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K Bites – 19.05.2009 II

Plagiarism for SHINee’s 2nd minialbum?


SHINee, who recently released the concept and photoshoot for their comeback 2nd minialbum ‘Romeo’, has been accused of plagiarism.

A netizen uploaded a photo on SHINee official homepage on 18th May of a foreign male model wearing similar face mask as the SHINee members had for their photoshoot.

The model was wearing what seemed like the eyepiece of MaJingGaZ for the magazine Dazed And Confused March issue English version. And the model seen is Luke Worall (20).

SM Entertainment came out to clarify, “It may seem like plagiarism seems the 2 photoshoots uses similar style masks. But the concept is different. The concept for SHINee‘s new minialbum is Romeo while the other photoshoot uses the concept of ‘Transformers’ in them.”

Meanwhile, the boys will have their comeback stage with the song ‘Juliette’ on 22nd May.


YG, “We will control the broadcast activities of 2NE1”


The newcomer group whom everyone has been talking, 2NE1‘s company YG Entertainment has revealed that they will focus on performance of the group.

YG Entertainment said on the 19th, “We will control their activities on broadcast programmes.”

“We have decided that they will not do much broadcast programmes activities from their debut. Normal singers will go on music programmes consecutively to get themselves known, we will focus more on 2NE1‘s performance more. Even though the numbers may be small, we want to make sure they deliver good performance.”

“And for their appearance on broadcast programmes this, we actually have not decided on it yet. We are looking into them going on music programmes just once a week.”

Meanwhile, the girls had their 6-minutes debut stage of ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May.


WonderGirls to hold first American fan meeting for American debut


Idol group WonderGirls will hold their first fanmeeting in America since they first debuted in 2007.

The fanmeeting will be held in New York on 29th May.

JYP said, “The girls will have their first American fan meeting, as organised by JYP USA. They will do a little mini concert where fans can get to see them perform.”

For more information, visit here.

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36 Responses

  1. SM shouldn’t deny it though. they could have just said the concept was inspired lol. it’ll make the netizens calm down.

  2. If anybody wants to guess why Inkigayo had to make around 6 recordings of 2ne1, when the girls sounded awesome their first time (miles better than their sixth, obviously), listen to this fancam recording: http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipView.do?clipid=15482725&q=2NE1&searchType=0&sort=wtime&svctype=1&focus=1

  3. wow, Luke Worall is pretty cute.

  4. ooooo mannnn

    dude this; “It may seem like plagiarism seems the 2 photoshoots uses similar style masks. But the concept is different. The concept for SHINee’s new minialbum is Romeo while the other photoshoot uses the concept of ‘Transformers’ in them.” that doesn’t sound like a concept, that sounds like a change in material/toy/main object and will never hold up in court if this was in court (which I doubt lol)

    put it this way, if someone was able to recognize it as something else, that’s still accountable as copyright. not to say INSPIRED BY that’s different but there has to be a certain % difference for it to be ok and that is in the hands of the person who feels they’re being copied and if the court grants them that.

    adidas shoes sued payless shoe brands for carrying shoes with similar stripes. payless said they weren’t copying them but they still had the same amount of stripes, and even angle but different colour? you can’t change one thing and expect it to be completely different lol, it doesn’t work that way, at all lol

    sorry for going off a tangent like that o_o XD that part in allll the articles stuck out to me the most hahaha

  5. I don’t get why neitzens are overreacting over a mask.

    • honestly i overreact when i saw that too. if i was the one who made the ‘transformers’ concept i would shout wtf sm is taking my idea.

  6. i wish i live in new york 2 meet the wondergirls
    everyone copies each other…man the netizens always make a big deal of everything
    they copy wat the celebs wear too

  7. Can’t say I agree with YG’s strategy. Shouldn’t he be building up recognition?

    Anyways, lucky New York Wonderfuls. Just cause JYP has his headquarters there! 😛

  8. Aww I wish I was there to there fan meeting, but I’m only 8-9 hours away from NYC:(

  9. wonder girls ❤

    this isn’t really plagiarism… it’s like someone wearing the same oufit and it being calle plagiarism.

    Well, maybe 2NE1 isn’t tv ready yet?

  10. yes, it’s good to focus on the quality of the performance, but i also think practice makes perfect? They need to perform more on stage and get used to the environment. Plus, going on variety shows will def boost their popularity. I don’t quite understand the marketing strategy for 2NE1 O_O While it may seem like thr are tons of ppl (netizens) excited for them, reaching out to the korean public and getting your “brand” (in this case, 2NE1) known is a totally different thing.

  11. i think there are 2 topic that are hot in korean netizens right now, Plastic surgery and Plagiarism

  12. That’s TOTALLY different! People are so stupid for going overboard -___-

  13. Seriously, netizens need to know the meaning of plagiarism. LOL, they’re making such news about it.

  14. btw,i tink they spelled luke’s surename wrong,
    it supposed to be Luke Worrall…erm,correct me if i’m wrong =)

  15. I thought YG will use Mnet and make the girl have their own variety.
    BB don’t have it after they are debuted, but they are having a making of band.

    Not a smart move from YG. It’s all about variety these days. Look at 2pm. They gain a lot of attention before their comeback due to Idol Show. People love them and give a room for them to improve their performance skill….

    Plagiarism: It was a concept. Where do people in Korea think that they have a concept?? It’s through browsing a magz and tv. And because their stylist is Ha Sang Baek I’m sure he will be influenced by fashion magz and things like this.

    • Big Bang and all YG artists dont go on a lot of variety shows to get popular,they care more about the music and spending more time on it then go on shows.

      • what about Dae’s FO?

      • Daesung’s family outing is just one show and one person.
        nimco said artistS and A LOT. one isnt a lot so please dont try to make others look dumb with your misleading logic

      • I’m dumb…lol..whatever.. everything they do , it will not going turn me into their fans

  16. YG has the most creative strategy. it’s like when having a girl friend, if you always be with here 24/7, at first its great but as time goes by. . .its ughhh, it will get boring and soon i’ll get over her. Nice Strategy YG!!!

    note: all the 2NE1 anticipation, seems working to most of us haha

  17. luke’s one of my fav british model = w =
    anw,the diff. in their concept is kinda obvious,
    if that call plagiarism,then plagiarism is EVERYWHERE in fashion industry.

  18. awww i was looking forward to 2NE1 going on broadcasts often since they already debuted. that’s disappointing =/ if they wont appear on broadcasts alot, how are they supposed to promote their song? at least they’ll be on 3 music shows this week (: YG better let them do more when they get their mini album out this summer.

    WONDER GIRLS! lucky new york wonderfuls… i’d love to get picked and everything but i live in the west… too bad they dont cover airfare ='[ i really wanna go!!!! come to LA pleaseeeeeeee

  19. And I’d like to say that not making them appear on variety shows (if that’s what the article was talking about), it’s disappoiting. I’ve been waiting for this group for a year now and knowing that they won’t be exposed as much as we (all the people who waited to) want, is not fine at all.

    This time he should do something more traditionnal, people want to see them… I think it’s not really clever and people could lose interest in them as time goes by.

    Reading that makes me want my SNSD back. I was soo happy about 2NE1 but I don’t want to be like “when will we finally be able to see them ? Did they really debut ? Why are they famous if they don’t work as hard as other rookies ?”


    • How is going on variety shows working harder than other rookies? >>

      • In a sense going on variety shows does mean the the group is using up more energy since their schedule will be packed.
        Kpop fame is based on the fans getting to know the artists without that, 2NE1 has to show whatever they can on stage.
        Going on variety shows lets the fans know that their idols are taking time i.e. working hard to let the fans see them. interaction you know?

      • Along with Angel’s comment, going on variety shows lets the fans see a star’s personal side which makes them feel closer.

        If you’ve watched the early X-Man series, I heard it takes about 10 hours to film a mere 1 hour episode. Now just imagine that with all the other shows youve seen.

        But still, just because they dont go on variety shows doesnt mean they dont work as hard as those who do go on. Bi didn’t go on variety shows much, but he was still on television alot and always on talk shows etc.

        You dont need to go to on variety shows to gain fans – although that is one of the best ways to gain them. Perhaps 2NE1 will be known for giving the best performances and good performers. Maybe we’ll see more cfs of them. Theres also radio shows too, public performances, fan meets, charity organizations etc etc.

        So to simply put, variety shows are not the only way to see 2NE1 and going on radio shows and performances takes alot of effort to. Just because no variety shows, doesnt mean they dont put effort.

  20. I don’t like YG’s strategy…
    He did this since the beginning (even before Fire), trying to create an anticipation but that’s kind of dangerous. I’m not sure people like waiting and it’s not because they are 2NE1 that they will be famous or will face SNSD, KARA and Wonder Girls oh-so-easily. Someone has to remind him that they’re still rookies who need to build something strong to be able to deal with future competition. They already have fans but I doubt they are THAT famous among non-fans.

    Right now it works well because people were waiting for them since forever and there is like a global excitment but this won’t last forever.

    Anyway this week they will be on 3 shows (Music Bank, Music Core & Inkigayo) so it’s great.

  21. maybe with less public appearances, people will anticipate for 2NE1 even more. i guess its a good marketing strat

    hm, i miss wonder girls ))): i hope i get chosen. haha. seeing them will be a dream come true

  22. le them going on music programmes just once a week???
    what YG’s thinking??
    perhaps their skill were not up to par with their lot of hype

    • Well he did the same with Big Bang for variety shows. In the beginning BB never went on them. But they did do radio shows and tv interviews since the beginning. Maybe that’s what the article means. Just no variety shows? I think that would make more sense.

  23. geez lucky new yorks wonderfuls

  24. Oh sheesh, plagiarism for a mask? Netizens really can go jump in the river for that one. That’s just dumb and ridiculous to accuse someone of plagiarizing because of a mask. The mask on the right is obviously transformers. I bet they would accuse the model of plagiarizing the Transformers too. SMH

    2NE1: I almost thought “control broadcast activities” meant being on TV period. I was gonna scream if we weren’t gonna to see 2NE1 perform this weekend. But then I read further and he talked about them going on only music shows so that’s a relief. So like this means they won’t do variety shows, radio shows, or TV interviews? If so, then it’s slightly disappointing, but I’m fine with that. They are good but they still have a lot to improve upon so it’s best they focus on their performance in order to become first-rate and deliver their talents to the fullest potential.

    WG: Lucky for NYC WG fans. Isn’t it all of our dreams to have our favorite idol come to our country to hold a fan-meeting and/or concert? I know it was mine back when I was a BB fangirl to the max, haha. Anyway, allkpop is really doing alot with connecting k-artists to US fans lately. Good for them.

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