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SHINee Taemin is all grown up now


Netizens are shocked with how much older SHINee‘s youngest member TaeMin has grown in his recent photos.

Now, that does not look like a 16-year-old to me.

TaeMin recently






While some netizens felt he has grown up a lot all this while. Some thought it was just because he lost much weight. One netizen even said, “Even the skinny jeans don’t look skinny on him anymore”.

Other recent photos that looks more like TaeMin to me.



TaeMin a year back



Though I thought he looked less like HeeChul now than then.


Netizens say:

  • “This is just a normal stage every boy has to go through – growing up”
  • “Stop with all the weight loss”
  • “Eat more please”
  • “Did he do his nose like how the other SHINee member did? His nose line look different”   (typical of a Korean netizen)
  • Reply to the above “That is MinHo. This is TaeMin. It’s different”
  • “He looks like Se7en now”
  • “He still looks like the younger HeeChul

70 Responses

  1. he looks realllll yy cuttttee

  2. i love taemin!! he is so adorable and yeah he isnt the little kid anymore lol but he is still the same taemin

  3. nggilani eh itu badan kurus amad

  4. nahhh.. i think he just grew out of his baby fats that’s all 😀

  5. nononono i think he looks pretty much the same as when he was younger! (: i suppose it’s more of* the hair that’s all~

  6. nononono i think he looks pretty much the same as when he was younger! (: i suppose it’s more the hair that’s all~

  7. i also think that taemin doesn’t get plastic. He not that change at all. maybe the result of make up made him different. his eye just as big as it does while his nose also the same. when you shot him at left or right, the shape of nose will look point but at front, it still same for taemin. Taemin is one years older than me and he is my idol. cool taemin.

  8. is it even possible to have plastic surgery at a young age??! hahaa, i dont htink he got plastics… hes still growing, after all, hes not even 20 yet

  9. lol at people who don’t believe growing up is a part of life

  10. Hi all friend i am a nem player . Hope all of you welcome . I really love SHINee like my brother esp TAEMIN . He is very cool . And all of you .

  11. I can’t believe some people said he’s skinny just because he’s growing. Haven’t you heard of how strict SM is with their boys food?! Seriously, I doubt they are encouraged to eat….at all. It’s really sad.

  12. hey! he does look older than 16 now. haha. was too focused on jongkey to notice him… soz… but he does look like a man now~ woop! go him. i think he should just maintain his weight & be healthy. don’t be any skinnier~

  13. when my first time saw u but u are skinny but right now ur are cut and kind of fat but u need to eat more because u are so skinny i love u 4-ever.

  14. WOW! my super star TAE MIN is so cute.he’s skinny but very handsome.I fan of u 4ever……Oh! i’m frome Cambodia too.

  15. Taemin, I have same and high with you. I’m your fan of your band from Cambodia. All of my friends are really like Shinee Band. I like your clothes, hair, dancing and your singing style so much. I hope as soon as SHINee will come to show at Cambodia.

  16. I Like Taemin the way he is. I don’t think he has to change for anything or anyone.
    He’s just naturally skinny you can’t just eat pizza and expect to have 5 pounds on you. It’s not easy. Trust me. I’ve been trying to gain weight I did but my figure didn’t change.

    I love Taemin for his singing ,dancing and how cute he is. All that matters is that he loves what he does and that’s all.

  17. yeah, i noticed that taemin’s nose is bit different to his previous pictures..
    his present nose is bit thinner compared before..
    maybe it’s the make-up…
    but if you watch the latest music video of SHINee.. which is juliette..you can really the notice taemin’s nose that’s bit different compared before…

  18. taemin just hasnt ceased to please me..best part is im not being a pedo (exact same age..woo!!)
    but…cuz of his new sitcom thingy
    (which im DYING to watch now that hes in..though i might not if girls are fighting over him..i get enough of that in real life!)
    does this mean that his hair isnt red anymore? or is it gonna switch b/w blacka nd red….cuz lemme tell ya.
    red. is. hot.
    black is cute..but i kinda wanna see more hot o.O
    arghhhghdlka i need to know! this is necessary fangirl information here!

  19. he got really skinny and his hair is diffren
    thats why he looks less baby face
    he should eat more hehe but he still looks good
    and he didnt do a nose job
    people should learn more about those things -_-
    if he had done his nose i wouldnt look like that .

  20. it’s the hair and more makeup. almost like akanishi jin in the first pic

  21. he’s so thin 8/ he always has cool tshirt on!

  22. he look like he had a new nose as well..sorry sorry just had to point that out..

    but he does look less like heechul now

  23. SM monsters always have long neck!!!!!

  24. aww taeminnie is all grown now… lol.. but man his arm looks super skinny in the pic of him with the red shirt, he still looks good though (:

  25. aweee, our taemin is growing up now! hehe he does look older! no more cuteness! it’s all masculinity now! and the couple last pics of him, his hair cut looks like micky’s cut xD

  26. he looks the same to me

  27. he does look skinnier
    but he has gotten older
    xD mann if only there were boys like him where i live

  28. I think all the SHINee boys have matured a lot in the past year, but I guess it especially shows in Taemin. He’s losing the roundness in his cheeks, and his features are getting sharper.
    I remember he still looked like such a little kid at their debut.
    I swear he’s looking more like Heechul as time passes.

  29. he’s got a fully fledged adams apple now, i think that helps make him look older ^__^

    -totally does not have a thing for necks or anything-

  30. he’s got a fully fledged adams apple now ^__^

    -totally has a thing for necks-

  31. He lost the baby fat in his face which definitely shows his facial structure better. I doubt he got surgery he was just so young when he debuted when he grows a lot changes.
    me & taemin would be classmates we’re the same age it’s weird thinking about it, since until FTI all the boy groups were older

  32. our little boy is growing up.

  33. OMG (: He looks so cute.
    I almost forgot that he was… sixteen for a moment.
    Ahaha; .

  34. lol he looks like my cousin… with all the skinny thing going in there… lol yul..

  35. i want the adorable, younger-looking Taemin back! lol but he’s still a cutie!

  36. wtf man he looks so skinny!
    I guess we can’t prevent people from growing up but I can’t help it!
    although this sounds stupid, but I need his cutesy back, oh give me back my taemin you shitty lee soo man. LOL

  37. omg he looks different!!
    awwwww ❤ i luv him

  38. he is set to be the next-heechul-look-alike! his facial features is really close to that of heechul. shldnt be a problem if he wears the red qipao and dance gee! LOL 😀

  39. i hope he eats more, he seems skinnier..
    he’s more cuter when he looks a little chubbier..

  40. first time posting here because of Taemin… ^^
    LOL at the plastic surgery comment…
    He is skinny because he grow up vertically. Nothing wrong with his food.
    Look at CM from DBSK when they are debuted. He is skinny as hell but he eat 8x a days and it all go to his height.

  41. wow
    he looks like he’s 20 now hehe….
    i can’t imagine
    if he start working out and have abs

  42. reminds me of other magnaes.. Like DBSK’s Changmin… and WG’s SoHee.. i think it’s all about bones growing fast… they just need more meat. calcium intake is already sufficient… 😉

  43. Yeah, about a week back, I was looking at the pics (in their official thread at soompi) of Shinee’s recent performances, and I was surprised how different (and yummy) Taemin looks now. Definitely looks like more of a man and less of a baby. His baby face was cute but I prefer his look now. And I’m sure he’s gonna get even hotter as the years go by.

  44. wowowow hahahhaaa he is getting hotter n hotter xpxp
    cuteness+hotness overload!!!

  45. He’ so skinny. But growing up is doing him good.

    He looks really cute. ^^ God, way too young for me to really think bout that. XD

  46. Personally I find him cuter before. I guess his features just got more defined. I’d like him with some more meat on his face. Yup. Boy need to eat!

  47. lol at all the plastic comments here. I guess people here have never heard of puberty and eyeliner? Some international netizens are no different form the insane Korean netizens they love to hate on.

  48. He IS SO CUTE!!

  49. He still looks like a little boy to me…..

    You guys must be really young then! I am waaay too old to like like someone his age. I feel like a big sister. He needs to gain a lot of weight. Skinny stick boys are not cool Taemin!

  50. He had his eyes done. It’s obviously.

    Just observe the shape of the eyes ‘now’ and ‘then’.

    And urg, long neck is not attractive at all

  51. This is not grown up. This is plastic surgery.

    Look like an eyes+nose combo deal to me

  52. woops i didn’t mean it to be a mad face x]

  53. He looks super hot 😡

  54. his nose look different probably due to lighting and angle

  55. dude third and fourth pics makes him look like a plastic doll.
    his skin looks plastic lol

  56. did he go under the knife? there’s something new with the nose

    i might be mistaken just my opinion ^___^

    i like shinee songs too esp. Stand By me

  57. I love his yellow shirt :3

  58. and he’s a year older then me…….

    “He still looks like the younger HeeChul“

    i was thinking that lol

  59. sm sure knows how to predict lookers lol

  60. Is that the same guy :O Must be the hair ^^;;

    “Did he do his nose like how the other SHINee member did? His nose line look different” (typical of a Korean netizen)

    Actually I was thinking his nose was different too XD
    Only because his nose seemed bigger/wider in the other pictures, but the one above seemed thinner. Than again, it was mostly likely angle when I look at it again ^^;;;

  61. You can call me nuna. *spazz*

  62. Lol its just his face and hair…his body is still the same.

  63. ….. WHY IS HE ONLY 16!
    i feel like a pedo……………………. but hes hot man hot!!!

  64. He needs to eat more. I have a really fast metabolism, and I’m the same age as him (and an asian guy as well) and I’m not that skinny.

  65. his face become more mature & longer.
    look like a man. XD

  66. awww~~ the kid is growing fast. but still adorable to me.

    (but i think he’s even skinnier than me. eat some burgers kid.. :D)

    i wonder what they did to his hair. they did nothing drastic to onew’s.

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