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K Bites – 16.05.2009 II

GDragon’s autographed cap sold for 600K KRW


An autographed cap by GDragon has been sold at 600,000 KRW at a charity sale charity love auction campaign organised by EDaily.

EDaily did the charity sales from 11th to 17th May, sold items by Korean stars like Big Bang, KARA, Yoon Eun Hye etc amongst the items sold at the auction. And of them, an autographed GDragon cap was sold at the record of 610,000 KRW on the 6th day of the charity sale.

The item was also bidded for a reord of 72 times. The officials have taken in account that most of the bidders for the auction will be students, they have set a limit to the bid price of no more than 10,000 KRW.

Other than that, KARA member Han Seung Yeon‘s autographd book was also sold at 300,000 KRW at the charity sales.

All the proceeds from this sales will be contributed to help needy children. Meanwhile, the charity auction (click to enter) is still going on until 18th May at 10am.


JiSun talks about leaving Loveholic, “It’s because I wasn’t up to standard”

js_160509JiSun talks about her leaving of band Loveholic. She was on KBS ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ aired on 15th May for her last activity of her first solo album.

After MC Yoo Hee Yeol talks about how JiSun’s image has changed after going solo, JiSun reveals truthfully that her strong pride when she was in Loveholic that as the team’s vocal she cannot become someone else that she packed up and left the team.

And she revealed that it seemed like a burden to her that the other members Lee Jae Hak and Kang Hyun Min were doing everything for the band calmly, and they were promoting with ease.

She said, “I have thought of not doing music anyway because I realised I cannot be someone who just do purely music.”

Meanwhile, JiSun will take a short music study vacation to Japan Okinawa before starting work on her next solo album.


Comeback of the dance singers – ChaeYeon, JunJin and TaeGoon


Back with their glamorous costumes and dance choreographies, dance singers JunJin, ChaeYeon and TaeGoon are back to heat up the Kpop stage.

The 3 of them were back on on MBC Music Core performance stage on 16th May performing their comeback dance hits.

First to take the stage was TaeGoon back with a new hit ‘SuperStar’ after his previous ‘Call Me’. It seems that this singer has upgraded since his ‘Call Me’ days, his dance moves and vocals smoother and improved.

Also, ChaeYeon and JunJin who had their comeback stages last week continues to heat up the atmosphere with their comeback dance songs ‘Shake’ and ‘Hey Ya!’.

With that, we are seeing more of the sexy dance singers which the Kpop stage has been missing for awhile.

Which of the dance singers comeback is your favourite?

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  2. I just follow the auction link and find that GD cap go up to 960,000 KRW with 107 times bidded now. WOWWWWWW!!! O_O

  3. Aw, i love jisun’s voice especially when she was featured in Epik High’s ONE……

  4. How the heck do students have that much money? i hope they weren’t false bids!

    And I don’t understand what Jisun said…

  5. whoah, that’s gotta be a really dedicated fan of GD. It’s great that idols are helping out for charity. =)

  6. Sexy Queen Chae Yeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gd is freakin’ nice, lucky fan… Well done 4 the charity auction

  8. Taegoon..

  9. CHAE YEEEOOON!!! luvyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. out of the 3?
    Chae Yeon

    i’m just excited for tonight’s Inkigayo. GAH!

  11. chae yeon! love her



  13. loveholic :)?

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