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K Bites – 22.05.2009

Kim Dong Hee is back with 1st album after 1 year and 6 months

kdh_220509Singer Kim Dong Hee is back with her 1st album ‘My Reality’ after 1 years and 6 months.

She debuted in 2007 November with the single ‘You you’, and also sang for MBS ‘NewHeart’ OST ‘Don’t know love’ and KBS ‘Single Father In love’ OST ‘Someday’. Her live performances are said to be powerful and sensational.

Her album includes 12 tracks, including those written by Noblesse.

Meanwhile, the MV to her title song ‘Women are just like that’ featuring SS501 Kim Kyu Jong has been released.


Son DamBi says goodbye to ‘Saturday Night’

sdb_030509Singer Son DamBi will have her goodbye stage for her song ‘Saturday Night’ on 23rd May on MBC Music Core.

She will perform a special remix performance of ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’.

Also for MBS Music Core on 23rd, 2PM JaeBum will show off his own choreographed acrobatic performance, and After School Park Ga Hee will also have her own solo dance performance.


2NE1 with an “upgraded performance” for their 2nd stage with ‘Fire’


2NE1 will have their 2nd stage with ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on 24th May.

For their activities, YG has announced that they will control on the group’s performances. As a newcomer, they will only perform once on stage a week.

The group is said to be one of the most anticipated newcomer group of the year. Already before their debut, they have been in the spotlight for their collaborate CM song ‘Lollipop’ with group Big Bang.

And for their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May, they have the show’s viewerhip shoot up to a record of 14.93%.

2NE1‘s 1st stage last week was a good one because they had great sound systems as installed by the broadcast program staff. And this week, they will also be back with great sound system for their performance, prepared beforehand of the telerecording.

And to review their first stage, the girls received advice from Big Bang on how they should hold their mics and also they had Yang Hyun Seok himself to rearrange their choreography.

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33 Responses

  1. yay! YG knows how to play his game (:
    looking forward to it… i hope its better d:

  2. it took them 6 tries yet the performance was still crap? that says alot about them.

  3. i can’t help but think that yg isn’t too confident in 2ne1 thats why they only get 1 perf stage a week. i mean when someone is ” most anticipated newcomer group ” shouldn’t they be everywhere promoting? and this news came after their first performance, yg must’ve saw that they aren’t ready to debut even park bom didn’t do so good and she’s more experiance than the rest on stage.

  4. Maybe it’d be nice to mention that 2NE1 had to take 6 performances, but Inkigayo decided to use the last one?

    I think it’s because all the versions had fans screaming every other line of the song. (listened to a fancam and is not exaggerating)

  5. I didn’t hear anything special with the sound……

    Anyways, Jaebum’s solo dance! ABOUT TIME. 😀

  6. Great sound system? More like one of the worsts ever. I can barely hear Sandara’s voice tbh.

  7. yg’s playing hard to get huh.

  8. YG should stop talking big about 2NE1 and let the girl do the job themselves. It just build unnecessary hype around them and I don’t think they really need it right now. They just need to go there and perform to the best they can.

    I doubt that the MR will be lower this week. I start to believe that the reason why YG only let 2NE1 to go to Inkigayo is because Inki let the MR blast out loud.
    MB have a very good sound system, it will reveal the weakest singer on the band more.

  9. i don’t have a problem w/ their style last week. dara’s hair is ok, i mean it’s not gross to look at. It’ll take sometime to get used to for some people. I’m up-to-date w/ these girls, so i understand why their 1st performance was not that great….so i just hope they don’t perform too many takes this time.

  10. kyujongie looks yummy in that MV. love that white-shirt-beach look! still don’t really get the MV though – the girl broke up with him and then committed suicide?

    i have to admit that i never really like the song “saturday night” but i can’t deny that son dambi’s got amazing stage presence and i love watching her perform. looking forward to this special perf!

    looking forward to 2ne1’s perf, too. wonder what they’ll get up to this time?

  11. @ Dxazz…have you ever thought of technical errors? something wrong with the camera angles? they didn’t perform 6 times to get that performance, that definitely was not their best. there is a fan recorded version floating around and they sound exactly like the MV version.

    and all artists have a chance to redo their performance – inki is recorded a couple hours before the airing, with each artist performing live in front of the studio audience. so yes, all artists can have another shot if they mess up.

  12. if they have to perform 6 times to get a perf like that…

    That’s just terrible.

    6 times, they have more chance to shine than anyone else on the show. There’s people who make mistake during their perf and they can’t even gat a second shot. And yet, their perf. ist just kinda average..

    oh well…

    • fans who watched it live actually said the first 2-3 performances were really good.
      i don’t know why inkigayo chose to air the last one.
      maybe it looked better, who knows.

  13. wow.. YG man rearranging choreography himself.. they better do well xD

  14. The girls had to perform like six times so this time round, i hope they don’t air the last performance.

    I’m not exactly happy about the one performance a week thing… but then again, their mini album will be released next month 😀
    I love fireeee.

  15. i’m very looking forward on the girls’ next stage..and i’m hoping that the sound systems will not cover the girls’ voice AGAIN…i really hope…hmf!

    then..i hope they will improve..well..i know they will! haha! i just love these girls^^…2ne1 fighting!

  16. I wanted to see 2ne1 perform in all 3 stations, as originally scheduled!!
    Why must you limit their performances, YG, why oh why?!!!
    They need more live performance experience before they release another song/album!

    Rare performances means people expect them to be really good!!

  17. Kyujong soo handsome on that mv *0*

  18. wow 2ne1, they rearrange some steps? thats good, coz they have some standing plain position steps, hope they get rid of those. and also there were some mic issues.

    SonDamBi – she must guess also at PCD concert on June 6 haha

  19. i love the music video with kyu jong!!! thanks for sharing the news!!!! ^^

    so sad though….

  20. i was looking forward to 2NE1 performing on music bank and music core =/ anyways i just hope in next week’s performance, the “great sound system” wont overshadow sandara’s voice. i really hope all of them improve next week. 2NE1 FIGHTING!

  21. Haha, if you invest all the money into one perf, just make sure it’s a pretty damn good one.

    Last week, I was quite disapointing with their perf. Dara look like a clown with her stupid hair and Bom’s outfit is ugly. Last week was MinJi and Cl’s show. Hope this week they will improve.

  22. OMG..can’t wait for Jaebum’s acrobatic perf.. woot woot

    I hope 2ne1 will improve in term singing and dancing at their next live perf . ^^

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