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K Bites – 02.06.2009 II (Big Bang DaeSung, SNSD YoonA)

Big Bang DaeSung will not join Big Bang for debut broadcast on NHK

ds_020609Group Big Bang member DaeSung have to give up with performing with Big Bang for their 1st broadcast performance on NHK for the filming of Family Outing.

Big Bang did the recording of their first debut performance into the Japanese major market on NHK ‘Music Japan’ on 1st June. But DaeSung was not present at the recording, because he was participating in the filming of variety show Family Outing. So Big Bang had performed as 4 members.

The reason was that DaeSung wanted to keep to his loyalty on Family Outing. Already, it has been said 2 months back that it will be hard for DaeSung to be on Family Outing because of their performance on 1st June.

This will be the last time for DaeSung to film with fellow Family members Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee as they will be leaving the team. This is a hard decision for DaeSung but looking at the situation, it seems that he can still perform in the future for Big Bang‘s Japan stage but this will be the last time for FO with Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee.

Big Bang will be focusing on their Japanese activities for 2 months from June. DaeSung‘s representative said, “As much as the Japanese activities are important, there are plans for DaeSung to travel between Korea and Japan so that he continues with Family Outing.”

YoonA is the birthday fresh face!

ya_020609So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA had her 19th birthday on 30th May.

And to thank her fans for her birthday, she had revealed the ‘fresh face authentication photo’.

YoonA posted on So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s homepage on 1st June a post titled ‘This is YoonA“.

It is a shame that I don’t get many chances to meet fans because of my drama filming lately. 30th May was my birthday. I’ve seen many birthday wishes on the internet and I’ve received many letters from fans, and also presents. Thank you all very much for that.”

We celebrated my birthday yesterday at dawn, and I’ve received many well wishes from everyone, I feel so blessed. It’s so amazing that many people have known my birthday after debut.

It is a shame that I can’t join the So Nyeo Shi Dae members sometimes to show everyone the 9-member strong group. I’m currently on a recharge after the drama has ended. And I look forward to seeing everyone again.”

With our ‘Gee’ promotions this time, we have received much love from our fans and we are really thankful. The strength of fans are really big.

We will work harder on our album thinking of all the love and support given to us. The photo.. it’s embarrassing but it’s really really pretty ha ha ha YoonA‘s fresh face. Thank you♡

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26 Responses

  1. I think Dae made the right choice. I mean, his main fandom is in Korea anyway. And if you watch FO and knows how the other 2 are leaving, you’ll support his decision. There’s always next time for a stage perf anyway.

    I believe Dae made a good choice and is proud of him.

  2. Ohh, poor dae. He couldn’t attend both 😦
    Well, i respect his choices because Ye Jin and Cheon Hee is leaving but.. its debut stage :S
    Ohh well, i respect his choices.

  3. Awwww man, Yejin and Cheon Hee is gonna leave? Now who’s gonna cut the fish?

  4. happy bday Pretty YoonA 😉

  5. Daesung treats BOTH Family Outing and Big Bang as their family. You can’t just say that Big Bang is his only family. We should all respect his choice.

    Happy Belated to Yoona 🙂
    she is a fresh face. looking so youthful!

  6. If i were Dae, I would make the same decision.
    FO members are like family for him…it must be sad to film a farewell episode. He sacrificed the big opportunity for his dearest FO members. I guess BigBang members understand his decision. He once said that if FO members n BB members r drown, he’s going to save FO members n die with BB. LOL

    Btw, Yoong is a pretty n sweet girl. She has the cute n approachable charm. ^^
    Happy belated bday, strong deer Yoong….

  7. aww well i guess he does have a good point there…but wow this really just reminds me of GD’s nightmare about Dae suddenly choosing FO over them…but no hate there…Yoona is so pretty there..looks like how she does when she was a trainee

  8. i would much rather Daesung choose BB. i know that 2 of the family members are leaving, and maybe coz i never watch FO before, but BB put him at where he is now. and it may convey to potential Japanese fans that BB are not taking their Japanese activities seriously by turning up as a incomplete group for their first major debut stage there. I hope YG knows what they are doing, and can only hope that this would not happen again.

    it really seems like what the other members are saying are true…

  9. Dae is too sweet ^ ^

  10. eyh, ignore my last comment. i didnt read bout the other fo members leaving. sorry sorry sorry sorry. sorry to daedae. D:

  11. as much as i love big bang, daesung is really pissing me off. i guess all those comments that the other members said bout him are true. the ones bout him choosing fo more than big bang. can’t he be like top or gd and choose big bang as the top priorities rather than other projects?

    • YHS should hv had some say this, so i believe everyone in YG discussed this thoroughly and came to the conclusion that he should be present for chunhee and yejin’s farewell

  12. I think Daesung made a hard decision on not being on their debut in Japan…I personally think he should have gone to their Debut stage to show a strong group, as a professional artist.


    …to see 2 of his “family” going out, it would have been a very, very, very sad moment for him and the rest of the members. They all have been very, very close.

    I hope no one judges him wrongly on this. It was a hard time for Dae to choose in the first place.

    I know if he can only be in two places at once, he would have done so.

    On a side note, Belated Happy Birthday Yoona! Such a pretty girl. =)

  13. oh.. poor big bang..

    i want to say…happy beladed birthday Yoon Ah..^^

  14. it’s lame that he’s choosing the F.O Family instead of his REAL family if you know what I mean…but then again I can see why because two of the original F.O. Family is leaving, but then it’s BB’s DEBUT stage and if I was there I wouldn’t want just 4 but all 5 of them

  15. and happy belated birthday to Yoona ^^

  16. I hope Daesung will choose BB debut stage and go fly to Korea for the second day of F.O. I mean it’s DEBUT stage, not just a STAGE. BB is his main group, not F.O.

    It’s exhausting I know, but it’s the consequence that he have to deal by having two responsibility.
    (I said this cause I know people who travel to Korea in the morning for filming and back to Japan in the evening at the same day for another recording. If they can, why can’t he?)

  17. i dont like that Dae wont be there for BB’s official debut japan stage but FO is more important now.i also dont like him traveling back and forth like he did last year,its exhausting.

  18. UGH. i’m so upset that they’re leaving!
    i feel like FO is soon to be like WGM…i want the originals… i___i

  19. Shame about DaeSung, I was getting worried since it said he chose family outing but then I saw that some family members were leaving so I understood it better.

  20. Aww, I heard about Dae doing this. It’s very sweet and awesome of him to be there for the last current episode with Yejin and Chunhee. ^^

    That’s gonna be a sad episode for me tho. T___T

    Happy Belated Birthday to Yoona. ^^ Her cake is adorable. C:

  21. damnnn she’s pretty seriously. she’s not the goregous type. instead she has crisp and fresh youthful look to her. so so pretty. and aw dae sung is so sweet to the family. really shows how much he loves them. espeically to those two that are leaving

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