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4Minute before debut photos


Some netizens have posted before debut photos of the 4Minute members.

Whose your favourite member?

Kwon So Hyeon (1994.08.30)


Nam Ji Hyun (1990.01.09)

Heo Ga Yoon (1990.05.18)


HyunA and Nam Ji Hyun before 4Minute debut




I wonder how come no one can find JiYoon‘s photos

Here’s her without her sunglasses


And Ga Yoon‘s cover of Navi‘s ‘Heart Damage’

30 Responses

  1. hellow nam ji-hyun love u and leeyeowon

  2. Seo Hyeon is so cute she my fave and i like Ji Yoon but i dont see her kid pics.

  3. Nobody likes GaYoon? </3 lol
    I think she's pretty cool…

  4. nice photos, thankyou

  5. Nam Ji Hyun kind of reminds me of Hyori.
    Especially her kid pictures.
    & Kwon So Hyeon reminds me of Solbi.
    but just like in some angles for both of thems.
    I love Ji Yoon’s short hair & i love how
    HyunAh has been known as a ex-Wonder Girls.
    She looks like a WG member, kind of like SunYe.
    Heo Ga Yoon’s pretty too.
    Lols uhh yeah.

    • no friggin way, hyori is like on a whole other level.

      i did think the leader was a pretty girl in that one pic that was released (one with hyuna)…but she’s actually average looking when i see her in performances.
      always has a smirk on her face that just looks out of place.

  6. Jiyoon!! ❤ hopefully some predebut pics will surface T_T

  7. i love fo fo four MINUTE.

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  9. Ji Yoon is my favourite, maybe because she caught my attention during the teaser. I like Hyun Ah too but Ji Yoon is the best to me.

    The other three, I can’t tell them apart yet.

  10. Ji Yoon I think is the prettiest and the most talented. I wish YG discovered her and put her in 2NE1. That would be perfect. Haha. I wanna see pics of her without sunglasses. T_T

    • Somebody up there posted their photo link.
      I’ll repost it for you
      this her pic without shades

    • Lol, replace Dara cuz she seriously dont fit there. Or on second thought, as a fifth member i guess…

    • ROFL. I was thinking the same thing.

    • totally! she would fit into 2ne1 way better than that sandara. and 2ne1 would be the perfect group! haha

      ji yoon’s seriously awesome!

      • but even if this girl were in yg, yhs wouldnt take out sandara. despite all the rumors that 2ne1 had dropped a member at one point or added a new member, and everyone thinking that the member dropped was sandara – it never was. sandara was always going to be a part of 2ne1.

        yeah they’d be a 5-member group if jiyoon were in yg

  11. I only like Jiyoon. I really like her voice. It improved from when she covered Umbrella. That was bad. x’D

    • She’s sound good but pronunciation still poor at that time,
      it’s understandable cos she isn’t english speaker.

  12. soohyun,, so cute like a kid

  13. Don’t really like this group, but Jiyoon is definitely the highlight.

  14. jiyoon, she is by far the one w/ the best stage pressence in the group
    here a pic of her w/out the shades

    • hey! thanks for the pic! i’m really so curious on what her pretty eyes look like..and i found her hot! thanks so much^_^

      i’m spazzing now 4minute and 2ne1! love them both!^_^

  15. I have no idea who’s who and am not going to bother. Only care about that short haired girl. She’s fierce!

    Wonder why they didn’t choose her as the leader as you can definitely sense the leadership potential just from the pics

  16. ji yoon by far!! she’s so edgy and has SUCH a charisma.

  17. wow~how u find these pics!!!!!!!haha!

    i like hyun ah~

    always…..n 4ever…….


  18. JIYOON has got to be my favorite and the best out of all of them- actually i think she’s the only one i like from 4minute lol she’s got stage presence and charisma. she’s very strong vocally and is a powerful dancer. but im seriously wondering….. is she the leader of the group??? when will she take those glasses off???

  19. none of them……but “hot issue” is pretty catchy

  20. still can’t see another pic from Jiyoon…….:|

  21. jiyoon’s really pretty. ❤ fave member !

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