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K Bites – 02.05.2009 II

JunJin injures wrist ahead of comeback


News went out that singer JunJin has recently injured his wrist.

His company revealed on the 2nd, “Ahead of his comeback, JunJin had hurt his wrist while exercising.”

It is set for JunJin to have his comeback stage on 9th on MBC Music Core. His company representative also revealed that the doctor had advised for JunJin to undergo operation for his wrist, which will take up to 6 weeks to recover. But because his comeback date is pushing near, he will just have to go ahead with his comeback plans.

What’s worse was that right after he got injured, the next day he was set to do filming for his album jacket on 1st May and the filming of his MV on 2nd.

JunJin‘s new minialbum will be released on 7th May.


Super Junior HeeChul will play on the piano for Jo Sung Mo


Super Junior member HeeChul will play on the piano for senior singer Jo Sung Mo.

Kim HeeChul will be having a joint stage with singer Jo Sung Mo on SBS Inkigayo on 3rd May. HeeChul will perform the piano accompanion to one of the singers he respected the most – Jo Sung Mo‘s song ‘Was Happy’.

For this stage, HeeChul will show a side of him never shown as part of a big idol group.

8 Responses

  1. Homg…. JunJin’s wrist is injured so bad that he should have surgery done? D: He should really rest and take care of it. :3

    >w< I don’t want it to get worse for him.

  2. Nice to hear that Heechul will play the piano for JSM.
    Heechul’s never serious about anything.
    And JunJin should really rest… if they injure themselves and never heal it back, in the future that injury is going to hurt them even more.

  3. Why do Korean celebs INSIST on working even when injured? If the doctor says you need surgery, HELLO…that’s considered serious. JJ means well but if he ends up injuring himself even more then he can’t blame anyone.

    Yay for Jo Sung Mo (his voice is awwwwesome) but not so much for Heechul (bleh).

  4. Wait, so is JJ undergo operation for his wrist ?
    Sighs 😦 bad things keep hitting JJ as well as the this industry! >.<

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