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K Bites – 02.05.2009

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung, “We are 4 dimensional couple”


A photo of couple Epik High Tablo and Kang Hye Jung revealed online had become the topic amongst netizens. The photo was uploaded on Epik High’s official website – and in the photo, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung had funny dressups.

Kang Hye Jung had heart-shaped glasses on and Tablo had comedian glasses on. And Tablo also attached a phrase with the photo, “Isn’t this cool? Heart Kang and Detective Ta”.


SS501 fly to America for 2nd album preparation, “We are afraid influenza A”


Male group SS501 will be flying to America for the preparation of their upcoming 2nd album on 6th May.

They will be staying there for about 10 days to film their 2nd album jacket and also to record for their 2nd album. They will also be attending cultural events for South Koreans living in America during their visit there.

Kim Hyung Joon who recently met with some reporters said, “We will go to America on the 6th. We will film for our album jacket, we will also be meeting and having exchange with music producers in America.”

“But after hearing about the influenza A type, swine flu, going on in America, we are a little afraid about it. We will work hard to bring to fans new and better music to fans through what we have learnt there.”


Super Junior and Jang Ri In forge friendship in China


60K fans were present for ‘Jackie Chan and his friends concert’ where Super Junior and Jang Ri In had participated in.

The concert took place on 1st May in China Beijing Olympic Stadium. Super Junior on the day performed their 3rd album songs ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Why I Like you’. This is a pleasant surprise for their China fans since it is the first time they perform the 2 songs in China.

Jang Ri In also performed the song ‘Wish’ off her 1st album. Great friendship forged beween Super Junior, Jang Ri In and Jackie Chan can be seen from their friendly stage and them putting behind their age difference.

Jackie Chan also expressed his gratitude for Super Junior’s appearance for his concert.

Meanwhile, Super Junior won the #1 position for the monthly chart for month of March and April on Music Bank K Chart.

20 Responses

  1. wtf? theyre scared of the swine flu?

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  3. The song is actually called “I Will”…

  4. A lot of people do not eat so well and are not so healthy. It is very sad for them. If it goes world wide, those nations where everyone do not have good nutrition will be hit very hard, like in China or the Middle East. You cannot take a pill and get good nutrition in one day. It takes time.

  5. seriously, the h1n1 virus is NOTHING.
    no one has died in America yet (except for one boy who traveled here FROM mexico)
    the regular flu virus kills thousands of people per year in the US yet you don’t hear people freakin out about it!
    the media’s just using it for their own benefit/ratings… and people just buy into it without finding out the facts. it makes me so mad.

  6. dude blo and KHJ should get married lol. they are not getting younger any more lol. jping. but they look so happy together

  7. I live in California and we have called for a state of emergency. Which basically means its not just any flu. There’s a definite reason why it reached level 5 on the pandemic level. Its treatable only in the 1st two days. Any later and the chances are slim. Hence the first american Death

  8. Tablo and Kang Hye Jung are so cute together 😀
    Congrats to Super Junior. Their 3rd album really did a turn around.

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  10. i dont think people should calm down about the swine flu. it’s serious, and everyone should be scared. it’s such a rare disease in human, and it’s killing people quickly. that’s a pretty scary thing i’d say.

  11. ….the swine flu is nothing more than another strain of the flu. healthy young men like themselves will be fine. pop-a-pill from the doctor’s and you’ll be fine if you get it & practice good hygiene to prevent. darn you media!
    I’m more concerned that ppl will start thinking that swine flu comes from contact with mexicans.
    TaHye is the cutest couple ever.
    Suju dotes over Zhang Liyin like nobody’s business, it’s adorable. They’re so supportive & protective of their little Chinese sister.

  12. I know it isn’t even that big of a deal…the media is just blowing it out of proportions….GET OVER IT.

  13. i think…people should calm down about the h1n1 virus.

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