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K Bites – 21.06.2009 (2PM, Seo In Young, The Couple)

New 2PM poster released ahead of their fanmeeting


Performance boyband 2PM will be holding their fanmeetings from 21st June, and ahead of that they have revealed a new ‘I Hate You’ huge poster.

This fanmeeting is to thank fans for their love to 2PM’s 2nd hit ‘I Hate You’. They will be starting the fanmeeting in GangNam on 21st, then moving on to others on 27th, 28th, 20th June and 8th July.

Also they will be revealing a new poster for their 2nd hit ‘I Hate You’ on 22nd June.

2PM said, “Fans have given much strength for showing us more love than we have expected for ‘I Hate You’. We are really thankful. We hope to spend some enjoyable time with our fans at the fansigning.”

Depression is the reason why Jewelry Seo In Young went America

siy_030609_1It has been known that Jewelry Seo In Young had went to America the beginning of this year due to depression.

She had revealed that during her appearance on an upcoming episode of SBS YaShimManMan 2.

Amidst her busy schedule, she had received stress more than she had expected to feel,”I had depression. So in the end, I decided to end all activities I had and to go on a vacation.”

Back then, Seo In Young had not provided for a reason to why she had suddenly stop all her activities to go to America. And fans had been worried about her sudden decision.

Known as the ‘Reality Queen’ for her appearance on several reality shows like ‘We Got Married’ etc, she said, “I had to take stabilizers before I go to sleep at night”.

This episode of YaShimManMan will air on 22nd.

4-member female vocal group The Couple to debut


Another girl group is set to heat up the summer competition in the Kpop zone. 4-member group The Couple will comeback after releasing their debut album last September ‘Look Only At Me’.

They will be releasing their 2nd album ‘Not Already’ on 24th June.

The members to the group were Goo Seo Yeon, Im Na Young, Hong Soo Min and Kim Tae Yoon as selected through audition. They are not only talented but also pretty and unique in their fashion and choreography.

Their producing company is StarComs Entertainment. The group is said to be coming back with new music style and hybrid music.

The group will start their promotions in July.

Shocking – Seo In Young with depression

20 Responses

  1. Hi dear,

    Can you help me find the exact time and dates of the fansigns events coming up~ a friend of my friend is in kr, and she maybe can help me get the autograph if she is around the area~ so can ya help me find it ~ thank you so much dear!

  2. Wow…..now how i wish im a Korean so that i can go to the fanmeeting..haha…

    And poor Seo In Young…well…i guess she do have a lot of stress….well…she went to America after her ‘divorce’ with Crown J….hope she fine now…

  3. […] source: kbites […]
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  4. Ooh, 2PM’s poster is hott!
    yay, more girl’s group. who are they?
    Aww, Seo In Young’s in depression. who
    would of thought? but i guess every
    Star has to go through their depression

  5. i’m happy they are back i really like them but they were only 2 members when did they become 4 ?

  6. Look only at me? Taeyang’s look only at me?
    4minute-Hot Issue? Big Bang’s hot issue?

  7. thanks about your information

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  9. The Couple??

    Another girl group coming back.

  10. The Couple? -___- what kind of a name is that, for a group with 4 members….
    Korea and their “unique” group name choices….

  11. 2PM looks sooooo hotttt in that poster >.< taec's stands out though.. his expression is all out SMEX!!!!

    sighhhhh another girl group T_______T

  12. If they are called The Couple, shouldn’t they only have 2 members and not 4??

    I didn’t know about In Young’s depression, but I’m not surprised. She was so busy last year. In Young unnie fighting!!

  13. are u sure theyre making a new performance on the 22nd..? cause on the korean site, i read that it’s “new poster” not “new performance”

  14. they seem like a ballad group. too bad they already debut and i heard nothing about them….. :/

  15. what 4 member group

  16. me too i never thought she was depressed but im glad she is doing fine now

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