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K Bites – 22.06.2009 (So Nyeo Shi Dae, Lee Min Woo)

So Nyeo Shi Dae will be back releasing 2nd minialbum on 25th June


So Nyeo Shi Dae will be back releasing their 2nd minialbum ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on 25th June.

The title song to the minialbum will be ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and the album will have 6 songs in it. The composers to the album includes some of Korea’s biggest names like Yoon Yeong Jin, Kenzie, Hwang Sang Jae and Kim Jin Hwan.

The album list

  1. ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ – a trendy dance track which bright and addictive for the summer season
  2. ‘1 λ…„ 後 (After 1 Year)’ – a duet between Jessica and member Onew
  3. ‘Etude’ – Euro dance song
  4. ‘Girlfriend’ – a song with a 80s feel
  5. ‘Boyfriend’
  6. ‘My child’

The girls will have their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 26th June performing ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.

Lee MinWoo to be back after 8 months with 4.5th album ‘Minnovation’

lmw_220609Singer Lee MinWoo (M) will be back after 8 months releasing his 4.5th album ‘Minnovation’.

Lee MinWoo has also participated in the producing, lyrics, composing and song arrangement to the songs in this new album.

The songs ‘M Technology’ is also said to have combined M’s song rap with special Vox Effect, and also the best sound sources from England. And it is said that the album will include songs which will showcase special transforming sounds and rhythm never before seen in Kpop world.

The album will include 6 songs featuring composers like 1TYM Song Baek Kyung, Lee Yeon Joon, Outsidaz, Yota etc.

Here’s the teaser to his 4.5th album

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  2. i can;t wait for M’s new album def a hot one πŸ™‚


    I think 2NE1 is going to continue their hot streak. A lot of people have become their fans. What do you think?

  4. BK’s backkk on trackk ❀

  5. I really liked Onew’s duet with Lee Hyun Ji, so I’m kind of anticipating that song.

    As for Minwoo; I love him, but Minnovation didn’t really make me go nuts.

    MRizing was a good album though. I got it and really enjoyed it, so I guess I’ll wait to see what new things he brings to the table with this new album. And as an old Shinhwa fan I hope he’s not trying to skip going to the army. I want them all back ASAP.

  6. Oh wow, Onew is gonna be on SNSD’s album?! Can’t wait to hear it!

  7. Anticipating for the duet between Jessica and Onew.
    This summer is going to be hot and intense with all these girl groups trying to outdo each other.

    Ohhhhhhh Minwoo! πŸ˜€

  8. tomorrow, once I ask my mom to borrow her card I am SO pre-ordering Genie off yesasia!

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