on him about composing and doing all that, must be a lot, no wonder. It’s good to hear that he’s doing better and enthusiastic about music again, and also his vacationing in europe. Looking forward to hearing some french in Big Bang songs in the future 🙂

    Thanks for translating girl
    must be a lot, but it’s so touching.
    Bong ah~

  27. Woooooow so he is taking a europe tour !!
    Hope he wll enjoy it and come to paris !!
    Do we have any other information about where he will be going ?
    I read that he took the plane on the 30th so he will be reaching Europe tomorrow ! But I didn’t find any pix of him leaving Korea !

    Thanks for your article~

  28. ngawwwww .GD D; i hope he’s okay! I sort of expected the pressure to affect him one day. dammn!

    Im fine with waiting. I’ll wait how ever long i need to.!

    have fun in europe. Who’s he going with anyway?

  29. ji young!!!! i love him man he deserves the rest!!!! come back healthier than ever k!!! omg 8 days is just not enough!!!

  30. I knew it was gonna be delayed, but daaang, August is too long of a wait ]:<

  31. haha i was right about everything. gd being stress and depress and his album delayed.

    TBH 8 days in Europe is not long compare to 3 yrs in BB and all the years he trained. but 8 days is better then nothing.

    so august is GD solo album. august is special already lol.

  32. august? that’s allright, as long as GD is back to his normal self and not so stressed and depressed. If i have waited years for his solo album i think i can wait a few more months. Jiyong FIGHTING! :]

  33. Aww.. Bong depressed, make me feel sad T__T
    August?? My BDAY month!!!! YESS!!!! =D
    Europe?? waoo!!!
    uh… so composing is that =DD

  34. oh my god. he is in europe??
    do you know where in europe ? *.*

  35. It doesn’t surprise me to hear about GD’s exhausted mind, although it pains me to hear it. I’m happy for the delay if it means he can get some well-deserved rest. Perhaps now he’ll release it on his birthday? ^-^

  36. …. those past months must be so tough and depressed for GDragon…. Poor him. He’s leader .. but then his solo album is going out after Tae Yang and Seung Ri… ANd all the movies offer.. for TOP and SeungRi.. not GDragon.. I really want to see him on screen drama… I think YG is a bit too hard on him… Leader, please be strong… Fighting!!

  37. Thank you for translating~ ^^

  38. Aww GD was depressed? T_T I don’t mind waiting longer for the album then. I can imagine the stress he was under, poor baby. I’m glad he’s better! August can’t come fast enough. Thanks for translating the whole message. It’s great to read the details of collaborate composing.

  39. I’m glad that Jiyong is doing fine now. Don’t worry we can wait!
    jiyong Fighting!

    PS: Come to London 🙂

  40. Ohh, I had a feeling this would happen since he’s helping out with 2NE1’s debut. >< Ah well, as long as G-D is happy and healthy. =)

  41. Aw…I look forward more to GD than 2NE1. Maybe they can switch it around instead? hehe.

  42. i dont mind if its going to be late… its oke… just that hes happy

  43. This is the first time YG has ever thoroughly explained something XD

    I’m glad GD is feeling better now. It was considerate of YG to let GD work on his album at his own pace.

  44. yayyy ppl who doubt gd’s talent should read thiss

    enjoy ur vacation kwon leadahh!!

  45. Sookyeong 😀

    i have a little request, I heard that there’s also news about 2NE1’s debut and if Ji Eun will stay with YG. Could you also translate that?..THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! 😀

  46. i’m not surprised by this anymore, YG never fails to push back release dates.

    oh well. just as long as jiyong is doing fine, it’s ok.
    he deserves this much needed vacation.

  47. august? TT.TT
    It’s OK..I’ll wait for it..
    I sure YG and GD will provide the best for VIP^^

  48. THANK YOU!!!

    GD depressed? 😦 ,its OK GD, I can wait even until next year as long as you’re OK! so no pressure and have fun doing your thing^^ have fun in Europe too..

    PS: YG thanks for giving GD time to relax ^^

  49. YEA YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME! thanks thanks! and yes. to those who are kinda’ rushing GD’s album, man this genius needs a break. REALLY T____T so sad.

  50. THANK YOU! you’re awesome!
    arggg, hurts so bad hearing he was slightly depressed! damn. gd, have fun in europe, we will wait for your solo! no pressure man.

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