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SHINee MinHo wants to be Pinnochio too


Or so the netizens say.

And a whole series of argument about how old should stars/idols be before they are eligible for plastic surgery fired up online.

More of the photos for comparison.

MinHo‘s nose had looked noticeable different, or rather pointier than before.


I think it’s a virus. Especially for the Korean netizens.

One moment they are obsessed with digging out all the photos of celebrities and making noise with the whole issue of photoshop, next they are going on a spree calling every celebrities overweight and fat.

And recently, the nose seems to be of interests again.


Though I have to say the recent case of Seo In Young is too disturbing to ignore.

With this whole MinHo case, netizens are digging out the before and after debut photos of the SHINee members.

Before debut


After debut


Makes not much of a difference to me.

But netizens’ little debates:

  • “SM is really something. Having their young stars to undergo plastic surgery at such a young age. All the obsession with just looking good.”
  • “That’s too young for plastic surgery”
  • “No that’s wrong. They have not even finished with growing up yet!”
  • “Do they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?”
  • “Oh plastic surgery for the tip of the nose”
  • Lee Soo Man, fix my nose first please”
  • “This is like male Seo In Young
  • “I see he will just keep going for plastic surgery”
  • “He looks prettier with a rounder nose tip”

I just love the comment “Do they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?”, I mean it’s so possible isn’t it?


75 Responses

  1. So weird how fans notice things as small as that……

  2. mayb its the ANGLE of the photo that made his nose look pointy πŸ˜›

  3. minho’s nose is still sharp before that..I don’t know if he really did surgery..maybe antis photoshopped it? Haha. I’m a shinee fan, that’s why i said that.

  4. its really too much of SM. JongHyun was cute when he was young πŸ˜€ key is too. talent is most important

  5. maybe its because of his make-up…

    make-up can change a person’s face hehe~~

    it can make your nose look nice even though its flat…

  6. taemin is the real cutty………..

  7. Gooosh. HE was the one who got me hooked into SHINee ’cause I adored his look..

  8. “He didnt get plastic surgery. He did. He didnt. He did!”
    oh please common. You guys Bore me out. I just feel like throwing appels at you. So what if he did Γ  nose job?
    I dont give a damn shit about that. Wanna know why?
    Because the other parts of his body are 100% real^.^
    oh god *nosebleed* (Damn you Minho, making innocent girls becoming pervs >.< *blush*)

    And who cares Γ bout a little nose? His Eyes and Voice makes you melt and burn inside!<33

  9. i think minho’s plastic surgery pictures above is editor doing. There’s something odd at the pictures. N It’s not caused different angle. Also plastic surgery doesnt look like that.

    I agree with opinion said “onew whom need plastic surgery.” (although I’m his hard fan) . But his natural look n smile which make me aime him.

    Something i wanna say since long time ago is about jonghyun’s after debut nose. It’s looked … Uniq .. And abot key’s right eye. But @ all, i love them.


  10. When i first saw that pic the first thing that came to my mind was photoshop coz on sang sang plus he was asked if he likes his looks and his reply was “i’m thankful to my mum and dad”..

  11. hola mi nombre es ehymy y mi correo es (rossy_ehymy@hotmail.com) shinee es un grupo k me encanta pero en especial “minho” sarang jeyio lo amo i love you es tan especial par mi es mi tipo ideal lo amoooooooooo por favor bengan a peru k aqui se los quiere mucho sobre todo a minho a mi amix le gusta taemin jojo pero minho es el mejor bye saludos a todos cuidense bye

  12. Nope. I don’t think they undergo a plastic surgery or whatever. Nose changes in shape as we grow. It does makes some sense right? Like for example, we have small nose when we’re a kid and we can’t possibly have small nose forever when we grow older. Get what i mean? So, yeah. SHINee doesn’t undergo a plastic surgery and anyways, they have gifted looks. So pure & fresh. SHINee hwaitng!

  13. ooo really does minho do plastic surgery??
    o i can’t believe that things, this really disappointed me..
    the first time i think shinee its the only one korean artis who stays natural without plastic surgery
    why korean artis do plastic surgery?
    i think its really not god
    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. isnt it?
    so, no need to plastic surgery!
    im very disappointed of it because minho its to young to done plastic surgery

  14. As a Shinee fan, who digs Minho hard, this just disappointed the hell out of me.

    I thought his round nose and full lips were so cute when I first saw him.

    I’d LIKE to say that it’s the lightning making a drastic difference, but that claim is pure bullshit unless this is some ace photoshopping.

    Narrow, pointy noses are more of a European trait than an Korean one. I hope they’re all not trying to emulate something they’re not, because thats just heartbreaking.

  15. people please look at the pics where only the nose is shown…the 2nd one obviously looks photoshopped you can see the line being smudged…but i think he got minor rhinoplasty…his nose looks kinda different now…it was such waste since he is the prettiest.

    i hope shinee stays natural…

  16. it is deffinetly done. it’s not rumours. you can see it pretty clearly in other photos too. the bridge of the nose has been shaped to have a curve and the bottom of the nose is not round. It is actually cut so much that the sides of his nose looks like it has corners. (look at romeo teaser)

    what doesn’t make sense to me is that wasn’t he always known to be the really good looking one in SHINee? I would think if anyone was to want plastic it would be Onew (just being truthful, he’s my fav)

    also Minho is like what 17 years old? doesn’t he haveto wait till he grows up ’cause his face might still grow a bit.

    also i think it looks really ugly now. eeeek the pointyness does not suit him. and the bottom is so unaturally flat it literally looked like someone just took a pair of scissors and snipped of the bottom chunk.

    there are rumours that this was due to a deviated septum (medical problems) . i think this can be a possibility. i base this opinion on the fact that his new nose is kind of ugly to me. and his old nose was perfectly beautiful. so that made me logically think there could be a nother reason why he got a nose job. some people had breathing problems taht worsen as they age and his voice sounds really nasally so it “could” be a possibiolty that the nosejob was due to medical reasons.

    anyways i hope SHINee doesn’t due anymore surgery. ❀

  17. I hope that not true~~ may be he has a reasons to do that right??

  18. i am so sad, why minho plastic surgery his nose ?
    That’s too young for plastic surgery, and i like his old nose, cute πŸ˜€

  19. some people just really look better without surgery.
    a feature may seem nice,like any sharp nose or big deep set eyes,
    but it may not set in well with the rest if the features,
    for example,minho’s new nose..
    it’s sad to say almost gross and very artificial.

  20. tae min <3!
    he looks the same ! how cute~

  21. altho I do think he got surgery, it doesn’t mean I think any less of him! he probably consulted first with his parents & members who are so close to him & they probably supported him 100%! I think he still looks fine now, altho to be honest I think he looked cuter before but he’s still awesome & lovable right?! it wasn’t a major change anyway..some ppl still think he hasn’t changed! which is proof that it wasn’t a big deal. I love Minho & he’s my fave SHINee member πŸ˜€

    also, it makes me wonder why ppl think getting plastic surgery is bad. I mean, ppl are starting to put it in the same level as doing drugs or something! it’s not like he’s hurting the world or committing crime. I guess an argument ppl come up with is that he was lacking self confidence therefore making him seem cowardly to get surgery done. however, I believe it takes even more confidence to get the surgery & show it off it front of all his fans! do u think he thought ppl wouldn’t notice? he’s the one that knows the most himself that ppl would notice. therefore he does have the confidence & it doesn’t affect him whether ppl don’t like it.

    sorry, I just needed to voice my opinion πŸ˜€ cuz I adore Minho so much & the rest of the members πŸ˜€

  22. Just because I do not believe he got something done means I’m obsessive and delusional!? LOL! So what if he did? Does that make him a different person? People are always quick to judge.

  23. It looks like that Minho had his nose fixed. Meh, I bet that’s SM orders. But heck, his nose won’t change everything about him, so why be bothered about it? I know it’s not right for his age, but SM is just wants everything to be “perfect” even though their ways ethically questionable sometimes. Minho is still Minho even if his nose is round or pointed. Get over it. X.X

  24. sorry forgot to log in.. that Anonymous comment are written by me ^^

  25. i have a strong believe that he didn’t get a nose job…

    i did compare his old pics and they all look the same…

    his nose always look like that… i don’t care if people said i’m blind because i believe that he didn’t do it…

    this thing make a huge impact into his image, he is a really nice kid… and now people will be saying minho “the one who get nose job” TT____TT

  26. AM not a fan of SM artists but…SO WHAT IF THEY HAD SURGERIES?! I would get one too :X if i had the opportunity. Not because i want to look pretty, but because i want to take out one flaw from me. I want chubby cheeks XD Hey, what’s plastic surgery for, if you aint gonna use em? Its not always for looking pretty…sometimes its because you have trouble breathing through your nose, or that you’ve had flat boobies, a scar on your face or whatnot@!

  27. tsk… photoshopped….



  28. Omg, it does look like MinHo did his nose! If it is true that this is so disappointing! SM is having nearly all of their stars undergo plastic surgery…=[

  29. lol…..why?…..man…..so young but that’s no surprise my korean friends get plastic surgery from their parents on their 13th,17th…b’day…..

    i heard that if u want to be in SM….1st u need to agree to get plastic surgery if SM wants you to

    but i dunno…..owh well,that’s not gonna stop his fans frm listening to their music right……

  30. i cant get it but i dont know y did minho get a nose job?..
    i think his nose is perfectly fine…

    its like been a traditino for sm to go under the knife… thats pure evil…

    getting sick of plastic surgery alrdy.. eew
    but y not go when its free??.. lols ..

  31. korea netizens are too free…

  32. awee why onew do that? he looks handsome without it!

  33. no matter what is still support shinee~
    i still think that its fake until i see a strong proof~ hehehe

  34. Everyone wants to be beautiful y do ppl make such a big deal wit it?I dt mean i suggest ppl to get plastic surgery but i think those ppl Must hav their own reasons n noone cant force them to get it if they dt intend to do it by themselve.If we truely a fan i think we should support n love them no matter what.They’re human being like us too.

  35. jonghyun ❀ looks the same, so does taemin
    aww they look so cuuute ^^
    as for minho, i think it might just be the problem of camera angle…

  36. Yes.. it’s real….look at 0:12

  37. Am I the only one who sees no difference? I’m not a fan of SHINee, btw.

    But srsly, noses aren’t always the same shape. Noses grow bigger as the person ages (so do ears). Go study before making baseless claims. Photos don’t count, unless it’s fucking obvious.

  38. Ya~ for everyone who says theres no difference, i think you fail to see it because you all want to believe your star is not some plastic sugery freak. But anywho, i like SHINee, but i agree, it is pointier.

  39. Even though i dont like SM artists, idk why they need to get surgeries, they already look so gorgeous and handsome. Prettier than me XD

  40. oh no..bad nose job. X_X

  41. Damn, it seems I usually see korean stars committing suicide or getting plastic surgery….both sad.

  42. i need to give the netizen who mentioned LSM’s basement plastic room a sign that says “EPIC WIN.”

  43. it looks photoshopped. *doesnt believe it*
    minho was perfect the way he was before, he would never change himself.

  44. Dangggg, these netizens are mean.
    I think it’s rather stupid that they talk about it.
    It’s not like they changedd or anything.
    btwwww; SHINee’s pictures look so cute ;]

  45. omg his nose did NOT change !!!
    check this recently pic of him

  46. It’s a hoax:

    Compare his nose here to very early photos:

    Nothing’s changed. Someone just got creative with Photoshop is all.

  47. They look the same… Taemin is so adorable πŸ™‚ ❀
    I just think it’s the angle? Idk.
    Whatever happens, we won’t dislike somebody like Minho (if he did have it done) we like just because they have plastic surgery.

  48. I don’t want to be delusional.. other boy still look same &
    minho nose did changed. it’s too obvious.
    Idk he did this from his own will or company’s will.

  49. whyyy minho! he looked better before. all the other shinee boys looks the same to me. they’re growing. korean boys grow late.

  50. The tip is like a hook, bent upwards…

    And pointier.

    Ahem. Like I said before, if he continues he’ll be Seo In Young’s long lost brother.

    I dont want him becoming pinnochio TT___TT

  51. i can’t believe he felt that he needed to fix his nose.
    his nose wasn’t ever bad-looking. it’s very asian.
    why are some asians obsessed with having a pointy nose?


    They probably do!

  53. β€œDo they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?” LOLOL~

  54. whether or not minho had surgery to make his nose pointy…he’s still hot XD

    I like his round tipped nose anyway lol.

  55. the absolutest darnest thing is that people think that surgery makes a person less than he or she is.

    i like minho. shinee is hella talented. and hes still hot.

  56. i don’t see the difference in the SHINee boys. o_o

  57. jonghyun etc look exactly the same..

    the minho one is kinda a joke. i mean. you can search up more photos. and guess what. in the same batches that they used to compare, you can actually see it being exactly the same.

    scoping out a picture here and there is ridiculous. anyone can scope out a few photos of ANY star, and you can be sure that some of them will be slightly different too.

    its annoying, because everyone looks at these sorts of posts and immediately goes.. oh wow yeah definitely!!! he must have!..

    really.. no.

  58. the SHINee fans in denial are so stupid T_T
    it’s obvious..
    i won’t say its just the angle. it doesnt matter the angle. yes in different angles your nose can look pointier, but the shape of the tip of your nose wont just change like that.. it kind of juts out now?
    it takes more than “a different angle” to do that, it takes surgery

  59. They look the same to me O_O *shrug*
    Minho has me kind of worried though =X

  60. for me? it’s just the angle..obviously..

    me also! i can notice and see in the mirror…different angles can make you look different, or more on emphasis, it does look your nose pointer..

    i don’t see any difference …

  61. i dont like how annoying & nosy netizens are…but his nose does look really different. i liked his old one better..he looks weird with the new one. SIY’s nose was disturbing..but i think the swelling is going down at least.

  62. β€œDo they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?”,

    yeah it is lol
    but …. im not sure about minho …
    i cant belive it ,…..

  63. Oh GOD! not like his nose was bad before. I can see a big difference in the tip (but since this is Shinee i’m sure all the fans will put it down to angles/lighting whatever bullcrazp).

    It really is sad to see such young people changing their faces, can’t they just embrace what they have. I always thought he was pretty attractive normally.

  64. my mom said, if we massaging our nose frequently, it is possible, if our nose getting better (I mean ya… you know la!)

    but is it possible…

    but I think SHINee are naturally “Awwww!!!”

  65. wow, I think minho banged his nose onto something real hard.. LOL oh well, I say, “SM is natural beauty” lol

  66. … for the SHINee boys.. i really dont see the difference. again, it can all boil down to angles. i dont get the stack of shinee predebut photos either when clearly some of them look exactly the same.

  67. I think her previous nose is good, I do not understand that surgery, a nose so perfect a man is not nice.

  68. “do they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?”

    lol. i’ve been wondering the same thing

  69. why? I like him better with round nose rather than pointy nose..
    tsk tsk

  70. “β€œDo they have a little surgery room for plastic surgery hidden in the basement of SM office?”


    but i have to say it makes no difference to me… netizens sure have been bored for a while.

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