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Se7en finally admitting to love relationship with Park Han Byul


Singer Se7en has finally admitted his love relationship with actress Park Han Byul.

He wrote a post on his minihompy on the 10th with the title “I’ll reveal everything” talking about his relationship with Park Han Byul. All this while, the 2 had time-after-time denied their love relationship.

Han’s friends said, “Se7en has revealed the truth about the 2’s love relationship, he was saying everything from his heart. It was pressurising being together as lovers like that. And fans were putting HanByul at a difficult position, and in order to protect her private life, they have decided to come clean with it. With revealing their love relationship, they felt more at ease now.”

YG Entertainment also said on a phone interview, “Se7en has been thinking about to reveal the truth or not for a long while, it was hard on him. He had a talk with Yang HyunSeok on 9th June morning, and they have decided to reveal the truth after all. They thought not only their own stand, they also took in consideration Park HanByul’s stand in this case.”

Se7en wrote on his minhompy:

se7en_phb_100609_2I thought it will cause more misery if I say out everything. So in the end I didn’t. I, Choi Dong Wook, and Park Han Byul have been maintaining a more-than-friends relationship, we have know each other since before debut and we have spent a long period of 7 years together. And about our love relationship, “that’s true”.

We are very sorry about saying that we were just friends amidst all the rumours about us since I debuted. We were good friends since high school 3rd year and after debut we became lovers who gave each other strength.

Until now we have seen many celebrity couples who had revealed their love relationship and then break up and have regrets, we thought it is better we defend our private love for each other. But things just piled up and I can only be sorry to those who believed me with their hearts but I didn’t come clean about it.  From today, I would not have the guilt and uneasiness about ‘how can one get the love from everyone when he can’t even be truthful and clear about his love from his girl…’

And about the photos of them posing intimately together leaked online recently:

se7en_phb_110509Last year I was staying in America for a while, and we had a little secret room on Park HanByul’s minihompy, where only she can see the photos here, where we post up photos and letters to each other on it. The photos leaked out were ‘secret’ photos taken last year at my place. And the photos were stolen out from hackers.

We are sorry about this incident but we are just a couple with a little greed who want to show off their little love for each other on the internet space and build on our beautiful love like any other couples.

He said lastly,

Even though this is not an easy decision but to Yang Hyun Seok who had believed me despite it all…! YG entertainment, Barunson Entertainment family and friends… I promise to work even harder as a singer and as an actor in the future

Aww. Congratulations and best wishes for them

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54 Responses

  1. you guys should be happy that he finally can get a “normal” life. At least now we “fans” know that he’s a faithful man. 8 years is a long time!

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  4. it nice to see se7en have a gf now best of luck to them both

  5. it nice to see se7en have a gf now best of luck to them both

  6. Oho…now i know that Seven dating with the actress..poor me…
    But then it is good that finally he announce his relationship with her and i do agreed about keeping the relationship secret….
    Well…they do have be together like 6-7 years..based on the picture..so actually its much more better to be secretive sometimes about the relationship…..because it will last longer…sorry..im blabbing too long…ehehe

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  10. aww..se7en..
    ((kinda new diz was gunna b reveald soona or l8r..))
    buh i will continue to support u always!
    awww wat a lucky actress.. ^^”
    gd luck se7en! ❤

  11. aaww ! i’ll totally support their relationshipp !
    good luck ! i hope you guys last for a long time..

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  13. really love this couple

  14. That’s good that finally they reveal everything. Fans will love you more, I believe, because they also support this relationship.
    Good luck with them. I hope it will last long…

  15. aww. se7en! this is cute, good luck with her.~~ ^^

  16. wow.. this is awesome.. he come cleans !! :p and lol at the above post.. i. think that’s right..

  17. woah 7 years is a longgg time, way to go.
    and now that they have revealed it, the media’s gna go “oh she’s pregnant” or “they’re getting married”
    Entertainers have hard lives lol

  18. Finally. =)

    Hope they don’t get harassed. ^^

  19. OMG that was scary for him to admit that…..

    i wonder how his fans will react???

  20. finally! but at least he has good intentions about hiding their relationship..i think he really loves park han byul…aww…i’m happy for them^_^…

    i wish his ‘crazy’ fangirls will realize that se7en also has a life…and will not bash him or his girl…

    aww…^_^….i love this post! thanks unni for sharing^^

  21. I hope many people saw this coming I think it’s pretty predictable. Any who w/e they’re together they’re together I had a feeling they were.

  22. whoa 7 years is long. im suprised he managed to keep it like that. you can understand why he did it though, i respect him for that, not just for himself but also park han byul

    btw the second to last bit, does that mean Yang Hyun Seok didn’t know till now, or does it mean he always knew but believed in him and never said anything

  23. yay.. finally he reveal it from his own mouth…. ^_^
    we, lucky7, will always support u cuz we know that u know what r u doing… ^___________________^
    please take good care of PHB.
    same goes to PHB too….

  24. I hope they can retain their relationships

  25. yes i’m happy…gud luck and GBU se7en and Park han byul 🙂

  26. That’s true about how publicity may cause stars to break up. So i respect them for keeping it secret.

  27. well i’m no surprised but i’m happy his admitting it. It takes a lot of courage because he is an idol.

    man, 7 years is heaps of time. I hope they get married and have the hottest babies the world will ever see 😀 lol.

  28. i don’t think anyone is surprised?????? we knew all along…just live your life, who cares about others??

  29. Wow, go se7en!
    7 years is a pretty strong relationship 😀 Im proud of them !

  30. Why are so many of you surprised? The korean media and paparazzi already had photographic evidence of their trysts long before this confession that they’re dating. His childish denials are just so lame, and I pity Park Han Byuk for her boyfriend’s ‘denials’.
    If se7en is really a namja man, then please act like one, duh? He’s no longer a teenager althouhh he’s behaving pretty much like one immature boy.
    If he’s been in a relationship for 7 long years, why then come out in the open now? It’s not that they’re getting married anytime soon considering that se7en hasn’t had a hit for how many years now? Publicity gimmick, maybe?

  31. “how can one get the love from everyone when he can’t even be truthful and clear about his love from his girl…”

    OMG! That’s got to be one of the sweetest things I’ve heard. I’m so glad that he’s finally admit to it. They do make a great looking couple (just imagine their kids, if they do get married). Best of luck to the bot of them and let’s hope that Se7en gets on BET!

  32. they look hot together.

  33. Finally!
    I’m happy that he finally did and I think they are great together!
    I deifnitely support Se7en whole heartedly 😀

  34. Im happy for them!!!

    that’s sOOO cute!!! and DAAMMN 7 years?..that’s one of the few long relationships among celebrity couples I’ve known so far.

    Im glad 7 admitted it! props to YG and Brunson Ent. for letting them admit it and for believing them and being supportive.

    I really hope they stay for a LONG time.

    HWAITING!!! 😀

  35. they’re so freakin cute

  36. That’s so sweet^^ I hope these two get married someday :]
    On a sidenote, I hope fangirls of Se7en won’t get rabid on Han Byul…

  37. Im really glad he finally reveal it. and Im really happy for both of them being together for 7 years >_< …O.M.G! that's one of the FEW long relationship I know among celebrity couples! more power to both of them and I really wish them both the best! props to YG and Brunson Ent. for letting them reveal it and believe and support them!

    I also really hope that se7en's fans will understand! .

    goodluck to both of you!

    HWAITING!!! 😀

  38. finally! i really want them to be happy..
    i’m glad they finally admitted to this.

  39. that is sooo cute!
    7 years

  40. I hope if any member BB or 2ne1 secretly dating with someone else,, they will reveal to public like their sunbaenim did.. I think that’s not be a problem to Mr YG.

  41. Aww, they have really known each other a long time. I’m glad that they have finally revealed their love to everyone.

    I hope their relationship is long-lasting. ^^ <333

  42. aww that was really touching<3
    it must have been really hard for him
    i hope fans will support their relationship!
    i am extremely happy for the couple
    and i wish them the best of luck<3
    they must have been through so much

  43. Hiding the truth is unfair to PHB and his fans and as a huge fan, I’m so glad he finally admitted to the relationship. ~~ Will support Se7en as alwayz!

  44. oh my~
    SE7EN with se7en years secretly relationship.,
    it's hard dude!

    They ady through many sad & happy 2gether. 7 years love relationship are enough to go to the next step.,

    Hope they will always together., love them!

  45. se7en ah~
    Fans will unđerstan and always support you <33~~

  46. I’m so happy for him. *teary*

  47. OMG. That’s good that someone in YG has finally admitted it. Kudos!

  48. i’m glad he finally admitted it. i just hope the fans can respect their relationship. good luck to them!

  49. i’m happy to know that their relationship managed to survive the chaos & challenges in k-entertainment…. 🙂 goes to show everyone that true love can beat the odds aaaaaw how sweet….

  50. That’s cute…although it doesn’t really matter to me whether they are dating or not, it’s nice to see that they have nothing to hide now. Though I am sure there are consequences for hiding it for so long, I hope their fans will understand. And gosh, 7 years!!! That’s a long time, I hope they cherish their relationship!

  51. that’s so sweet 🙂

  52. finally
    good luck to their relationship,

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