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K Bites – 11.05.2009

Super Junior new song ‘It’s You’ released officially


Super Junior moves on to their next hit song ‘It’s You’.

The song is revealed on 11th May on various music sites like Melon, Dosirak and CyWorld etc.

The song is another production by popular composer E-Tribe, it is a R&B dance number with an acoustic feel and Euro techno sounds.

Indeed, fans are looking forward to their energetic performance with this new song. With that, Super Junior will release their ‘Sorry Sorry’ C Version album on the 14th with 4 more songs added to the 12 songs from the first version album.

Meanwhile, the boys will have their comeback stage on 17th on SBS Inkigayo.


TaeYeon duet ‘A Goose’s Dream’ with Lee Jeok causes topic amongst netizens

A video of So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon singing a duet ‘A Goose’s Dream’ with singer Lee Jeok has become a topic amongst netizens.

The 2 were at LA Hollywood Bowl on 9th May where they sang the duet. And the fanvideos of the performances were uploaded online.

The song is a remake of the original ‘A Goose’s Dream’ by singer In Sooni in 1997 , but with a different feel than the original version.

Fans’ responses to the video, “TaeYeon is really something. Even her high pitches are so natural and great”, “This is a very touching scene of a senior and junior singer singing together” etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Zia meets car accident, forced to stop activities temporarily

zia_110509Singer Zia met with a car accident which had to force her to stop activities temporarily.

On 10th May, she was heading to Seoul when she met with a minor car accident which had caused her to miss her activity on SBS Inkigayo.

Her company said, “Zia was with her mom in the car when the accident happened. But they were not injured. After the accident, she was told to rest.”

Zia is currently promoting the title song ‘Like Being Torn’ off her new minialbum ‘Orchestra’.


Loveholic JiSun ends 1st solo album activities

jisun_110509Out from the band Loveholic, JiSun will end her first album activities with KBS ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s SketchBook’ and take a break.

JiSun‘s not only working on her solo album these while, featuring songs like ‘Goodbye my heart’, ‘He doesn’t love you’, ‘Rollercoaster Love’, she also sang for drama OSTs like MBC ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’, KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and SBS ‘Brilliant Miscarriage’ etc. She also doingin Son DamBi‘s new album together.

will be participating in a concert performance from 2nd to 7th June in ChoongMoo Art Hall which features other great artistes like Kim Yeon Woo, Kim Tae Woo, JK Kim Dong Wook, Jang Hye Jin, Son Ho Young etc. After the concert, she will work on her new album.

Love the duet on ‘Goose’s Dream’. TaeYeon is really something πŸ˜€

And gosh why does these news tell me Koreans don’t drive safely on the roads?

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19 Responses

  1. can someone send me the original version of Goose’ Dream ?? i prefer the original !
    PLEASE *_*

  2. tae yeon ..
    she should release solo album !

  3. Koreans need to learn what the word “comeback” actually means. Annoys the hell out of me.

  4. A Goose’s Dream is NOT a Lee Sooni original. It’s originally a song by a project group called Carnival comprised of Lee Juk and Kim Dong Ryul. Lee Sooni covered it because she liked the original so much.

  5. love sujus new song
    taeyeon was always the only snsd i liked and that duet was pretty touching
    how you are well, zia~

  6. taengoo has just AWESOME control over her voice. gosh she made me tear up ^^

    thanks for sharing!

    oh and i like suju’s new song A LOT!

  7. Taeyeon should have debuted as a solo singer.
    As much as I dislike her blunt speaking, I think she’s very talented.
    As for Super Junior, hm… I’m not digging the song. It reminds me of the slow boring tempo of DBSK’s Wrong Number.
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but SM has been losing my attention lately. I used to be all for SM artists, but I dunno…

  8. taeyeon…wow….just wow
    i’m impressed….
    credit to lee jeuk too…
    n i heard jessica’s duet with lena park is something too…
    sm artist did improve i guess

  9. Apparently Koreans speed more than Americans. πŸ˜€

  10. I like the song. Probably more than Sorry, Sorry.
    I love Taeyeon’s vocals.. absolutely stunning.
    There’s so many reports about celebrities getting hurt in a car accident. I hope she gets better soon πŸ™‚
    Jisun ❀ I hope to see her even more. I love the song she sang for BOF OST.

  11. Agreed with above. The song is instaddiction.

  12. god. instant addiction by suju’s new song.

  13. suju: its you…nah..im not diggin’ the song..it’s OK!

    I hope Zia will get better soon…



    ah i love this song so muchhhhhh
    i can’t wait to see what awesomeness they’ll bring
    when they perform this song live ! ❀

    i love love love lovelvoeevojevoijaldjal;sdjf;aoseijfal;dfj THIS!

  15. I hope Zia gets well!

    First time I heard “its you” >.<
    I like it ^o^

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