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Tears fell as Family Outing members Park Ye Jin and Lee Cheon Hee say goodbye


Aired on the 21st for SBS Good Sunday is the 1st part of Family Outing episode where Lee Cheon Hee and Park Ye Jin say goodbye with ‘Family Farewell Journey’.

The filming was done on 1st and 2nd June, and the 2 members will stop their journey with Family Outing on 28th June officially.

They had their last memories together on Family Outing preparing their meal together. And other member cannot control their feelings as the words ‘last time’ came out. The other members also did an event by singing 015B’s ‘Now Goodbye’ for the 2 leaving members.

They played a video of their past memories as Family members on the show.

Lee Hyori, “I was worried because there were only 2 female members, but after the 1st filming, we hit well together.” DaeSung and Kim SooRo also said, “We were really thankful to Park Ye Jin for catching the runaway chickens.”

And also known as the stepmother SooRo and CheonDerella pair, SooRo could not finish his last words to CheonHee as he was overwhelmed by emotions.

Member DaeSung was also red in tears with the sending off of the 2 loved family members. Lee Cheon Hee said, “It is such a shame not to be able to meet every fortnight. I’m sorry that we cannot do this together til the end.”

Meanwhile, the new members to join are Park Shi Yeon and Park Hae Jin.


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  1. hi. i am from malaysia who really love watch FO. this program really nice. but hearing that choen hee and ye jin leaving the family make me really SAD. hope they consider two remain in the family. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. I also didn’t watch the Ye Jin and Chun Hee last episode. I can’t bear to see both of them leaving like this.
    I see the screen caps and crying all the way. And now, I am hearing their OST – A Day with the Family, composed by Yoon Jong Shin. I watched the MV and I cried even more.

    Not even any single person or people can replace them. I tried to watch the episodes after they leaved and I can’t seemed find the same level of excitement. It’s just weird to see Soo Ro without Chun Hee.

    For my personal opinion, I don’t really think Park Shi Yeon is suitable for the shows, because she just can’t give sparks as Ye Jin did. Of course, no offense to Park Shi Yeon and all her fans, but this is just my personal opinion.

  3. I have not seen the episode yet but I think I’ll skip it because I don’t want to see both of them leave. Maybe I’ll just go back to the old episodes and enjoy laughing at the whole family while there were still intact.

  4. This episode will seriously be heartbreaking.
    The family will never be hte same without you two ā¤

    I will forever remember the laughter you two brought me šŸ™‚
    And I'm sure the rest of the family, and all other viewers of FO will agree <33

    Yejin, Chunderella, WE LOVE YOU!

    I can feel tears down my cheek already, what will I do when I watch this T_T

  5. me too..T_T..as i see the screencaps…my tears seems to flow…i love family outing….there will be no more cheonderella and brave yejin…

    they really became a family for real…T_T…so sad..but it is really expected that it is not forever..

  6. T_T

    I will watch the episode as soon as english subs are included on it.

  7. […] TV. I haven’t watched the whole episode yet I cried when I see the family crying photos in K Bites. Please visit the K Bites link I gave you, since it’s too heart breaking to even post the […]

  8. am crying already.. i love these 2 a lot >___<

  9. Omona…raw faces of top star(Daesung and Hyori)..but then it is sad to lose one of your family members….they always been together…

  10. where can I watch it? fill me in please?

  11. I feel so heavy just seeing the photos and the preview.
    I’m really going to miss those two, Ye Jin and ChunHee.
    But I also hope the next two members can give something to the table, if you get what I mean. Though I know no one can replace YeJin and Chunhee, I don’t want F.O. to have less viewers, right?
    Nevertheless…I’m gonna cry when I watch this episode…:(

    I’m going to miss them.

  13. lee hoyri is kkk lelijk zonder make up ze ruikt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. why are they leaving :[?

    • theyre leaving to focus on their acting career

      mangg,,,watching the ep now. crying so much

  15. šŸ˜¦ I cried so much watching this episode..

  16. im not gonna cry. im not gonna cry ='[ im gonna miss them both so much >.<

  17. *crying* ….Im gonna miss them šŸ˜¦

  18. i waste almost a box of tissue while watching this show..
    gosh its so heartbreaking..
    the family manknae didn’t help me alot since i’m crying even more when i saw him crying.. šŸ˜„

  19. I cried just looking at the photos! What the heck am I going to do when I watch it.

    This is my favorite show, I thought that they would’ve stayed. It will not be the same, but I feel for the other members. Supporting them till the end.

  20. Watching this will be so sad… but I must give Chunnie * Yejin a proper farewell… sadly & patiently waiting for the kind subbers to help me out understand the full content ā¤

  21. Oh my~ i’m gonna miss them sooo much~~))’:
    where can we watch it???

  22. TT.TT

    byebye cheonderella andyejin unnie..
    i will miss you’all so much..

  23. I hope this doesn’t mean the show will fall off the ratings now!

    But yeah….I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for this. The family is going to starve though because Savage Ye Jin is not there to slice up the animals. I doubt Park Shi Yeon is gonna do it.

    • same sentiments.. lol @ “the family is going to starve” but it’s so true. and i don’t really think Park Shi Yeon is like Son Ye Jin. I hope the rating won’t fall too…
      Gosh… I’m already tearing now… just looking at the pictures.. sobs..

  24. I think once a family member leaves, the show’s only going to go downhill. Kinda like We got Married.
    Anyways, I wish the best of luck to Chunhee and YeJin and I hope they do well in the future.

  25. me too (in tears)

  26. ahhh this is sooo sad… I can’t believe there will be no Yejin and ChunHee in the next 2 weeks!
    But somehow I’m really curious how the new members will get along, especially Park Shi Yeon.
    Can she ‘handle’ Hyori? Can she bring fun like Yejin?
    ARGHHH, i’m so sad just to think about it!

  27. *in tears*

  28. Awww sadd! FO is not going to be the same!
    haven’t seen it yet either but it’s already making
    me cry. i’m gonna miss them too.

  29. Watched it minutes ago, and man I never cried like that before
    I think I will burst in tears when they live them behind in the next ep
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHh why do they have to gooooooo

  30. I’m gonna miss these too. No matter how much the “new” family will bond they will never be “the” family. At times i feell i love this family more than my own lol. Thankyou for making me laugh ….. hella LOTS!!!

  31. haven’t even watch yet but seeing this post already made me cry!

  32. TT__TT whose gonna catch the chickens or cut up the live fish now!!? whose gonna be ridiculously adorable and fail at the same time!!?
    I am really close to just like bawling right now.

  33. thanks for give me a lot of fun
    i’ll miss you two

  34. I love this family so much
    They spend love to each other as a real real family
    When I see the face with tears of Dae Sung, I can’t stop crying
    Lee Chun Hee and Ye Jin ah, I’ll miss two of you so much, I hope u’ll get more sucessful
    Don’t forget this family
    I’m waiting for your comeback

  35. I am crying right now…
    I will miss both of them so much…
    Can’t keep myself not crying when I see they cry =((

  36. waaah šŸ˜¦ I’m crying already….

  37. gahh!! it’s sad..especially about Sooro and Chunhee…
    ā¤ them both

  38. T_______________T

    i’m going to be bursting into tears when i watch this episode.. Sadly, i’m not exaggerating. Ye Jin and Chunderella will never be replaced. They’ll always be part of the family.

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