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Captured On Camera! Jessica and sister Krystal together


Captured On Camera! So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and her younger sister SM trainee Krystal Jung were captured together in the photo taken at their cousin’s wedding.

Netizens’ response to this photo, “They don’t look close, do they?”

Also as provided by sunny270390, fans who went to event apparently said that Krystal is taller than Jessica.

I thought they look good together in the photo. But whether they are close or not, we can’t really tell from one photo.

More Krystal‘s photos


VJ Isak also talked about Jessica and Krystal during her radio show. An interesting piece here. ^^

Netizens say:

  • “She really look like YoonA
  • “I’m not trying to bash here. But I think Jessica has undergone so much plastic surgery that she and her sister don’t look alike.”
  • “Looks like YoonA‘s sister to me”
  • “Elder sister is much prettier than younger sister”
  • “It’s strange. How can Jessica’s sister look more like YoonA than herself?”
  • “If I’m Jessica‘s sister, I wouldn’t want to get close with her”
  • Reply to above, “I’m not close to my sister too. Chkk”

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57 Responses

  1. yes..she looks like yoona 🙂 well in my opinion..yea.jessica is pretty..because of plastic surgery.. but I think Krytal’s prettier :DD i’m sorry to all snsd’s fans! keke^^ krystal beauty is natural..if jessica didn’t take the surgery, well KRYSTAL IS REALLY PRETTIER! go KRYSTAL!

  2. krystal is look alike im yoona(snsd)


  4. Altough me and my brother look much alike doesn’t means that sica unnie and krytal have to look alike . Siblings doesn’t have to look alike and if they don’t like alike doesn’t mean one of them goes through plastic surgery . What kind of nonsense is that?!

  5. I think sica unnie looks like krystal if she put up her bangs plus krystal looks cute too I like them both . I think the netizens are really going too far and cruel!

  6. =_= i didn’t know if both siblings doesn’t looks alike, one of them must have undergone plastic surgery………wow that means 1 of my cousin sis must have did plastic surgery too, maybe i should go ask them, wtf. netizens either have no brains, or they did not use their brains at all, or they’re plain ignorant / stupid. both of them are pretty, just in a different way.

    @2nd netizen’s comment, speaking from experience huh..

  7. Lol. ofc siblings can look different! I have an older brother and an older sister, and I don’t look like them AT ALL. They are normal sisters. not twins –,”

  8. Krystal is really pretty but not as pretty as sica. Jessica unnie has a more prettier smile. Krystal really does look like a mix of yoona and yuri! the triplets~ lol
    it’s weird.
    Anyway the Jung Sisters are so cool together. I love Sica unnie so i’ll support her sis too.

  9. I don’t agree with netizens opinion why because i think two sibling doesn’t need same each other 🙂
    Jessica’s face think close with american but the Krystal close to korean it’s make two of them seems different…

    Yes, Krystal so close with YoonA maybe mix between YoonA and Yuri….

    Jessica Gorjess beautifull elegant…

    Krystal : Pretty to cute 🙂

    Bth of them so great 🙂

  10. Just cuz they don’t look alike doesn’t mean they cannot be sisters. I don’t even look like my sis and bro, but we’re related. I look more like my dad and my siblings look more like my mom. Although, i have to agree that Jessica is a lot prettier than Krystal. Probably cuz she takes care of her image more. Krystal will start to care more when she gets famous. Well IF she does, but I heard that she is gonna debut soon.

  11. I ‘m not really sure about Jessica having a plastic suregery done n stuff but if u were to compare her recent pic above taken with her sister and the older pic also taken with her sis, sica really looks diff in terms of facial structure. And was so pretty then even without make up.As for krystal, yeah kinda average looking but hey having a celeb sis would make her half famous already. LOL

  12. They look so different. They have their own prettiness. I like Krystal when she apperas on SHINee’s Juliet MV. She looks totally mature and I’m so surprised.

  13. ROFL, Jessica has like one of the best predebut pictures I’ve ever seen floating around the internet, that’s why I’m quite confident with her natural beauty.

    And siblings don’t look alike all the time… rofl.

    Although, Krystal and Jessica has the same nose. If you compare them not only using this picture. haha

  14. she does look like yoona~

  15. hahaa ..
    she looks more like yoona .
    but i know exactly she’s sica’s sister .

    ugh . the ‘jeals’ netizens talked again . boring~

  16. she looks like yoona, why do they all look alike?

  17. haha as i was looking in the pix i was also thinking that she looks like yoona more xD

  18. LOL.. It’s possible for siblings not looking a like..

    Me and my brother are prefect example!

  19. Haha I was gonna say that she looks like Yoona in the pic with the heart on her face. I guess the other netizens spotted it first.

  20. there’s only 2 possible reasons why Sica and Krystal doesn’t look alike: a) Sica’s plastic surgery? or b) one of them is not a legitimate child ㅋㅋㅋ

  21. If I never knew Krystal is Jessica’s sister, I would think she’s PARK HEEBON’s younger sibling.

  22. ROFL, her sister does like like YoonA. xD

  23. seriously, the first thing i thought was: WHOA, yoonA much? hahahahaha

  24. Just because they don’t look alike, that means one of them got plastic surgery? What kind of logic is this?!
    I think Jessica is prettier, while Krystal is cute. I think they have the same smile.
    I do find it amusing though that Krystal looks a lot like Yoona.
    They might not be close because of the age gap, but I think it’s also because Jessica has spent so much time away from her family. I hear her talking about her family, but I don’t think she has been able to spend lots of time with them for the past (I don’t know) how many years since her training until now.

    • I think people would first think plastic surgery since it’s well known alot of people have gone plastic surgery, as well as a few SNSD members >.<

      Krystal, Yuri, Yoona all look like twins @____@

  25. I find both sisters very gorgeous lookings. Sica is more sexy feminine whilst her sister looks really fresh faced and natural/cute. Very pretty.

  26. Both are pretty, but to me, I think Jessica is prettier. Krystal is still young, she still has time.
    I don’t really blame Jessica if they are not close because she spent most of her childhood training.

  27. look like Yoona’s dongsaeng, or its just that Krystal and Jessica look as same it’s just that Jessica did some surgery so that she will not look like Yoona, so people will not be confused of SNSD. LOL

  28. “I’m not trying to bash here. But I think Jessica has undergone so much plastic surgery that she and her sister don’t look alike.”
    LOL… sisters don’t have to look alike. You don’t need to look alike to be someones’ family member. I think Krystal looks a mix of Yuri and YoonA.

  29. Maybe after she debuts she’ll look better, but for now she just looks really average to me…. Nothing outstandingly pretty

  30. her sister is ugly

  31. I sort of agree with the neitzens. 😛

    하하하하~ 평~

  32. Forget Jessica and Krystal…

    I LOVE ISAK. 🙂 (I wish she’s in the public eye more!)

  33. she doesnt look like jessica at all…..r they sure she’s not yoona’s sister?

  34. I just know that being a relative mean you have to look a like…
    My brother must be an adopted son then, cause the three of us have a bright skin while he is dark… -__-

  35. Dude they are so mean with Jessica ><

  36. the only thing that me and my siblings have in common are our toes and fingers. lol.

  37. Сенкс. Интересно, и вообще полезный у Вас блог

  38. both are pretty..but i gotta say krystal does look like yoona and yuri

  39. sisters not looking alike is not any big news at all. what i do find interesting is that krystal seems to look more like yoona/yuri (who i always found looking alike anyway) in the “casual” and other pics of her than in the recent pic with jessica.

    jessica’s got a sweeter face. i like the way she looked in her pre-debut pics more than in her after-debut pics, her cheekbones and face shape looked so much better.

  40. Soo Young doensn’t look like her sister either, and Yoona doesn’t resemble her sister much…there’s possibilities that siblings don’t resemble each other…. even twins doesn’t look alike sometimes…. -.-

  41. Yeah, they look quite different.

    Krystal looks a lot like Yoona and Yuri

    But wth, I don’t really look like my sibling lol

  42. jessica looks so much prettier
    they might look different
    because may be jessica looks like her mom
    while Krystal looks more like her dad
    or vice versa
    but yeah
    krystal does look like yoona alot
    it’s scary

  43. ….”I’m not trying to bash here. But I think Jessica has undergone so much plastic surgery that she and her sister don’t look alike.” …

    this is so true….

  44. w/e Sica’s pretty cuz she took good care of her skin despite puberty not being gentle with the acne and braces cuz i guess her teeth weren’t straight before either. siblings aren’t going to look exactly like each other and no matter what the age difference is Sica loves her family a lot.
    really though, if you put bangs on Krystal they’ll look a lot alike. Their eyes are the same too.

  45. sicca’s prettier than krystal tho..
    idc if it natural @ surgery but she does pretty compare to her dongsaeng..
    i dont think krystal cant be as pretty as sicca unless some magical touch of makeup @ surgery apply to her…

    p/s*maybe sicca father DONE IT with yoona’s mom? lol

  46. krystal looks like a mix of yoona and yuri
    mostly yoona
    i wouldnt know they were sisters if i saw them like that lol
    but theyre both really pretty

  47. they’re so close n they are always founded shopping together…

  48. both of them have the same face structure and nose..well..i don’t really resemble my sis too..they’re both pretty. ^^

  49. they aren’t close before because of their age gap..
    but they are closer now..
    jessica admitted she wasn’t really a good sister to krystal before but she’s making up for it by taking care of her more and such

    lol @ that last comment from the netizens..
    i’m 3 years apart from my sister..not close to her myself..

  50. just put some bangs on krystal maybe they would be some
    features that would be same
    and yeah jessica looks like her mother & krystal
    looks like her dad..

  51. i think they look kinda different because of krystal’s exposed forehead. (i dont know how to put it in another sentence). but if krystal is to have some fringe i think they may have some similarity?

  52. i really like jessica… that’s all that matters to me!!!

  53. hmm….i think she’s the average pretty korean girls i guess….
    not overly gorgeous or ugly

    she’s just fine hope she can sing well~

    LOL @ netizens

  54. LOL @ netizens stupid comments again about surgery. Of course they look different.
    Sica looks more like her mom n Krystal looks more like her dad.
    I just realized it bcos of Dear Mom perf where Sica had her old pic with her family.
    Siblings may look different.

    Btw, Krystal is pretty n so is Sica….
    I heard that Sica didn’t know how to treat her sister well. LOL

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