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Queen of the ‘JaGalChi’ hair


Who does the ‘JaGalChi’ hair better – So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica, WonderGirls SunMi or newsinger IU?

More photos


The name ‘JaGalChi’ hair came from this popular snack ‘JaGalChi’. And many Koreans have also followed the style.



Other artistes with the hairstyle – YoonA and Natsun.

Natsun claimed that the ‘JaGalChi’ is a sexy concept, but I’m so glad that he chopped it off. ><




My personal favourite is Jessica‘s. ^^

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34 Responses

  1. […] we have the JaGalChi hairstyle and wavy perms, plaited fringe is the new hottest hairstyle this late-summer in […]

  2. Jessica looks the best by far!!!!!! She is so beautiful. I took her pic to my hair dresser and he said my hair was too thin…made me feel so bad. So I sent her pic to a hair extension site for them to advise me on achieving the style.
    I had to buy two sets of clip in hair extensions and they had to be human hair…soooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive!!!!

  3. Hair Extensions London – 020 7937 1989 – Style with confidence using real human hair extensions from London

  4. Haha..in my opinion..with Jessica the hair like octopus hair and with Sunmi the hair like alien hair…
    And when the hair goes to Yoona..wow..stylish hair..haha…

  5. I think this hairstyle is unflattering…especially on Yoona =x Sunmi looks adorable in it.

  6. I voted for Sica….Hers isn’t as thick as others. N although i don’t like this hairstyle. I think it looks best on Sica….

  7. Sica looks pretty in it. Even though SunMi is my favorite, she looks weird with it. IU look so adorable with the hair.

  8. jagalchi is sica’s trademark for gee days…
    i miss her debut hairstyle, is the main all-white dress photo

  9. I think it looks best on Jessica.

  10. lol of course jessica is the queen of the jagalchi hair 😀

  11. It looks kinda weird on Sunmi.. I think it’s because her hair is thicker that it ends up looking almost like a wig to me.
    I miss Jessica’s long hair, but she looks os cute with the octopus hair.
    IU looks cute in it too.

  12. I dont really like that hairstyle…..

    Maybe IU in certain pictures….

    It fits the cartoon girl better.. but not in rl….

  13. jessica look the best with tat hair. sunmi sumhow seems really weird wit her new hair~ i like the old style better~

  14. this hair cut is super ugly..ugh….nodody suits this style…

  15. haha I like how Yoona is on the list too.
    I remember her kept on teasing her unnie, Jessica, for having “octopus hair”. Karma, Yoona.

    Voted for Jessica, but I miss Jessica’s debut days hair…

  16. Sunmi. I like the red!

  17. EWWW

    HOW IS fliping Sun mi 2nd? stoopid biast idiots…

    Its obvi jessica and iu look the best.

    that hairstyle looks minging on sun mi

  18. I would say Jessica, especially since she dyed her hair lighter. Sunmi needs layers in her hair no matter what length.

  19. They’re really look alike!

  20. i like it on sica the best (even though i want her long hair back). And once we talk about octopus hair, i think of jessica first too..hehe.

  21. I think IU looks the cutest with it. Very young and fresh, as Vicky said. I always wish that they’d let Jessica revert to her predebut look for a little while, I think she looked sooooo natural and pretty that way. But they keep on wanting to make her look manufactured 😦

    Sunmi looks cute, too.

  22. to be honest i hate this her style i dont find it cute i find it ugly

  23. No matter how much I support Wonder Girls, and dislike YoonA, I think it fits YoonA the most 😡
    Jessica looks like a witch in it, somehow.
    ( this is just my pov )

  24. yes, it fits on sica the best.

  25. as much as i love the other girls, the octopus hair is just a trademark of sica in my head.

  26. I vote SunMi just because I LOVE Wondergirls XD…

    Personally I think Jessica looks cute but she looks way hotter with long hair.

    Yoona doesnt look good in that screencap, but in the drama she’s SSSOOO beautiful

  27. Sun Mi and IU are cute with the hairstyle.

  28. sorry yoona as much as i love you, gotta pick sica 😀

  29. Since I am a fan of neither bands, I am gonna be un-prejudice.

    Jessica with that hairstyle makes her look like she’s 28.

    The hairstyle looks old on SunMin too…although better on her than on Jessica’s

    IU looks cute with the hairstyle! Very young and fresh.

  30. Sica pops it best. ^^.
    I think it’s because it frames her face more nicely.
    Sunmi looks much more gorgeous with long, non-layered hair. Same goes for Yoona
    Not sure about IU.

  31. octopus hair

  32. although jessica is definitely not my favorite. her hair is best suited for that style.

  33. Sun Mi looks so cute.

  34. I Luv the very puffed ones,I’ll try it!!

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