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K Bites – 18.05.2009 II

Super Junior is the first to breakthrough 200K album sales for this year


Super Junior‘s 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’ sold 75,319 copies online, 139, 851 copies offline, giving a total sales of 215,170 copies as of 15th May. They have sold more than 210,000 copies just 2 months after their comeback.

This made them the first artiste to sell over 200K album copies for this year, and best selling record of all Super Junior’s albums after 190K copies sold for their 2nd album in 2007.

The album is not only on best-seller chart in Korea but also in other countries like Taiwan and Thailand.

Super Junior said, “We are very happy and excited to have received so much love to release a new album as Super Junior after 1 year and 6 months. We are always thankful to our fans who are so supportive, and we will continue to work hard.”


WonderGirls YeEun and SunYe says on Coming-Of-Age Day “Time flies really fast”

ye_sy_180509WonderGirls YeEun and SunYe conveyed their message in line with Coming-Of-Age Day.

The WonderGirls are currently preparing for their American debut in American and the 2 members had an interview with Newsen on 18th May.

YeEun said, “For me, it didn’t feel like Coming-of-age day for me. But as an adult now, I will continue to be hardworking YeEun. I feel a strong sense of responsibility for myself.  I want to work hard as a student too.”

Leader SunYe said laughing, “Time flies like really fast. It didn’t feel like coming-of-age day for me. If I were in Korea, I would have receive presents on this day, but since we are here in America, I guess not”

Besides the WonderGirls members, 18th May is also coming-of-age day for So Nyeo Shi Dae members Hyo Yeon, Yuri, TaeYeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Sunny; Big Bang DaeSung; 2AM Jo Kwon; SHINee Onew; Kim So Eun, Kim Bum etc


Netizens talk of ‘WheeSung effect’ for TaeGoon’s comeback

taegoon_180509New singer TaeGoon is back with a 2nd minialbum ‘Superstar’. He had his comeback performances on MBC Music Core on 16th and SBS Inkigayo on 17th MayT.

As compared to his 1st minialbum ‘Call Me’ day, it was noticeable that his dance and live vocal capabilities have indeed upgraded. K netizens started calling this the ‘WheeSung effect’. For his 2nd minialbum comeback, TaeGoon has undergone vocal classes under WheeSung.

TaeGoon said, “It was really a shame that the live performance for 1st minialbum was not good, so I would like to thank teach WheeSung with helping me with this 2nd minialbum. After taking vocal lessons all this while, I have much more confidence as a singer. I will continue to work hard. And I hope eveyone will support ‘SuperStar’.”

Those star designs on Taegoon’s costumes reminds me of YounHa

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19 Responses

  1. what is this coming of age day thing?
    it took me so long to figure out the age system there so I’ll definitely need an explanation for this one.

  2. […] source: kbites […]

  3. Ver. C is the last version. However, a Japanese version and also a Chinese is also going to be released. The Japanese version includes DVD.

  4. i think i should start imitating GD’s style ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ -o-

  5. Wow, congrats. Good thing I’m waiting for all the repackaged albums to come out, and then to buy ’em.

  6. eileeennnnn loving ur Eunhyuk-ee avatar 😉

  7. SuJu congrtas!!!!!! Em, eileen what is Coming of Age day.. i read in Nate about this too yet i don’t understand 🙂

  8. congrats suju~~


  9. SM sure knows how to milk money with all of those repackaged albums. Biggest marketing scam I’ve ever seen….

  10. Taegoon impreved much,but it has to continue to improve! And yes is “Wheesung Effect xd” (remember that wheesung has been vocal trainer of big bang and sunny (snds))

  11. Imagine the even added sales for SuJu if fans (like me) weren’t expecting SM to release more repackaged albums. Once I pay off for school, money is going to that album.

    Taegoon now looks like a Wheesung 2.0. lol But his vocals have improved tremendously when I think back on how he sang only like 1/4 of ‘Call Me’ and always sounding so out of breath. He needs to continue working on his breathing technique if he’s going to be dancing and singing at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched his comeback.

  12. Congrats to SUJU!!

    Wow, more than 210000 copies sold, and that’s only in like, what, a little more than two months after their comeback? That’s so great!

    I just thought about this now, but you know how TVXQ is in the Guiness book for having the largest fanbase with 800000 people as well as being the most photographed celebrity with 500 million photos?
    SUJU should totally be in the guiness book for having the most amount of people in a group! That would be so awesome! I would totally buy that copy so I could keep their article!

    There’s another thing:

    In the article I read about TVXQ’s records, it said that TVXQ has 800000 fans in their official fanclub but I also heard on a program that Super Junior also has 800000 fans in their official fanclub, so shouldn’t they be in the record book too? Oh well, maybe I’m thinking too much…

    Okay, well back to the matter @ hand (I totally got sidetracked there ^_^’) congrats to SUJU on reaching 210000 album sales! I hope that the sales keep going up and more people buy the album as well!

    • i just wonder how much fans of tvxq those who are not in the official fanclub, its over a millions! im sure of it haha

      • there more, haha if 800k is true, ok TVXQ=800,000 / 5 is more than SUJU=800,000 / 13

  13. YAY for suju.. they sure get more album sale with their repackaged album

    really miss them, WG.. hurry up, comeback to korea
    I think kpop seems so empty without them

    taegoon you have improved alot thanx to Wheesung

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