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K Bites – 22.05.2009 II

SHINee Onew front teeth injury, “I’m recovering quickly”

onew_220509SHINee‘s leader Onew is said to be recovering quickly from his teeth injury after falling down from the stairs in their quarters just 2 days before the group’s comeback stage on 19th May. It was said that his injury will take 1-2 weeks for full recovery.

SM Entertainment said on the 22nd, “Ever since his injury, Onew has at the hospital. He is recovering faster than expected, the other members are also feeling relieved about that.”

SM said, “Right now he has not recoved fully, we will have his condition checked beginning of next week, and then decide on their comeback stage day again.”

Meanwhile, the offline release date of their minialbum has been postponed from 21st to 25th May.


So Nyeo Shi Dae are June mommies


Idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae will get to experience being mothers and childcare.

They will be participating in the variety show ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s Hello Baby’ on KBS Joy channel coming June.

So Nyeo Shi Dae members will visit special families like multinational families, undergrads and celebrity couples for a one-day visit where they will have to experience childcare and take care of babies.

Fans will get to see another caring side of the So Nyeo Shi Dae members through this new programme show.


New singer IU to watch out for!

iu_220509Highschooler singer IU (Lee Ji Eun) continues to advance her singing career.

She previously released her 1st album ‘Growing’ last April and is currently promoting her title song ‘Boo’. And in just 3 weeks, her song went up to the #1 contendants for SBS Inkigayo, and her names also went up twice on Take 7 on the show together with other names like SG Wannabe and YounHa.

Not only that,Β  the song is doing very well on KBS Music Bank K CHart, on Mnet M!Countdown chart, and on various online music charts.

IU is known for her cute and great live performances, and had gathered many unnie and oppa fans.

With that, she had received love calls to perform at university fesitvals. Even though she is still young and schooling in highschool, she has continued to gain popularity and love from music fans.

She did many great covers too. Here’s one with 2NE1 Dara‘s brother Park Sang Hyun.

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25 Responses

  1. I really love what she did with her guitar… she was a really talented artist…plus.. she was really cute and has a amazing cute voices..i want to see her more in the future!!!

  2. aw she’s cute… her cheeriness is contagious! hehe
    and woah, she’s got mad skills on that guitar…
    but i’m kinda waiting for their voices to develop more.. they sound…. young.. hehehe…
    and sanghyun is a cutie! hehehehe

    • p.s. wow… snsd is getting extreeeeeeemely close to overexposure….

  3. I like her!!! Although she went from ballad to really cute images turbo fast, I think her voice is amazing! Cant wait to see more perfs from her!

  4. True, Sandara’s brother is actually cuter looking than she is haha. I can see YG or SM trying to recruit him to become a trainee or sum’.

  5. I think IU looks better with no makeup than that gawd awful heavy makeup her stylists put on her face. She doesn’t even look like the same person… I like her covers better than her songs. She’s a talented girl. She can sing, she can play guitar, but her songs annoy the heck out of me.
    When Sang Hyun sang in his high pitched voice, it actually sounded like a girl. lmaoo

  6. ohhhh This should be Hyoyeon’s time to shine. She has a very motherly aura about her. Fany is more of a fun aunt than a mom y’know?

    • Hyoyeon would make a great mother.
      Fany seems to like kids too, but I agree she’s more like the fun aunt.
      Somehow…. I can’t imagine Jessica around kids.

  7. I hope Onew gets better. Their song isn’t the greatest, but I hope they can pull off the performance.

    IU is so talented. I don’t really like Boo. I think her debut song and the other songs on her mini-album were great.

    Is it the same program as where Sungmin and Kyuhyun became fathers for one day? It was so adorable ❀ Can't wait.

  8. @ IU: please leave boo’s style and comeback to Mia’s Style

  9. IU has so much budding talent… kindof a shame that she had to do the whole cutes thing.. but i guess it got her more recognition ^^

    and OMG soshi get to be mommies?!?!??! OMG i cannot WAIT to watch that!!!! ahahhaa fany fany is just going to be too cute for words because all the kids loved her in GGTS. sica on the other hand…. XD

    thanks for the info!

  10. IU needs to use her fricking real name! what the hell does IU even stand for.

  11. oneeeewww

  12. dara’s brother is cute,i saw him b4 in the phil and his really cute in person..
    BTW I love your blog!

  13. dara’s brother is cute,i saw him b4 in the phil and his really cute in person..

  14. bit of a no-brainer to assume that dara’s brother might debut sooner or later – i mean, look at all the siblings who are getting into the industry now. he’s cute, though – i don’t mean the way he looks, but the way he approached the camera πŸ™‚ (NOT bashing the way he looks, but i always notice stuff like that before i notice the face)

    erm i’m not bashing here either, but WOW makeup makes a huge difference. IU here and IU on stage look like two people! she’s still fresh and cute either way, though.

    she also did this acoustic version on radio, if i’m not mistaken.

  15. dara’s brother duh?
    i think he’ll debut someday ..
    idk ..~

  16. I hate Sorryx2 but what the fack!!!!! Iu’s version is freaking nice!!! That’s the different between real talent and manufactured idols…

    Too bad IU’s company is not that big. If she’s in MNet (house of super balladers), she’ll be the new IT girl right now. (No SM, JYP, YG since obviously her style doesn’t match any of those. MNet dominates when it comes to R’b ballad midtempo)

  17. I surely hope that Onew’s teeth injury isn’t another “he hasn’t had plastic surgery, he just looks different because of an accident” incident.

    Kpop makes people damn cynical =/

    • lol, let’s just say i’ll be paying close attention to his “recovery”.

      jk, i’m sure it’s just really his teeth.

  18. it’s good to see onew recovering quickly, then i can see them dancing and singing on stage soon~!

  19. omo Dara’s brother? That’s awesome
    Maybe he will debut later too??
    That would be pretty awesome ^^
    && the cover was amazing.
    IU has a great voice :]

  20. omg that’s sandara’s brother? they look alike. ^^
    he’s a cutie.

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