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Same clothes different feel – Yoon Eun Hye vs Shin MinAh


Same clothes different feel – who don the retroish large shoulders 2-piece highwaist skirt better – Yoon Eun Hye or Shin Min Ah?

More photos for comparison. The photos of Yoon Eun Hye are of recent Coffee Prince cast Lee Seon Gyun‘s wedding.


As much as I have a general bias over EunHye unnie, I thought Shin MinAh donned the style better – the purple large shoulders top went well with the mini-highwaist which all went well with those killer heels – one word HOT.

EunHye unnie had it more of a austere (?)/classy styleΒ  IMO.

Netizens say:

  • “I think both didn’t look good but if i have to choose, Shin MinAh wins”
  • “I’m not an EunHye anti but Shin MinAh looks like a model while Eun Hye looks like a rich unnie”
  • “I thought the 2 looked good in their own ways”
  • “The way I look at it, none of them look good in this style”
  • “I thought the 2 rocked the large shoulders and I love how Yoon Eun Hye brings out her representative body line”

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25 Responses

  1. I can see Shin Mina”s undies under a flimsy tight skirt. Sometimes they don’t realize that camera flashes and certain lights can mean disaster on flimsy clothes.
    Yoon Eun Hye totally rocks this one!

  2. of course, yoon eun hye.

  3. My observation is that sometimes YEH had worn that kind of style of Shin Min-ah now, the mini-skirt, shoes and hairstyle on different occasions. YEH’s outfit was worn on a wedding of the guy from Coffee Prince that’s why she donned a longer one.YEH had been on Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan etc. as well as events like Prada, Channel, and Gucci so I believe she’s always on the dot when it comes to fashion…

  4. l like YEH better..her style classy & elegant..shin looked cheap with her short skirt..

  5. shin Min Ah looked better.she’s always hot.min ah is the best.

    • yeh looks so so so good than sma, she only looks good when she smiles bec of her dimples. but yeh always look good, in every move she makes. yeh fighting!!!

  6. both of them was DAMN cool..

  7. Ooh I would have to say Yoon Eun Hye. She looks so classy and pretty in her outfit. She looks so slender too.

    And I think her neat updo fits perfectly with the outfit. ^^

  8. Wouldn’t wear it but Shin Minah KILLED WITH THOSE SHOES. SOO HOT.

  9. YOON EUN HYE !1i love her !!!!!!!!!!it was love at first sight lol
    she is so pretty and talented

  10. i’m being biased here (and i’m not apologetic about it) but eun hye pulls it off the best. period.

  11. BOTH!!! one ensemble is appropriately worn to a wedding & the other to a movie premier… if YEH wore the short skirt & gladiator shoes to the wedding, & Shim wore long skirt w/ YEH’s black peep toes then it would have been a thumbs down…
    they are known for their fashion sense. Either you love ’em or not πŸ™‚ I love ’em both πŸ™‚

  12. eunhye’s shoes kill the hott outfit

  13. BOTH!

    Shin MinAh looks hot and cool, i love the purple with her pikish lip colour plus her heels are sexy. But YEH looks soo classy and elegant, also the skirt’s ‘s’ line suites her body well.

    Same outfits but two different styles. I think Big shoulders are back in fashion since SDB kekeke.

  14. shim min ah looks weird…
    eun hye pulls that style better..

  15. The two outfit is just..weird..O_o?

  16. For once, I am rooting for Yoon Eun Hye on this one–le shock! considering how many godawful clothes she had donned over the past events…

    Actually, I think the longer skirt is better, because it balances the overpuffy sleeves and makes her legs look longer. Plus, her shoes are dainty and add to a better effect overall.

    Meanwhile, Shim Min Ah’s ensemble is way too gaudy for my taste. The short skirt doesn’t exactly bring wonders to her figure and those shoes don’t really belong there considering the rest of her outfit.

    Eun Hye rocks that look better this time.

  17. Eun Hye
    that kinda top needs a longer skirt, balances it out.
    they both look damn good though

  18. i liked yoon eun hye’s style betterrrr


    the long skirt contrasted the poofiness of the shoulders, causing a lean slim look to yoon eun hye… including legs that seemed to go on forever (:

    her skirt was short
    so her legs looked short.
    the skirt looked kinda tacky.
    other than that purple and black were okay..
    but due to the wondergirls i think leopard print and black is more eyerelieving? it reminds me of sunye from “so hot” haha (:

  19. i agree^^
    SMA’s skirt is too short… /:
    and while YEH’s is a tad to long, she wins cuz of her updo… SMA looks cluttered cuz of her hairdo.. the blouse calls for more of completely up hair

  20. classy triumps hot anyday for me.

  21. I like Yeh’s style more,,but both looked good. πŸ˜€

  22. I think I like Yoon Eun Hye’s style more. It’s more classy compared to Shin Min Ah…

    • i completely agree. I thought they both looked good but in different ways. Yoon Eun Hye looked really classy which was very appropriate for a wedding while Shin Min Ah looked like a rocker chick/model which works for promotional type events.

      • the dress look ridiculous but it looks good on YEH,
        i think most of you would agree to that . violet or was it lavender does not look good on SMA and whats with the hair
        it makes the dress look worst.

        she could choose another color, and make the skirt a little longer she looks really short on that one (i mean her legs look short) and yeah the footwear does not suit her dress. i like YHE a lot.. the dress shows the curved, the color does not hurt the eye, her skin mix good with the shirt, and the skirt makes her legs longer.

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