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Netizens compare before and after debut photos of 2NE1 Park Bom


We all know what the Korean netizens love to do. And they are at it again.

After a mere few days after the official release of YG group 2NE1‘s debut single, the netizens are already at comparing before and after debut photos of member Park Bom.

Park Bom currently, just after debut




Before debut, and appearing in Big Bang and Lee Hyori‘s MVs.


Netizens’ responses:

  • “She looks prettier now anyhow.”
  • “Before plastic surgery – charming face. After plastic surgery – celebrity face”
  • “You guys know that thick makeup makes your face looks different?”
  • “People’s faces changes throughout their lives. What makes it that your face can’t change just because you’re an entertainer? ㅡ.ㅡ”
  • “Whether she went for plastic surgery or not, her voice is really charming”
  • “She makes Lee Hyori looks old”
  • “She has the same facial expression throughout their whole MV”
  • “She has just grown older”
  • “You guys have to do this to every entertainer. I find it childish”
  • “She is pretty, but the least charming out of 2NE1. I have no idea why too.”

My opinion: it’s aging plus makeup, but I have to second the one who said she had the same expression in the MV. Sorry to say so.

But I also have to second the one who said her voice is great.

Her audition clip:

Performance with Big Bang

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111 Responses

  1. she is the same pretty
    but because the make up
    she soo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love her i am big fan of her
    i like her voice so much
    2ne1 the best girl group ever

  2. i don’t think she got surgery, she does look a little diffrent, but i think thats just cause in some of the pictures shes wearing a lot of makeup, where as in the other ones she is not, on top of that she is getting older.

    • she’s gotten some very minor things done to her eyes nose and lips. i’m a HUGE bommie fan and i admit it. this is old news btw. it’s no big secret even when she was a trainee we already knew she had work done.

      i still love her and at least she doesn’t look like a completely different person up to a point where you can’t recognize her at all. her before and after pics still look like the same person and she’s gorgeous either way.


  3. she got a nose job . and also plastic surgery on the eye

  4. uh its there year 2010… ppl can pretty much get plastic surgery to look how ever they want. at least it wasnt drastic

  5. I don’t think Bommie had plastic surgery, however botox injections are possible – and that is not considered plastic surgery – to help her fight aging and probably something she decided on her own. However, Bommie holds more expression in her eyes then her face or lips, because that’s the way she is. Some people don’t show their expressions with the mouth (and the mouth controls most of the face) and Bommie is one of them.

  6. she still looks pretty, even without plastic surgery

  7. nope, don’t see diifference probably make up cuz Yg entertainment has had very few stars get cosmetic surgery and it’s possible for someone’s eyelids to change as they grow older cuz my mom told me that when she was younger she was single lidded but when she reached high school for some reason they became double lids anyway i truly believe bom did not get surgery (plus you cant really see wat she looked like when she was younger in da video cuz the video’s a bit blurry)

  8. i think she got a nose job her nose just looks off and i think she did something with her eyes because i am a make up artist it is impossible to make your eyes look THAT big with make and circle lens together i hink she got double eyelids and her eyes opend abit and also her jaw line is more sharper just as her nose is and her cheeks are more puffy either cheek implants or botox maybe botox because of her expressions. AT LEAST shes not as bad as boa.

  9. i think she gt eyelid surgery… coz u noe what, i see in her “you and i” mv, in the beginning u can spot sumthin weird to her eyelid. it looks so surgery.

  10. anyway she is very pretty and i think because of the make up but she is very beautiful i love her so much…….

  11. Nothing different? You guys are too blind to see the truth. The girl got her whole face done and it clearly affected her voice.

  12. She clearly DID have plastic surgery… at least eyelid surgery. But, I don’t know why everyone makes a big deal about it. A lot of korean people get their eyelids done. It doesn’t change the person/talent.

  13. she CLEARLY DID NOT HAVE SURGERY! So what if she’s prettier now? EVER HEARD OF MAKE-UP? Circle lenses, Eyeliner, Mascara, Foundation, even fake lashes if need can make a girl look SOOO different, WITHOUT any surgery…. those of you complete retards who think she had surgery, please state WHAT you think she had done, cos there’s nothing very different!

  14. yeah agree with the make up. I think u guys should check the visual kei guys out, they’re look so different after make up.
    n I think Bom just did the same like those v-kei guys. make up = safe the day, LOL but anyway I think Bom is pretty cute >///<

  15. happy b-day bom by me and genine

  16. I love you, BOM! her voice is really sweet!!!

  17. You guys have to be blind if you don’t see a change. Her cheeks just magically inflated to make her look more “cute”? Uh, no. You don’t gain baby fat as you get older.

  18. i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I dont like you… in term that you hate park bom, i know you can never please a person..but i would like you to know that if you dont like her can you just keep it on yourself for its not good to hear and you are hurting her…seems like your not an educated person…why dont you mind yourself and not her..she is just an entertainer thats expressing her talent…you dont even know her…i recommend you stop doing that or your jealousy will eat you up..just keep quiet

  19. bom is pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I think that Park Bom definitely looks different and whether thats due to plastic surgery or make up, its not really our business.

    I agree with @u, on December 8th, 2009 at 2:35 am:” What does Park Bom say?

    How about you guys and girls post a few pictures of yoursleves from over the last couple of years and let Park Bom decide if you’ve had plastic surgery ot not?

    That would be fun.”

    Judging from the above responses, I gather that Park Bom has a great voice but is shy. She definitely has a nice voice and my opinion is that we should be supporting her and boosting her morale so that she can continue to improve and carve out a place in the records as an impressive artist, not to mention producing great songs that “wow” us.

    On the subject of Park Bom’s changing face, it could be due to plastic surgery, age or even improved make up techniques. The most important thing is to remember that all those who work in the showbiz industry are constantly under the public eye, which will make them self-concious. In this case, it would be natural for them to want to look their best. Who wouldnt?

    I feel that we can do our best to support Park Bom, not by gossiping whether she did plastic or not, but, by critcially appraising her works and helping her to smooth out her rough spots.


  22. Her voice totally pawn every single one of them in SNSD

  23. it’s just the same. =__= stupid people trying to dig other people’s dirt when there’s really nothing to dig.. it’s only the make-up that makes her look different..

  24. She definitely got her eyes done.. although I don’t know why.
    In my opinion, she was pretty before she debuted anyways.

    But it doesn’t really matter. Her voice is amazing no matter what she looks like.

  25. i am not one of those that trips off the whole surgery thing, but i literally did not recognize her from her pre-debut days. she literally looks like a different person. it’s only AFTER i realized it was the same person that upon closer inspection that i could even acknowledge it IS the same person, what can i say?

  26. bom, can i have your number?

  27. What does Park Bom say?

    How about you guys and girls post a few pictures of yoursleves from over the last couple of years and let Park Bom decide if you’ve had plastic surgery ot not?

    That would be fun.

  28. piyat rhea

  29. what’s wrong with your eyes guys ?
    she DID go under plastic surgery , she looks different..ok not totally but i can see it !
    i’m not bashing , I really like her and she’s a good singer , but its the truth ….
    I’ve watched all the performance and stuff during the bigbang days and all when she havent debut with 2ne1… but it dosent change that she is a good singer and is still pretty!

  30. yeah it’s just make up, she put thick makeup around her eyes thats why the eys look very different.
    Whatever it is She’s always pretty to me ❤

  31. Park Bom is so pretty either way! Fighting 2NE1! And other kpop!

  32. She did not go plastic surgery i think she only put more make ups that make her face seems prettier so some people thinks that she undergo plastic surgery.

  33. is the girl on the left of park bom (2nd picture from the top) the same girl as the one in photograph g-dragon was holding from big bang’s coffee prince parody?

  34. oh no… its not makeup or lighting! it’s obvious that she DEFINITELY got a nose job bcuz her nose went from flat to some rise… eye-lid surgery for sure AND there is definitely some botox going on in the cheeks and lips! that is not makeup and it is not through aging.!!!! That shit is called PLASTIC SURGERY!!!

  35. She looks the same if she did plastic surgery its very minimal. I can’t spot the difference that much. If she didn’t do plastic surgery thats fine too. Park Bom noona is still really beautiful (vocally and physically) no matter what!! i would love to meet her and get to know her…

  36. people must be blind….
    she had surgery…. eyelid surgery
    it’s so obvious
    it’s soooo unnatural….
    no asians have such dark eyelid n it’s not make up….
    even adding lighting n stuff, it won’t make a dramatic change….
    with her eyes… look at the pictures before
    she didn’t have such dark eyelid….
    i love 2ne1 but it’s obvious!!!!
    there’s nothing wrong with eyelid surgey… it’s normal
    but I am just saying that she had it
    and i don’t think she had a nose job
    netizens are just too much sometimes
    she has a beautiful voice and this is all that matters
    PARK BOM<3

  37. i hate it whenever netizens do this…i mean, sometimes it’s true but dude
    she’s just grown up a bit and changed her makeup style over the years plus it’s amazing what angle and lighting can do to make you look different
    it’s the same bom
    with different added features

  38. she`s look pretty now but her nose after and before not pretty in after but she`s look pretty now!!!!

  39. 2NE1 is an awesome group. Their talents are outstanding and far from the rest of girl groups out there. I like it when any of girl groups do not present their sexiness or apperance than their talents and natural side. However I must admit that there are something about Park Bom’s face that really annoyed me when I saw 2NE1 performance sth like her lip, nose, eyes and swollen face. It would have been quite disappointing if she had undergone plastic surgery because she looked really fine with her “before- debut” photos.

  40. The age of bom park is n0t obvious she look younger, and 25 yrs. of age is okay to be idolyze done a very young talents. Go boM!

  41. she’s just expressionless.. she don’t smile that much..
    i really don’t believe she had surgery..
    she seems stiff that’s that..

    those netizens should leave bommie unni alone..
    the heavy make up does make her look stiff..
    and hey..
    look at their 2en1 tv episode 2 part 2..
    stop at 03:48..
    look carefully at her face..
    it still the same..

    ahh some other people always makes a big deal about her face..

  42. there just something about her face now that looks really swollen reminds me of these Japanese celebs called the kano sisters who are really plastic looking. Nice voice but her face is too…weird looking.

  43. hmm.. i didn’t really watch her face in detail when she’s in hyori mv.. but… i watch her in 2ne1tv her whole face would always be so swollen, while her body is like so slim already..
    yeah her expression maybe quite stiff …
    but.. her voice is amazing

  44. well, i first saw park bom as a 2ne1 member

    then, someone told me that he’s on the big bang ‘we belong together’ video…then i went to check it out…but couldn’t find her…

    i try to find some of her old photos…then that made me realize that maybe she has undergone a plastic surgery…coz she looks really different before

    but i think she’s way pretty now than before…

    i am watching some of 2ne1 private tv and seen her without make-up…she really looks different with or without make-up

    Well, well, the only person who can confirm it is Park Bom herself…so calling Park Bom…Did u or did you not?…whatever it is, i still love you and your group…

  45. looks like the only difference I can slightly see is the bridge of her nose got slightly taller adn her lips slightly plumper.. and that’s basically it! I think her other changes are due to heavy makeup. Anyhow, her voice is still great. She’s my favourite member because I really like her chrismatic personality.

  46. as i can see she didn’t undergone a plastic surgery,.. it’s just the Makeup,.. Light and Camera Reflection,.. there’s nothing wrong,.. her face and expression is still the same,.. except the heavy makeup she’s wearing as of now,..

  47. it might be the makeup, it might be nerves. but either way, bom looks like her face is stiff, like frozen. she can’t make expressions, or even open her mouth very wide.

    she has a great voice and a cute body, but the awkwardness of her expressions makes it hard for me to say i like her…

  48. It’s the makeup, especially on the eyes. All that eyeliner, false lashes and stuff. In the Anystar commercial, she was meant to look plain thats why she looks so different when you compare the photos.

  49. I definately think its change of make up. Because theres nothing significantly different about her face, except her eyes. And I’ve noticed that lately she’s been wearing thicker eyeliner, false eyelashes and circle lenses; all of which make a huge difference on one’s appearance.

    The only reason she looks so different from her trainee days is because of those things listed above, which she obviously never wore during her trainee days.

  50. Actually I love the way her makeup is done in the second pic. Wish I knew how to get my makeup to look like that.

  51. She’s pretty either way. But that’s just me. 🙂

  52. her – the hat = much prettier

  53. I think she did get some coxmetic surgery, at first I thought it was the make up and lighting but after 8 live performances her face just looks too different from her trainee days and from hyoris video. Park bom’s face now is always swollen looking and back in the trrainee days her chin was rounder and her cheeks weren’t that full, even with eye make up her eyes shouldn’t look that much rounder and bigger b/c in the comparison pic she also has on some eye make up too.

  54. really…i’ve seen too many plastic surgery before and after pictures, all of which make the person look like a completely different person. even if its a little change, you can totally tell the difference. Park Bom DOES look different, but not like the kind of different that makes her look like some stranger. Makeup does wonders…seriously. She’s not wearing anything in Lee Hyori’s video and if you look at another picture, her eyes are still just as huge when she opened them normally. She’s just like the big bang members, Bom grew up xD the big bang members grew too ~so does that mean they had surgery? i dont think so >.>

  55. Personally…I don’t agree with aging because the older pictures
    should be replaced with the newer pictures if it’s because of aging.
    If anything she looks way younger than before.
    But she still has an AMAZING voice 😀

  56. […] the recent interests taken by the Korean netizens on newcomer group 2NE1 members Sandara Park, Park Bom and Minji, now they move on with the leader of the team […]

  57. I think she looked much prettier before than after. She looked really cute in the performance with Big Bang.

    But anyway, I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery or anything, it’s just heavy make-up as previous commenters have said before.

  58. I totally agree with this comment : “She has the same facial expression throughout their whole MV”
    when i watched the “fire” mv, i thought there was something weird on her face, i mean, it’s like she got botox on her or something.
    what a shame because she was very pretty in her old vids, now her eyes look unaturally big and her nose looks different..

  59. She is a little dull compared to the other girls in 21…were talking about presence here people/
    but thats just because they have CRAZY confidence or whatever it is they have….
    but her voice is just amazinggg…
    and guys, look at her in the performance with big bang
    she was probably scared shitless from all those screaming fans hahah….

  60. whhhhhhhhattt ???
    its the same girl from big bang we belong together ??
    no wayy !!!!!
    what the hell did she do to her face??
    ok this is not time and not make up !
    and im not hating ok ? by now shes my faorite after lc and i loved her at we belong together
    but you can see she had her nosr and lips and i dont know what else more done !
    its not like snsd case where there is hardly any change in heir faces you can see she looks really diffrent
    if i hadent read his i would of never know it was the same girl
    im so disapoined .

  61. Looks the same to me, it’s just the make-up. And if she did do surgery, shoot its flawless!

    I love that she’s think in all the right places. Just look at her body in the bunny-tuxedo suit! Smokin’!

  62. aside from the heavy make up, she obviously gained weight that’s why she looked different from before.

  63. oh i forget to add.

    hello korean netizen, i strongly believe it’s MAKEUPPPPP.

    but even if she did do plastic surgery, it’s ok, really. as long as my favourite member of 2ne1, CL, won’t. cuz i love her look now, and cant imagine how she’ll look like after surgery. 🙂

  64. i think.. park bom has the least charisma in 2ne1.. but her vocal’s still good of course.. i think she’s shy! she must be a shy person in real life! thats why she’s like.. u know, cant display any really fierce/cool expression.

  65. agreeeed ;]
    just make up. she’s still very gorgeous (:
    & her voice is freaking awesome.

  66. Yeah, it’s definitely the make up. Look at Minji – the difference between her before/after photos was pretty substantial, and that was only due to make up. Geez, they seriously never get tired of their plastic surgery obsession.

  67. Definitely because of the make-up. Park Bom look the same before & after. Geez, I hate how netizens alwayas & always said bad things about YG’s gasoo like Big Bang & 2NE1.
    I think they are really confused with SM. SM is the one whose gasoo has a plastic surgery because they are SM ‘Plastic’ Town.

  68. I think she’s great. and she really looks like Choi Ji Woo. (main character in Stairway to Heaven, Winter Sonata)

  69. She’s super pretty. Her makeup is just heavy somtimes. (Not that she really needs it…but all of 2NE1 seem to be a bit makeup heavy.)

    Her voice is so beautiful. If she just boosted her stage presence a bit, she could have debuted solo for sure. I wish she did…she’s the best voice in the group. That Sandara girl is just bringing them down…

  70. […] to the MV, it’s called plagiarism?” * “They really do look alike, the scenes” source: kbites + kbites 2 Written + organized: Nikki@asianfanatics.net […]

  71. Hmmm…I think it’s just the make-up…but I have to agree with the bit about her having the same facial expression in the MV. It didn’t seem like she had anything special to bring to 2NE1.

  72. o_o Maybe it’s all that training? Ever notice how when groups JUST debut they are really skinny? Then as you see more of them they kinda get healthier and put some meat back onto them and kinda get more charming?

    She looks skinner and make up and lighting works wonders~ (Also she wasn’t THAT well known when she was with Hyori so I’m sure her makeup/styling wasn’t paid much attention to…..)

    She looks good and has a good voice~ let her be~

  73. look the same ,just make up ,
    i never thinks she is pretty, still im her fan …
    park bom hwaiting..

    this remind me alot of gummy , when she training hard people say she got surgeny

  74. I say “Whatevs!” to the netizens comments. I think she still looks the same. People have to realize she is 25 or 26 now and your face changes as you get older. Out of all the girls in 2NE1 I think she is the most vocally talented and that’s what should count the most.

  75. the dark and heavy make up in the MV made her look older than normal
    i like her better without make up
    like how she looks like in Anystar MV

  76. I think netizens are mixing up YG with SM, lol. Park Bom’s face looks the same aside from like you said Sookyeong, aging and heavy make up. Sheesh do they expect people’s faces to look the same forever? The difference in her face happened over a few years not months. And it’s not even that much of a difference.

  77. i love both photos of her actually. park bom unnie ftw~!

  78. Still the same.. ^^

    even if yes.. i don’t think YG force her.. i think she “did” plastic out of insecurity

    If i were to be an artiste i would jump the bandwagon of having plastic… there will always be insecurity when being in the public eye

  79. maturing and makeup. who cares really she’s got the best voice in the whole group.

  80. she looks the same tho, it’s just the make up

  81. every feature of her face looks the same to me. its definitely the heavy makeup. anyway i think shes pretty with and without makeup

  82. park bom has one of the most amazing female vocals ive ever heard.

  83. Yeah she’s just aging. Sad but people consider her too old to be debuting in an idol group. Then again, look at Park Ga-hee!

  84. I actually don’t think she did surgery (usually ui’m always like “nose”) But she looks kinda the same. I think its the make up since Minji and CL before debute has no visable nose bridge whereas in the MV their noses look really pointy. I agree with the comment though
    “She has the same facial expression throughout their whole MV”
    I think shes wearing lenses thought, coz i see a dead expression behind her eyes??

  85. “You guys know that thick makeup makes your face looks different?”
    ^ i agree, her eyes are just more define with all that makeup on
    “You guys have to do this to every entertainer. I find it childish” LOL second this one as well

  86. I think she looks prettier be4 then after.

    i thought loooked strange alll the time in the mv o.O
    cant put my finger onit.

  87. and i do think she looks like kim sung hee of KARA in a glance.

  88. I like her the best out of the four XD her shyness is so cute. the others’ expressions are just too.. idk how to explain. exaggerated? they’re trying too hard :/
    but bom is like that. i remembered sunmi being expressionless in the past also and now she improved 🙂 bom will too.

  89. LOL Definitely make up… In the MV she has to put fake eyelashes n the make-up is damn thick!

    I agree she is expressionless…. LOL
    But her singing voice is unique.

  90. What wrong with park bom onie nothing change for me still same but before she used alittle makeup now abit heavy makeup..thats all go 2ne1

  91. ^
    omg botox? why would u think of that
    she’s just shy and not as fierce as the other girls. maybe that’s why YG didn’t let her doing solo.

    but I like her shyness and lady-like persona. At least she got an amazing voice and beauty

  92. I knew it!
    When I see the vid..’Why her face doesn’t move at all..??!’
    -same expression = little bit botox + thick make up-

  93. her voice is so beautiful
    and it’s just the makeup that makes her different from predebut and now.

  94. She looks prettier now because of the make-up but I don’t think she changed anything…

  95. and OH..<333 her voice^^

  96. ah, netizen where exactly she got plastic surgery again?.. my eyes are WIDE OPEN O.O ,,but I dont see any difference xcept heavy make up and aging..

    yeah,,I agree on her expressionless. but no surprise, thats always been her problem..I hope she ca fix it someday..but she’s really pretty and have charisma of her own, it just, it doesnt change. bom<3

    anyways congrats to the girls, they’re # 1 on mnet, bugs, dorisak and cyworld^^

  97. she’s pretty but still lacking in facial expression.
    sometimes she looks awkward.

  98. I do not believe she got surgery, but she aged SO much.
    She doesn’t look as good. Still pretty… but her beauty looks kind of stale.
    YG let her go to waste.

  99. i don’t think there’s a difference in the before debut and after debut. HOWEVER, i think she had plastic surgery before she tried out for YG. Even in her audition video, her features do not look natural. i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, esp because she seems to have done it on her own without company pressure (since YGs cool like that). i just find her face really stiff looking.
    i don’t really care though cuz girl can sing. she’s earned her place.

  100. i dont see anythg wrong, like no plastic surgery i meant. but yeah netizens like doing wht they do best X)

  101. she has a great voice

  102. LOL. Netizens are funny XD But indeed, Bommie’s voice is beautiful 8)

  103. lol, the netizens who were speculating about plastic surgery must be kidding. I thought it was pretty well known that YG doesn’t focus on looks as much as talent. If Yang Geun Seuk allowed them to get plastic, what about Daesung’s eyes? XD

    Thicker eyeliner makes ppl’s eyes look bigger, you can tell from comparing the pictures. She didn’t really have heavy makeup on before debut, but in the MV…yeah, there was a lot…

  104. nothing diffirent =.= just make up >.<

  105. […] compare before and after debut photos of 2NE1 Park Bom Collected by Ostman 07 mins ago from sookyeong.wordpress.com // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

  106. I wasn’t that familiar with Park Bom, so I thought there was something different. But by looking at the pictures, it must have been the make-up.

    About the mv, she does have the same expression and sometimes it seems she’s always looking at some other direction rather than the camera.

  107. It just looks like makeup and lighting to me. She seems the same. But yeah, I agree, she’s the prettiest and has an amazing voice, but she’s incredibly flat on camera.

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