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Yoon Eun Hye and Daniel Henney’s awkward moment


Actors Yoon Eun Hye and Daniel Henney get an awkward moment in this photo while attending a Gucci event in China.

Check those skin, those killer heels, those legs and the glowing skin.

Totally envious ><




  • “She lost weight. And look at those les >.<“
  • “I totally would die in those heels”
  • “She totally won and topped in those shoes”
  • “I am so fed up of this, we can only see her through internet news. I hope she can have more air time”
  • “It seems that Miss Eun Hye looks nice in any dress”
  • “It seems she lost weight. Personally I never liked her, but recently I’m beginning to sing praises of her too”
  • “She really has a great body”
  • “There’s Henney? I totally missed him in the photos”

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28 Responses

  1. that’s awkward – really!
    she’s not that hot either. haha. daniel u’r gorgeous! love you!
    her green dress looked not-so-pretty to me. still, whatever!

  2. Omona….Yoon eun Hye really lose some weight here..and yet she still look pretty..anf my Daniel Henney…please cut your hair ..i like your hair in Wolverine..haha…

  3. she’s pretty, until she opens her mouth, lol she has big teeth… but she’s a great actor, so is henney C: don’t like him with that long hair though D:

  4. Anyway, even if all the ugliest words will be written about about yeh, still her beauty is a living proof that she is indeed the fairest of them all. Need i say more?

  5. those heels are ugly.
    everything else looks good.

  6. Stop bashing YEH ok, this rumors about the two (YEH & DH) going out together or has a close relationship is just still an assumption. You don’t have to insult YEH just because she is in the same event with your precious DH, she is more a good actor than him…

  7. i dont think she’s pretty either.. without all that foundation and shit, under her caked face is a plain typical asian face.. however, i think because she takes care of herself and how she acts and carries herself makes her look elegant and any plain person can do it! EVEN YOu!~

    hahaha i think that people think she’s pretty IN COMPARISON to what she was before.

    • These YEH haters are funny and their insecurities absolutely shows.
      For your information, Yoon Eun Hye was voted 4th prettiest Korean star without makeup. And this voting was done by celebrity makeup artists and industry stylist, so your little hate tirade about YEH only looking good with caked foundation is total crap.

      Why dont you look in the mirror, get a spa treatment and take a personality development class, then maybe, you’d stop being such a hater.

      • well excuse you, i am not a hater i never said i hated her, and i never said she was ugly either. she’s plain looking. and i am a model at the elite model managment, and i get spa treatments all the time, thank you.

        all the models who work with me are all plain faced, and the people who have plain faces are the ones that look the most prettiest in anything.it’s the make up that can change faces.

        i guess you wouldn’t know that, since you’re calling me a hater, and why not try learning English, you seem to not understand it.

  8. UGH! I really don’t like Daniel Henney’s hair!
    I really hopes that he goes back to his normal hair style.

  9. omg… she looks so pretty!!!! gosh i love her hair… and her dress…. and her heels!!!!!!

    Daniel henney looks hot as well xDD

  10. Totally not trying to bash/hate, but I really don’t see why anyone finds her pretty. She’s not pretty at all, borderline ugly, even.

    She has a nice body, though.

    • Amber: I don’t think she exactly has the beauty that most Korean actresses has, but she carries herself in a certain way that makes her beautiful. She doesn’t have the same plastic face that every other girl has and still has this confidence about her that makes me respect her. I find her more elegant, classy, and fabulous then any of the more beautiful Korean actresses out there.

      • Hmm, I suppose you could put it that way. I personally think she’s not all that pretty as well [her teeth is a serious turnoff for me >.<] but now that you've said it, I think she exudes a more natural charisma than the others. And also, like you've pointed out, YEH's face is not just another clone wonder of plastic surgery^^

    • beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      what looks good to you, may look like shit to me.
      It would be a boring world if we all think the same.

    • uhhmmm….don’t take it out on YEH, it’s not her fault that you are so unhappy w/ what you see in the mirror everyday.

  11. just saw a fancam of this, and I can tell those two sure not awkward with each other!!!!!!!!!!

    both r so hot though!!

    • I agree! I also saw the fancams of these pictures and they were definitely NOT awkward with eachother.
      There’s even a fancam of Daniel making sure that YEH got in her car safely and also a fancam of them leaving the event together.
      I dont know whether they are together or not, but they are def close. They met at an event last year, then met again at the Prada transformers event 2 months ago where they both hit it off so well and had been communicating since then. Then Daniel personaly invited her to watch the X-Men premiere and the rest is history.

  12. woo! I guessed right 😀
    God, she looks gorgeous. No smiley face this time though? Lol.

  13. so beautiful

  14. loved it but, she’s has not so good looking teeth, tsk tsk, i almost fall in love at her

  15. lovely!!!! 🙂

  16. Haha. I was right! “Killer heels” always equals to YEH. I hope to see her soon. I miss seeing her on screen. T_T And shes gotten much prettier. .and skinnier. ^^

  17. she looks pretty! daniel henney <333

  18. She looks HOT! wow~~~~ I actually guessed it would be her! kekekeke I was right!

  19. wow~
    be careful with that HIGH HEELS..
    or snsd will steal it from U..
    just kidding!! 😀

  20. Woah at her heels!

    She’s really lost sooo much weight.

  21. beautiful ^^

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