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2NE1 ‘Fire’ 1st teaser revealed; and netizens think Gong MinJi looks like someone…

Ahead of their debut on 6th May, 4-member group 2NE1‘s debut song ‘Fire’ 1st teaser has been revealed.

The song was revealed on the group’s official homepage. And for the first teaser, a 20-sec long audio clip is revealed. And for everyday after this, teaser of 10 seconds longer will be revealed one by one.

The song ‘Fire’ is a fast hip hop song with a reggae feel. And the full MV will be revealed on 6th May. And the group will have their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.

Together with the song, new photos of 2NE1‘s youngest member Gong Min Ji were also revealed. And netizens think she looks like someone….

They think MinJi looks like gagman Park Myung Soo.

Gosh. Terrible.

MinJi‘s new photos



Park Myung Soo



With the release of the photos, Korean netizens started responding like “Myung Soo oppa?”, “This is featuring Park Myung Soo” etc.

I don’t see the resemblance. And I think MinJi looks good in the photos.

GAHH. Whatever. The song is hot anyway.

46 Responses

  1. sorry double post. 🙂

  2. hhaha…its funny but somehow i think she looks like DAESUNG….her smile is adorable.

  3. hhaha…its funny but somehow i think he looks like DAESUNG….her smile is adorable.

  4. the thing is i kinda see it..haha but she is too cute…poor her…it’s a compliment to PMS..haha

  5. NU UH! Minji looks different & WAYYY cuter!

  6. WHat the? Park Myung-soo…

    Come on! netizens never got the taste right.

    At least, I think Goo Min-Ji resembles Dae-sung a lot.

    I dont know them, but me and my sis think that she does really look like Dae-Sung.

    Just watch that “lollipop mv” and u’ll see what I mean

  7. WTH MyungSoo….Personally, if they talk about the face, it’s an insult. LOL
    I think MinJi looks like DaeSung. ^^ Little Cutie….

  8. another teaser.. 15 second more

  9. I see the resemblance hahah! XD

    And the teaser was all talking only!

  10. kyaah!!! these girls do have many antis already!!!

    well…forget about them!

    and me?? i’m so agreeing with you people^_^ i always remember daesung when i see her^_^…she’s so cute and adorable^_^..finally! i already have my dongsang in kpop…i always have eonnis and oppasT_T….

    woot! 2nd teaser already out!^_^

    big bangw/2ne1 (for ME..these partners were so paired!)

    bom?? haha! maybe top??^_^

  11. Hey sookeong and all the readers at K Bites, just wanted you guys to know that another 10secs has been added to Fire


  12. they’re blind
    seriously, she looks nothing like him!
    knetizens say the weirdest stuff

  13. Actually i can kind of see the Park Myung Soo.
    But that picture of minji in the video is horrible.
    WTF? o.O
    Im pretty sure there would have been wayy better pictures.

  14. rubbish.

    Minzy looks way better and she’s got charisma.

    wth are the korean netizens thinking?!

  15. LOL i think because SHE HAS SAME POE AS PMS. Netizens these days…

  16. Minji is fricking pretty (: i don’t know why she’s
    being compared to him. yes, she has fricking beautiful eyes ;]
    & OMG the song sounds so goodd! i cannot wait
    for their debut :]

  17. Minji is so cute! Look at her eyes, she’s adorable!

  18. Wtf, she does not look like Park Myung Soo. Anyways, the song sounds hot already.

  19. whatever netizens!

    cant wait for the whole song already!!! Y must YG tease us so much?..this is killin’ me -.-“

  20. wut??! she looks nth like PMS. But the stylist needs to be fired. What the eff is she wearing.. =.=
    The preview sounds cool. 😀

  21. LOL, she looks nothing like PMS!

    MinJi looks so gangsta and cute, lol.
    and I’m loving the song, even though it’s only 20 sec. lol.
    CL sounds hot! gahh I can’t wait to hear the rest of the song ^^

  22. I’m sorry but i’m getting defensive over min ji. She doesn’t even look like him!

  23. netizens are so dumb

  24. the 20 sec is too short to judge… but so far I really like what I’m hearing.

    haha why Par Myung Soo?! Minji is really cute in the pics.

  25. I keep listening to the teaser, it sounds really good. CL has a unique voice. She looks cute in the pics too!

  26. LMFAO
    i thought they were going to say Daesung because i swear she looks like the daesung female counterpart

  27. Well if holding up a fist in a picture is all it takes for some netizens to say a person looks like another then there are a lot of other Park Myung Soo’s out there I bet… according to them. Minji looks only like her adorable and cute self! The 20 second teaser wasn’t enough for me to say it’s good or if i’ll like it. Maybe I’ll be able to make up my mind on the song with the new 10 seconds added.

  28. this citizens are so dumb i swear, they have to find something wrong in everyone but whatever, Minji is so cutee! i cant wait for the whole song! it sounds like FIYAHHH! LOL. xDD

  29. Personally, I like the original BB instead of a female knockoff.

  30. When I read Park Myung Soo I laughed. lol I guess I can see it, but Minji is pretty, PMS…. well he’s funny 😀

  31. lmao ok yea I can see it, but only if park was a lot younger, like when he originally debuted, he’s aged a lot but yeah lol


  32. I agree with Nadine, she looks like Daesung to me… haha but definitely not Park Myung Soo ^^;

  33. I actually thought she looked like a female Daesung on the lollipop mv

  34. even though i’m not excited for this group, there’s no denying theyre gonna be a sensation. i can already tell. people want something new and there they are. now, in the long run, i dont think theyll be any different from the WG or SNSD ’cause theyll probaby opt for a girlier feel later on, but for now .theyre debuting with a bang.

    but…no offense…she really does resemble him..at least in these pictures. SAD 😦

  35. man..this group will rock kpop scene…thanks it’s not cute style…….

  36. park myung soo??!! LOL

    I think she looks like daesung!!
    I’ve heard so many people saying that she looks like dae!!

    btw, FIRE = ❤

  37. Wth. She does not look like Park Myung Soo. o__O

    She’s adorable ! D

  38. WHATEVER!!!

    ,Minji is so freakin’ cuttttttttte :<<<<<<<

    and PMS isn’t XD

    Anyways I luv her eyes ❤

    I am totally diggin’ CL’s rap

  39. I don’t see the resemblance either. Korean netizens must have stamps stuck permanently over their eyes. =D
    I think MinJi looks cool in those photos. Love her pose.

  40. LOL. What the! PARK MYUNG SOO? Well, if she’s just as funny, maybe it would be okay. Personally, I like Bom unni alot! She’s gonna be aweesomeee!! And their song is really WHOA. Cant wait to see what theyve got for us!

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