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K Bites – 16.06.2009 II (Super Junior, Rani, Amy)

Super Junior KangIn writes new song ‘Carnival’ to be revealed during 2nd Asia tour concert


Super Junior will reveal a new song through their 2nd Asia tour concert which will open in July.

They will be holding their Seoul concert performances from 17th till 19th July for their ‘Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW Ⅱ’. And they had prepared a new song ‘Carnival’ for their fans.

The new song is a dance song with a strong rhythm and cool summer feel. And its lyrics is also written by member KangIn, whose first time attempting writting songs.

The window for tickets sales to the concert will be opened from 16th till 18th June on GMarket (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr).

Jang Yeong Ran, “I wear a mask and use a fake name so that I can be a singer”


Currently promoting as singer Rani for the trot number ‘I’m Angry’, Jang Yeong Ran revealed her reasons for wearing a mask and a fake name as a singer on iTVFM on 15th June.

Jang SoRi who was present said, “We were all surprised that the singer who doesn’t show her face and goes by the name of Rani is Jang Yeong Ran. Is there really a need to use a mask and a fake name?”

And Jang Yeong Ran said, “Because I have a very strong image as an entertainer, hence transforming into a singer I thought I needed to do it. I don’t want to appear as funny.”

“Because of my strong entertainer image, I really want to tell everyone that ‘I’m not doing this as a joke this time’. But I want to sing sincerely, and hence I had a mask on.”

Watch her performance here

Amy reveals her 3-storey high grand mansion, “Whichever man to take me away is a lucky one”

amy_160609Entertainer Amy, who is from the top 1% of the high society, reveals her 3-storey high grand mansion on SBS ‘Good Morning’ on 16th June.

She also revealed some of the antique pieces like bowls and shoe cabinet flown all the way from Europe sent by her grandmother living there. They also revealed her wardrobe which has all her clothes organized according to categories and colours.

But Amy said, “I don’t do the organising. They are done by my mother and other people. But I’m good at cooking and dishwashing.”

“Even though I may not look like it, but I know how to prepare different cuisines from Korean to Japanese, to Italian and Thai food. The guy who will take me away will be a lucky guy.”

While looking around her house which she is currently living in with her parents, she said, “My dream is to live here with my husband. And he can use the 1st level as his office.”

When asked, “This is the house you live with your parents, you can do that?”, she said, “No, my mom will go live in another house.”

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27 Responses

  1. Where can I watch the show? I want to see the mansion.

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  3. sounds like a snob…

  4. Wow who is she?
    Lucky to takle her away?
    Pleaseeeee, he must be after her money…

    It’s so wrong to kick your parents out of THEIR house ._.;;;
    Why doesn’t she just buy her own one?
    Wait,, she should try to start from scrap and then call something her ‘own’

  5. I can’t wait to hear Kangin’s song! ILHSM! <33333333

  6. idk. I thought it’s “her mansion” since she lives in it -_-“? Like, at my home, I won’t say only “I live in my parent’s home”. Home is home and I also refer to it as mine…………..? like…. “I live in my home…………..?”
    Besides, for SBS Good Morning, *ah those morning shows are fun* they could have gone to her house to introduce what her house is like and so it’s only natural to tell things about the house and etc ^^
    I remember on another episode they went to another house of a former politician’s wife, and she showed her house (was large!) and she showed a vase that was quite old with a signature of the creator. Was it bragging? No. She just showed it, thats all.
    (Actually, on alot of shows they visit celeb’s home, they always show off their valuables to the viewers -_- )
    Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t see whats wrong either for telling the truth XD
    If she doesnt do the organizing, why should she say she does it? She was just being honest. If she doesnt have to do it, she doesnt have to do it. But she said she could cook, so it’s not like she acts like she doesnt do anything at all.
    I thought the “The guy who will take me away will be a lucky guy.” was cute, ^^, since I thought she meant guys like wives who can cook :O

    As for the last sentence, it could mean many things ^^

    Like, 1. She could be joking (husbands dont want to live with the mother-in-law) 2. Even though she lives with her family, they could have given that house to her. 3. Maybe it’s not “kicking her out” but maybe her mom herself might have said she wanted to leave the house to her daughter and leave….?

  7. i didn’t get a sense of brattishness from what amy said. i don’t think any of us should assume that just because she’s proud of her mansion, she automatically believes money can buy happiness. let’s not be self righteous…

  8. Your mansion? Only someone who earned it themselves can get respect from me. Seems like once again she’s using someone else’s success for her benefit. I feel sorry for her.

  9. unlucky minwoo

    @ Meow – they broke up cause hes not rich like her, seriously?!

  10. Wow…so its true then..that Minwoo broke up wit her cause he’s not from a ‘Chaebol’ family like her…

  11. what so famous about her? i dun get it. I knew her from the reality show….i forgot… but i know minwoo was in.

    anyway? is she an actress, a singer or model or what???

    So far, what i understood is that she is just like a korean paris hilton?


    omg. I dunno. I dunno who she is

    • She had her own show before with some other people. i think it was called Bad Girls or something. but that’s where she got her reputation as a tough girl who was very outspoken.

  12. @Kang In:
    hope it will turn out good.. and will be beyond our expectation.

    @Jang Yeong Ran:
    i remember sawing her MV coincidently. before i knew the mask issue. and i recognized her right away. she is saying that she tried not to look funny, but she was and she was with a gag man in the MV!! definitely didn’t help to takel take her seriously.

    @ Amy:
    i liked her in kko kko tour with minwoo. although she was kinda bitchy. i was hoping that they will appear in WGM.. to bad they broke up..anyhow good luck.
    and come on guys maybe her parents wants her to have the mansion when she get married.

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  14. So what if u can make food and have a big mansion. It’s the heart that count. Plus it’s not even her own mansion, it belong to her parents, was brought by her parents. So what if you are rich, if you dont know how to love, you wont ever find a good man. Even Goo Jun Pyo and his mom know money can’t buy love and they are SHINHWA!!! (Hahah! That was random XD) Seems like she using money to advertising herself now. IF I was to brag, I would brag about my own money that I got with my hardwork! Not my parents money! I feel like Minwoo is the luckiest man because he left her.
    I really rather live in a normal house that brough by my money and my hubby money, AND we will invite our parents to live with us!!!!

    I love that girl! But I’m still upset that Minwoo and Amy broke up. They were so adorable together.

    KangIn writing songs? That doesn’t really seem like him. Can’t wait to hear the song.

  16. wow she’s full of confident .. did she know that money don’t buy happiness?? well sometimes it do.. but still -_-

  17. woah. i don’t like people who are materialistic and vain, but i’m glad how this girl turned out. at least she says she can do a few house chores. but most of all, i’m glad she’s actually proud and happy. i mean, some people have it all but end up unsatisfied and wanting more, sometimes even hurting themselves. you know, rich kids.

  18. aww i wanna see her mansion..
    does anyone have the pic?

  19. eugh! i never liked this girl,what Minwoo saw in her in i’ll never know. she looks so snobbish and materalistic…. and a twat why would u kick your own mother out of HER house?!

    as for the “lucky” guy who gets married 2 her lord help him! lol

  20. ROFL. She’s going to kick her mom out.

  21. hm. i guess money makes her happy.

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