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The ‘war’ over the name AJ?


As many of you have read earlier about Paran fans being angry as new solo singer AJ bears the same name as Paran‘s youngest member AJ.

Solo singer AJ‘s company came out to explain that the meaning to the name is different, but the matter continue when the Paran fans were said to have uploaded badly-photoshopped photos of AJ, and Paran AJ himself apparently also referred to solo singer AJ as ‘Fake AJ’ on his minihompy.

The supposedly true photos and printscreens.

Paran AJ‘s blog entry on his minihompy, written in English, he was said to have referred to AJ as the ‘Fake AJ‘.


And photos supposedly made by Paran fans.


While the Korean netizens are getting all worked up about this matter on the internet, Paran‘s company came out to say that the blog entry and the photos are not made by Paran fans.

But to say, we really don’t know who is telling the truth.

In anyway whoever made those photos and posts is just plain childish IMO. I believe that this will more or less affect AJ who is trying to build up his solo singing career after his debut.

To add on, like many readers on this blog have voiced, you can’t have your name to yourself – we have similar cases of same names like Changmin in 2AM – Dong Bang Shin Ki, or JunSu in 2PM – Dong Bang Shin Ki and nothing happened. I feel really unfair for AJ.

Netisens’ say:

  • “But still, Paran is still active. This is not right”
  • “So what should Backstreet Boys AJ fans do then?”
  • “I mean it is alright to have same names right?”
  • Reply to above, “But look at the case of 2NE1… kkkkk”
  • “Can this just a form of noise marketing?”
  • Paran fans… really overdid it”
  • Reply to above, “This is not the doing of the Paran fans. We don’t know who did these”
  • “But then again, who will do this other than Paran fans?”

I’m not fingerpointing here at all, all I hope is that the matter stop and AJ gets some just treatment.

Plus AJ and Paran are 2 great singers, its a sad thing some people don’t see it this way.



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60 Responses

  1. […] singers like 2NE1 who were known as 21 before but it was the name of another singer, and also BEAST Lee GiGwang who was known as AJ previously but fans of Paran AJ have caught such an issue abou… and he had to change his […]

  2. wth! ok first of all, ITS A NAME! get over it~
    second.. i dont know who the paran aj is but he seems like an idol and for that reason i dont think he wrote the entry cause idols are taught to keep their mouths shut and control everything they do. and if he did write it.. well then hes pretty patthetic himself.

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  4. […] AJ same name controversy [Read] […]

  5. I prefer the “new AJ”..luv his song dancing shoes.. What’s the big deal abt the group paran anyway? They are not as popular as super junior and 2PM..They are making a huge ruckus about the same name issue..how petty and pathetic he is if he did wrote the entry..Whoever did the photos is sooo lame..There is no law that says 2 or more ppl can’t have the same name..It’s not a crime,is it?Btw,i think the other Aj is hotter than AJ paran.. =)

  6. so childish.. n i think AJ shud ignore this n move on.. since paran doesn’t really getting the spotlight… while AJ is getting people’s attention.. go AJ 😉

  7. […] has also been a lot of misunderstandings and ugly events with the same-name issue between fans of both stars. Even though PlayCube insisted that the meaning to the names are different, the issues do not come […]

  8. who is telling the truth!? there is no way to know the truth anymore…cause honestly i don’t think the industry has any TRUTH in it.

    but yeah if that minihomphy post was really a post done by PARAN AJ then that is F***ED UP, if not then who ever did it is F***ED UP.

    honestly AJ (the soloist) is very good at singing…so people just need to stop hating and listen to the MUSIC, or not if you choose to.

  9. but some how.. i will like AJ more.. hahahaha~~~
    coz he has talent.. he show his talent to ussss~~~~
    i’m sure aj will be famous soon~~~

  10. man i feel sorry for that AJ guy.
    im not even a fan of either AJ lol

  11. Who is paran anyway….
    nobody knows there is a member named AJ on it…

    DBSK Junsu isn’t called 2PM Junsu as Fake Junsu right,,,geez so immature…

    ok,,,maybe Paran wants to ride AJ’s fame
    cause AJ got lots of attention for his cuteness and dancing ability recently…
    sorry for paran’s fans,,but u’re stand for a wrong case

  12. […] There were recently gruesome photos of new singer AJ uploaded online, and fingers have pointed to the Paran member AJ&#8…. […]

  13. This seriously ticks me off because that cyworld entry is just too full of grammatical errors. Learn proper English THEN we’ll see if you’re worthy of insulting someone.

  14. Paran’s fans are giving Paran a bad image.

    Idiotic immature fans. Sigh. They’re hypocrites, even if they don’t know it themselves.

  15. OMG…..


  16. What? Paran? Sorry.. they’re not popular at all.. never heard of them.

    I guess those immature fans of the whatever Paran group are just trying their mighty best to help their “oh-so-famous” group gain some attention and publicity by doing all these. They shouldn’t deny their hardwork though. It’s so obvious nobody else other than them would bother to do such brainless things for their “extremely poular” Paran. =X

    Well… i sure hope that “SUPER REAL AJ” isn’t the one writing all those crap in the blog. If my idol ever writes all those shallow and cocky stuff… Gosh….

    “I’m greater than he is. comparing is done when two objects are competent, but mine and yours is matchless incompetent”. He isn’t even competent in writing proper understandable english and he dare classify himself as… competent? He’s making a joke out of himself though =X

  17. I think BSB fans should just attack both. LOL

    If it’s Paran’s fans who did all this then they have to realize that there’s the well-known AJ from BSB, which means they have no right to attack solo AJ.

    N about Changmin n junsu from DBSK, 2PM n 2AM.
    It’s different case cos It’s birth names…so the fans can’t do anything. It’ll be different if someone debut as Xiah, Uknow or other stage names.

  18. sigh
    feel bad for both

    but if Paran’s AJ said that the solo AJ is a “fake AJ” on his cyworld
    then i find that really childish and stupid
    that’s so low.

  19. Definition of stupidity.

  20. I didn’t even know who Paran AJ was until this article came up. I was disgusted to see the picture of AJ put on clown outfit and his trouser were bloody.

    He has done nothing wrong and I’d rather prefer AJ, the better one who does ”Dancing Shoes.”

  21. this is sOOoOo childish!

    but i think Junsu in DBSK and 2PM, Changmin in DBSK and 2AM is a different case. All 4 are their birth names. So their fans can’t get mad. I think cassies will get worked up if someone debut as ‘Xiah’ or ‘Yongwoong (Hero)’, their stage names.
    So, maybe dat’s why Paran fans think they have the ‘right’ to get all mad at the new AJ (of coz, then i think AJ BSB should do sumthing..LOL).

    watever~ MOVE ON! dis is ridiculous~

  22. WTF. AJ’s english is so ….. not understandable.

  23. So.. should Cassies complain too?

    Boy, that English entry is good! so “good” i couldn’t understand it!

    There’s a problem if two groups have a same name.. but as individual? SHUT UP!

    I mean.. it’s better than having ridiculous name like

    “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”

    haha i made myself rhyme. ANYWAY!~ AJ is kinda a common name. My friend’s name is AJ, so he copied it from Paran/? Maybe not the point BUT@! Its just a name. They both have different meanings too.

  25. omfg, just fricken damnn change the name.
    I mean YG had to do it to 21 like 3 times
    or something like that.
    Oh wow, harsh much. This is getting out of hand.
    Should of done this before he debuted.
    Yeah and a bunch of people in groups have
    the same names.

  26. lol… i don`t even understand how this has gotten so big.. like many of you, I had no clue Paran had a AJ in their group. The only person I knew was Ryan… this is ridankulous!

    AJ is doing well for a newbie, even had his first cf released a few days ago… so they can talk all they want, this is great promoting for Mr. Dancing Shoes ❤

  27. anyway, aj(solo) looks like bi rain……

    and yeah, there is kim ki bum and kim bum… ahahaha,,.


    i have no idea who paran is, and thanks to that aj kid, i really dont want to.

    the new aj kid is too cute for this. i feel sorry for him.

    theres so many kibums, and junsu’s out there, why fuss over this?!

    and his entry was fail. just wtf.

    aj (paran) plz gtfo.

  29. so Paran’s fans are worst than Cassie? seriously… for the terror Cassie, they did nothing to 2PM and 2AM… but then to this unknown-fans of PARAN are being childish. wuahaha!

    ^ here’s the thing though, 2NE1 is o be used as a group name… not just a member name… so it would confuse people with the male singer. And same as Rain.

  30. Firstly, WHO IS PARAN!? LOL…
    This is getting ridiculous…I didn’t even know who is PARAN until the mentioned of solo AJ!

    How do they know it’s not a fan of Paran’s Aj? So is that saying that the entertainment themselves is behind all of this? that’s kinda dump…They seriously need to grow up…Poor solo AJ…

    But then looking back on Korean music industry, names for artists are very important. Like the newest case, 2NE1. YG first named them 21, but had to change it due to another male singer named 21. Rain too faced charges in Hawaii for the same case b/c there’s a US singer that’s called Rain….

    And then there are cases where fans are just being stupidily dump doing named calling each other and fight over….which I personally think that’s unneccessary…

    • hahaha… ur right I never heard of this “paran” till aj debuted… ahahaha… maybe they are just using the popularity of the fresh aj to make paran popular too… pathetic….

  31. AJ does not deserve this. They gotta stop before things get worse.

  32. poor Paran’s AJ. he has immature fan.

  33. wtf

  34. there making such a big fuss about it.
    correct me if im wrong, but i think this is happening because aj is getting popular.

  35. Dammit that’s so freaking ridiculous. Those photoshopped images of AJ is terrible. And that minihompy post. So immature. I could barely read it with all its errors.

    I don’t know who’s behind those things, but they really need to grow up. . ___ .

  36. WTF lmao? This is so childish and messed up. I can’t believe it’s even an issue. With a world population of close to 7 billion, I have no idea why anyone feels like they have a reason to have a name all to themselves if they haven’t copyrighted it or anything.

  37. WTF?!
    i never liked paran–didnt even know they were still alive–and now their fans are overhyping this stupid issue…so ridiculous, childish, and unattractive to viewers who may be unfamiliar to paran.

    ITS A FREAKING NAME! thousands of people share the SAME name on this planet! get over it.

  38. I couldn’t even read the blog entry, it was written so badly XD; Gosh, so petty.
    I’m sure that Paran’s AJ didn’t write it because, yeah, people can be stupid, but I doubt any idol who’s been properly trained would have written crap like that about another artist.
    (Then again, g.o.d.’s manager wrote that way about SHINee, so maybe I’m being too optimistic…)

    It’s just a name. That a lot of other people share (I mean, seriously? AJ? Pssh). Gosh, if Paran fans didn’t write all of this (and if they did, they have got to be right up there with the Cassies and E.L.F.s and all the major batshit crazy fanclubs), hopefully it’s not just some other fans who want to make Paran look bad. It reminds me of this H.O.T. fanclub plot or something to ruin Shinhwa Changjo by badmouthing other fanclubs under their name, lol.

    • sorry.. but I want to know what G.O.D manager write about SHINee??
      Tks ^^

      • He kind of bashed SHINee for having a similar fancolor to g.o.d’s and wrote that the color they were using looked like a “bad photoshop” version of g.o.d’s color and that they shouldn’t even bother using it if they can’t live up to it.

        IMHO, it was really petty for someone who’s been working for at least ten years, seeing as the g.o.d’s been kind of defunct for a while and plus, he was picking on a rookie group that hadn’t even made it to their 1st anniversary yet. Also, add in the fact that blue isn’t exactly an original color, lol. There’s only so many different shades.

        It’s all water under the bridge now, but people were really steamed at the time. XD;

  39. It’s the singer quality that matter, not the name.

  40. Anyone else think the english written (by whoever) is funny ? I laughed a little. And yeah ! What about backstreet boy’s AJ ?! Isn’t he important too ? xD lol. Gah anyway, Good luck to solo AJ… other AJ (Paran) I don’t care about :).

  41. ^ That’s just like saying when a mother has a baby she’s gotta find a name no one else has for her baby or else the baby’s lame.
    Look at the examples in the article, Junsu, ChangMin fron 2PM/DBSK, nothing’s gone wrong with them. Why’s it starting now with AJ? People gotta learn to move on dang..

  42. Tbh

    new debut aj is lame, i mean his company could have saved the trouble and picked a name and made sure that its not been used yet.

    Theres So many names in the world yet his company settles on somebody elses.

    it doesnt amke sense.

    • “Theres So many names in the world yet his company settles on somebody elses.”

      this paran aj guy doesnt own the name AJ. any one can have it. matter of fact, someone had the name AJ before both of them did.

      i have the same name as a girl at my school. do i fight her for my name? uh. no.

      your post doesnt make sense.

    • first of all he is a good singer and dancer. Do you know how many people have the same name like changmin from dbsk and 2pm or kimbum from super junior and shinee. second learn how to spell.

  43. wow, i hope that paran’s aj didn’t really write that. cause that’s messed up. maybe some people are just trying to stir something up cause they’re bored or hate both paran and aj (so they’re pretending to be paran’s aj and fans).

    anyways, it’s not like he named himself “paran” – which would be a problem – but that’s not the case.

    @hui – even if they were promoting at the same time i don’t think it is a problem since they would be known as group “paran” vs. solo artist “aj”… not “aj” vs. “aj”. it’s like 2pm and dbsk promoting at the same time… each with a “kim junsu” in the group. this is not a problem nor confusing since on stage it would just be “2pm” and “dbsk.”

  44. Paran fans should be thankful to AJ, i mean, how many ppl even knew there was an AJ in Paran before all this ridiculous-ness. If Paran’s AJ really wrote that blog entry, he sounds like an absolute jerk who doesn’t know how to speak proper english. I hope he didn’t write that, or else I would lose all respect for him.

    • Yeah…. I didn’t even know about a member named AJ in Paran existed *doesnt know much about Paran* until solo singer AJ came along and all of this happened.

      But…. why did he write it in English -___________-”

      I mean, was it even a Korean person who wrote it -_-”

      I wonder if solo AJ could even read it.. :/

      • “I wonder if solo AJ could even read it.. :/”


        Same here, same here… I didn’t know of Paran at all xD… until just now.

  45. So if Paran fans didn’t do this who did o___o. Thats the real question.

    • i know, right?
      why would NON-PARAN fans even CARE?
      i totally think some fans of PARAN AJ did this.

  46. I personally didn’t know who Paran AJ was until all this started to began. It’s not like both of them are promoting a new song at the same time so I don’t see the problem. But if both were promoting a song right now then I’d see it as a problem but the attacks towards the “new” AJ are ridiculous. These fans need to learn to be more respectful.

  47. “So what should Backstreet Boys AJ fans do then?”
    I thought the same thing LOL It’s just a name. Paran fans can’t expect that AJ from Paran will be the only one with the name AJ, it is pretty common. Either think of better, less common stage names, or stop complaining!

  48. ppl r so idioic i swear !!! well i gess they have nothing else to do,but to bash ppl. thats the only bad point about korea!

  49. OMG! utterly ridiculous…com’on people, how LOW can they get? this is just a NAME (I know the name is important as well but seriously?) and besides AJ’s company already gave their explanation. why can’t they just let it go?…

    anyways..goodluck to “AJ” (not Paran AJ)…well..goodluck to both…. ^^

  50. And besides, that entry have too many grammatical, vocabulary, sentence structuring etc errors that it’s getting on my nerve just by reading it. Honestly.

  51. i don’t think Paran AJ wrote that entry. It seems all too childish from my perspective for him to verbally attack AJ. Honestly, all these have to stop. It’s just getting way too stupid. Way too childish.

    Important thing: Move on people.


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