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K Bites – 22.05.2009 III

Big Bang TOP will not take part in overseas filming, “Big Bang over drama”

top_220509Big Bang TOP will not participate in overseas filming of his current drama ‘IRIS’ to Hungary due to the group’s promotion in Japan.

TOP will follow with the other Big Bang members to Japan for their activities due to last 2-3 months. As compared to his acting, he has put more priority on his singing career.

Big Bang will release their debut single ‘My Heaven’ on 24th June, and they will follow with another single release in July. And TOP will concentrate on Big Bang’s Japanese activities for the months to come.

Filming that includes TOP for drama ‘IRIS’ has been agreed by with the drama production grow to be pushed back. TOP has expressed that it is a shame that he could not do overseas filming with the other actors to the drama like Lee Byung Heon and Kim Tae Hee.

Other than the upcoming ‘IRIS’, TOP will also participate in the upcoming SBS telecinema ’19’.


15 finalists for Korea-Japan audition ‘Great Tokyo Girl’ revealed


Korea-Japan project audition show ‘Great Tokyo Girls’ 15 finalists have been revealed. The 15 were chosen out of the 2500 participants.

The finalists ranged from 27 corporate worker to middle school 3rd year student cum ex Swi.T member, to model off Ceci photoshoots. The finalists were picked by the producer of ‘Morning Musume’ looking at their online audition videos submitted.

The winners from this audition show will form the group ‘Hello Project’.

In the photo: Hong Ji Yeon (18), Kim Yoo Bin (23), KIm Jung Eun (27), So Yoo Mi (18), Kang Da Yeon (15), Kim Cho Hye (21), Yang Yoon Soo (17), Song Ji Eun (18), Kang Mi Kyung (21), Lee Hae Ri (17), Oh Mi Na (21), Ahn Ha Yeong (23), Ahn So Ri (22) and Lee Soo Jin (23).


Issue over same-name singers AJ goes into 2nd round of dispute


There has been previously disputes about new singer AJ (Lee Ji Kwang, 19) having the same name of Paran member AJ (Kim Jae Seob, 18).

Even though AJ’s company has come up to clarify that the meaning to AJ’s name is different from that of Paran AJ’s name.

AJ’s company came out to talk again on 22nd, “Our AJ’s name is short for ‘Ace Junior’. We have already discussed this over with Paran’s company, but Paran’s fans have not stopped talking about the issue, furthermore, the AJ is so common not only in Korea but also overseas. You can’t possibly have that one name to yourself.”

Paran’s company then spoke up, “We are very disturbed by some of the netizens’ exaggerated postings online about this issue. The name is just an expression and has no bad intentions to it. We have already talked about this matter with AJ’s company and had agreed to the 2 singers having the same name. AJ’s just a newcomer who just debuted, and needs our help.”

“Rumours of us saying that ‘Paran AJ debuted 4 years earlier’ can really be hurting. And it is not true that our fan club uploaded composite photos of AJ online. To say the truth, if it was a much more popular singer, it would not have been so difficult.”

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20 Responses

  1. Is it me or does TOP look like the male SoHee?!

  2. […] While the Korean netizens are getting all worked up about this matter on the internet, Paran’s company came out to say that the blog entry and the photos are not made by Paran fans. […]

  3. can someone tell me what’s Kim Jae Seob’s AJ stand for?

  4. i dont know if it’s top’s choice or YG’s choice, but i’m glad he’s keeping his priorities as a rapper over his priorities as an actor.

  5. Kim Yoo Bin looks the cutest… but that aside, something is wrong with their outfits -_-“

  6. AJ’s name is not that unique and special. Paran AJ needs to stop whining (including his fans), because it’s stupid!! there are plenty of AJ’s in the world. and it’s greedy for him and his fans to think he can be the ONLY AJ in Korea. >__>

  7. TOP is spread to thin. YG needs to schedule him more properly.

    And those girls look WAAAAY too cutesy for me. If they’re going SNSD-ish, I might shoot someone.

    AJ argument is ridiculous. Paran fans need to grow up. Even Paran’s management is embarrassed for you.

  8. Is there wonder girls’ kim yoo bin in the group? Or just the same name

  9. thats good TOP

  10. Those two AJ’s……look exactly the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. aw 15 members

  12. aw top <33 hope hisdecision doesn't hurt anything/the production.

    wow what is this AJ thing. i'd understand if the name was something unique, but seriously like the article mentions, it's suchh a common name! some fans need to sit down.

  13. Давно искала эту информацию, спасибо.

  14. kim yoo bin?! haha!

  15. er….*stares at kibum*

  16. How about family outing?? Is Daesung will be off temporarily from there too??

    I like how BB start take Japan seriously. Japan music work is not like in Korea. You have to built strong fan base through performance from stage to stage, concert, and singles, not from tv alone. Once you have your fan base set, they will ask you to go to various show.

    I kinda questioning their success before when I read they flew back to Korea after the release of the singles. But hearing this, maybe they can work it out.

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