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[Artiste Profile] Mnet new girlgroup: T-ara


Mnet revealed the profile to its upcoming group T-ara’s members. They also opened up an artiste page for the group on its website.



Individual profiles

1. JiWon

  • Birthday: 1988.04.05
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 166
  • Weight: 46
  • School: DongGook University – Theatre/Movie course
  • Hobby: Movie, Reading, Cooking, Daydreaming, Rope skipping
  • Specialty: Japanese, Belly dancing

2. Eun Jung

  • Birthday: 1988.12.12
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 46
  • School: DongGook University – Performing arts
  • Hobby: Movie, Fashion magazines, Reading
  • Specialty: TaeKwonDo, PanSoRi (Korean traditional narrative song), Horse riding


3. JiYeon

  • Birthday: 1993.06.07
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 167
  • Weight: 46
  • School: HyeHwa Girls High
  • Hobby: Sleeping, Movie
  • Specialty: Sports, Cooking


4. Ji Ae

  • Birthday: 1987.08.06
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 43
  • School: HoWon University – SilYong Music
  • Hobby: Online gaming
  • Specialty: Piano, Acoustic guitar


5. Hyo Min

  • Birthday: 1988.05.30
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 167
  • Weight: 43
  • School: SeongGyunGwan University – Acting arts
  • Hobby: Photography, Cooking, Drawing, Styling
  • Specialty: Musical, Sports, Acting


Netizens’ response:

  • “They can sing. Another group with real capabilities from Mnet”
  • “Their concept is close to So Nyeo Shi Dae”
  • “So there is a Kim Tae Hee lookalike and a SNSD Jessica lookalike”
  • “They’re pretty and can sing well. I’m looking forward to their debut”
  • “I have to see their live performance to tell”
  • “They all look the same”
  • “It’s boring because I can’t tell them apart”
  • Eun Jung and WonderGirls YooBin used to be in a group before”

New MV ‘Good Person Ver 1’

Making video

Translation of profile: Sookyeong

45 Responses

  1. i love you t_ara

  2. erm…where another t ara member.there must be 6 rite?

  3. eun jeong you cool and cute

  4. halo there…
    this is my 1st time leave a reply…
    i just want to say good luck for your new album…
    gambatte ne t-ara!!!!!
    i love you all!!

  5. if there’re only jiyeon, hyomin and eunjung, they’ll be
    a perfect girl group. others are useless and more
    like a burden. i’m glad 2 members are out but
    now the company add short old ugly 3 members. it hurts the eyes to see these 3 new members perform.

  6. oh, 2pm’s junho and wooyoung is another one. -.- ”’

  7. i also got mixed up with yoona and yuri, took me more than a month to differentiate them. Then sohyun with yuri, but that was still quite okay.

    i got mixed up with soyoung and joyeon in after school, until now i still cannot tell them apart. maybe bcos they are sisters. πŸ™‚

    4 minutes’ leader and maknae too. haiz..

    sunmi and sunye was another one.

    And now, t ara, and i mean all of them! cant tell them apart at all!! this will probably take me a year to tell them apart?!

    and i tot there were six members?

  8. Wheres boram in this?!
    isnt she the 6th member…?

  9. iekh!
    soo ugly!
    i dontl like them!
    their voice are good, but her face?
    ough! jelek banget dahh..

    • lol @ u
      you don’t like them because you don’t like their looks!?lol
      you are pretty ridiculous

  10. They can sing well that is for sure. Overall strong group.

  11. I think Jiwon is the one that used to be in “5 girls”

  12. I like this group so far. They obviously have real talent. I do agree that they all look similar, but it’s the hair, which can be changed. And they don’t look any more similar the face than SNSD does.

  13. does anyone else find Jiyeon (aka Kim Taehee look-alike) very strange looking? her eyes are much too long for her face. she has a beautiful voice though.

    Hyomin (ulljjang Park Sunyoung!!) is sooo gorgeous. she looks like Jessica + Goo Hyesun to me.

    i wish them well but i don’t really see a 5-member girl group making it very big doing ballads. i won’t be surprised later on if the ballads don’t work out, their company will push a cutesy (SNSD, KARA) image. i hope not. anyway i’m excited to see them perform live to see how talented they really are.

    random thought but they should cut one of the girls’ hair to differentiate them. lol Eunjung and Jiae look nearly identical to me.

  14. β€œI have to see their live performance to tell”

    I Agree with this

    anyways studio recorded version is just great.

  15. @Eltoshen: Gong MinJi of 2ne1 is one year younger than JiYeon..

    HyoMin is too pretty for words. Thanks Karen for the pics, she looks stunning!!!!

    EunJung, i’m always her fan. She’s very natural looking and has this high class air around her. Her acting is superb too.

    JiAe: I can’t believe she’s the OLDEST!!!! I always think she’s the magnea(or however that spell) of T-ara. She looks so young and petite.

    JiWon: she’s so pretty but when she smiles, her eyes tend to get into a.line.shape lol I adore her smilling eyes haha

    JiYeon: I really like her voice. It sounds so soft, mellow and fragile. Perfect for this genre of music.

  16. Holu crap, first korean singer I see that’s younger than me. o-O

    JiYeon…only 15.

  17. are my eyes playing tricks or something
    they all look the same lol

  18. whata?! jiyeon is just the same age as mine??? (shocked!)

    omo..i will also look forward in these girls..though i still am on 2ne1..haha! i’m not comparing though..i just love 2ne1 and I met them first^_^…

    actually..i’m already liking jiyeon and hyomin^_^…so pretty and i love eunjung’s voice^_^ though i honestly can’t tell at first who’s voice is who…so i therefore conclude..i still should wait for their debut performance^_______^…


  19. T-ARA is going to compete with 2NE1 and Hyuna’s group.

  20. actually.. i cant tell them apart too.

    actually.. i cant tell the female korean celebrities apart until i really check them up and really made an effort to distinguish them.

  21. i like this group already.. there is just something about them that is very likeable.. wish them all the best and will def keep up with them.

  22. o___o that girl looks just like jessica.. wow
    I remember that girl from Diary of Oh Sonyo! wow, I`m glad they are all debuting one by one.. Now there is only Gina left and that short one.

  23. oh yeah, she is!!!!!!LOL
    well,they all can sing…& kinda good looking tho…^^
    i don’t really like this type of song but they got me in my 1st hearing to dis song…cool!!!^^
    i dun mind if they were like typical korean girlband but they can sing,so whatever…hopefully they won’t b like SNSD, good enuf 4 me…hehehe

  24. does 1 of them been in FT Island mv “Chundoong”??(did i said it rite??)
    d girl singing at 1.13-1.25???
    eun jung???
    she’s cute wif minhwan in that mv…^^

  25. How can you guys not tell them apart?
    They all look very distinct. From the beginning, I could tell that all looked different. I just had a hard time trying to pinpoint each person to their name. But I could later easily do that. Haha^^ now i have all the members down!
    Is this all the “all asians look alike?” thing?

  26. Hyomin has a fuller face than Jessica. Jessica’s face is a tad bit too skinny. Hyomin’s face is just perfect:

  27. hyo min look like jessica a lot

  28. haha you guys can’t tell them apart?

    i wonder how you guy do with SNSD and WG. They are freaking identical. I can’t even distingush sunmi and sunye. And SNSD, oh the nightmare, you have 9 of them and at least more than half look like each other.

    The making MV is freaking cute. The ‘real’ MV did them no justice lol

    • WG are very distinct.
      Sohee- Dumpling, round face with small plump lips and cheecks. Triangular brows. Always has long hair. Well proportioned body. More actress and is very shy and can seem cold. Has a lighter voice.

      Yoobin- Round cheeks, tan and short black hair. She has thin long nose. Has a hip hop vibe. Deeper voice.

      Yeh Eun – her face is more square than round, with thinner lips and always has auburn/brown/reddish hair thats medium length. R&B vibe. Sounds mature. Not deep yet not light in voice.

      Sunmi: Longer nose with rounder tip, and big eyes. Always has bangs.. mostly brown hair. Extremely thin. Cute 3d. Husky voice when singing, light voice in talking.

      Sunye: Her features are small, small thin eyes and nose (Her nose is more shorter and thin compared to Sunmi’s). Face is not that wide. Quite small. Mostly black, short hair. When smiles, cheek bones are well noticable.Well with ballad/somewhat r&b. Same like Yeh Eun, not deep but not really light in voice.

      • I also can’t tell apart SunMi and Sunye the first time i saw them. They are like twins or something.
        (and the skinny Yoobin is actually pretty close looking to sunmi and sunye. But now she has chubby cheeks, it’s easier to tell..)

        SNSD, lol, it took me half a year (not really but more than 20-30 performances) to remember their names, and who is who (with the help of their voice). Yoona look like Yuri. Yuri look like SooYoung. It’s really hard to learn all their names, let alone tell them apart.

        I think you just have to give T-ara some time. They have distinct voices and i dont’ see any major ressemblance (- the long hair, the white clothes),

      • hey, thanks for this. actually, it’s really hard for me to tell the difference between yeeun and sunmi. 😑

    • i agree with you. i can’t tell them apart just like SNSD. heck i dont know who’s who unless there’s an actual closeup with their name under it. WG is a bit easier to identify, SH looks like a kid, Yoobin is tan, Sunye is usually sporting short black hair, Ye eun always has brownish reddish hair, and sunmi has thick bangs

      well im glad this group actually has good vocal abilities

      • I guess they should change their hairstyle & make it different in each member so that we can distinguish them apart

  29. Yeah, that’s true that it’s hard to distinguish them! My first impression is that they totally look a bit like each other! Couldnt figure out how many members there are in the group when watching the MV

  30. sounds cool
    they all look pretty

  31. I think so far they sounds like they got the talents.

    But yeah, I agree that they look quite boring. Not only they all are share typical beautiful demure girl appearance, but they also even have their own celebrities look-alikes.

    good luck for them though!

  32. they look like any other girl group
    there’s nothing that distinguishes themselves from other kpop girl groups.
    but good luck to them..?

  33. Actually, isn’t it Jiwon that was in the same group as Yoobin and Yoojin?

    But yeah, I agree quite boring. Pretty, long brown hair, fair skin, pure, etc, etc. Nothing sets the girls apart except for looking like other celebrities.

  34. i have a good feeling that they will be successful and
    why i do have fa eeling that t-ara and 2NE1 will be rivals

  35. aaaaaaaa hyomin looks a lot like jessica

  36. I think EunJung resembles Han Yeseul,

    I just wish that they’ll be revealing some uniqueness.. the netizens are somehow right.. quite boring. Their song is good, though.

  37. I hope they become a success~! But the netizens are right… you can’t tell them apart easily.

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