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K Bites – 23.06.2009 III (Big Bang, Joo Ji Hoon)

Big Bang to advance into Japanese market as artistes not as idols

bb_080109Big Bang will be releasing their Japanese debut single on 24th June titled ‘My Heaven’. They will be working with Universal Music Japan for their Japanese debut this time.

YG Entertainment said in an interview on the 22nd, “Big Bang had went to Japan for Japanese promotions last weekend, and had came back to Korea today. In Tokyo, you can hear ‘My Heaven’ everywhere.”

“Big Bang will not be aiming to be one of the idols working with Universal Japan but as artistes. GDragon together with the other Big Bang members will bring with them their song-writing capabilities and promote as artistes.”

The YG representative also said, “At the entrance of Universal Japan office, you can see 2 photos, one is Black Eyed Peas and the other one is Big Bang’s.”

The boys will be appearing for the morning programme ‘Mezamashitere TV’ on the day of their debut single release, and the will also be appearing on SMAP member Cho NanGang’s Fuji TV ‘Waratte Iitomo’ on 26th June.

The boys will then move on to release their 2nd single in Japan title ‘Gara Gara GO’.

Joo Ji Hoon gets 6 months of jail

jjh_230609Actor Joo Ji Hoon (26) who has been caught consuming drugs (ecstasy and ketamine), received his penalty and sentencing today – he has been sentenced to 6months in jail and 1 year of probation.

On the 23rd in Seoul Central District Court, he was sentenced to 6 months in jail, and 1 year (or 120 hours) of community service. He also received a penalty of 360k KRW won, a lighter sentence as compared to the 440k KRW fined earlier when he first started the prosecution on the 9th.

The trial department said, “The nature of the crime is not light. But we reflected on the point that he did not commit the crime again after consuming the drug 1 year and 2 months back. And many fans had sent in peition for a lighter sentence.”

As the others who were prosecuted together with him, actress Yoon Seol Hee who was involved in drug trafficking was sentenced to 3 years in jail and model Yae Hak Young was sentenced to 2 and a half year in jail.

23 Responses

  1. bb may have good songs…but too bad they dont have good singers, rapping is ok. that’s why they’re still considered an idol group in korea.
    they appeal to the younger generation, but in japan, no way can they compete w/ other idol groups there. they have too much power.

    and also i dont consider bb a hip pop group anymore….their songs sound so techno…just listen to their now japanese single. it’s out already.

  2. bigbang hv always been different from other idols for me anyway (mostly cos of GD, TOP and YB) – the revolution of idol as they say in one of their songs.

  3. yea i just want to wish my fav group all the best in Japan! and hopefully YG don’t just leave them in Japan and let them have a comeback in Korea soon. coz i hate to see the boys starting out as newbies again in a foreign land that does not really appreciate hip hop music. i don’t really care if they manage to conquer Japan like DBSK as long as they release new Korean songs asap! i’m worried that they may change their style of music to suit the Japanese market and i don’t really fancy Jpop now…

    • I’m with you.
      Though I’m cheering for the boys in Japan, I’m worried that their style will change. ><
      For instance, when DBSK debuted, I kind of liked their SMP music, but since they went to Japan, I haven't listened to them again. =[
      So yeah, I really hope the boys only go to Japan temporarily.
      I am more eager to hear a comeback in Korea and/or G-D's and Bae's solo albums. <=)

  4. Aww I can’t wait for their album (;

  5. I totally agree that YG should at least be a little careful on how to praise the boys. I dont know who the hell is ” YG representative” here. But It will be more smart to at least be humble…My Heaven to be heard easily anywhere in Tokyo is way too much though. Even how much I really LOVE to hear that—-Or it can be heard within the CD shops everywhere could make more sense to me cuz the song is to be released soon ^^ And for THSK comparison issue — Well….They are TWO biggest Korean Idol Groups — So It’s simply that netizens will keep an eyes for BB — whether they will be able to invande into Jap market like THSK has done so far or not. For me as VIP…I really wish them all the best no matter how difficult the road they are taken can be…

  6. I think YG/UM just tring to target BB out of idol-imagelike due to the fact that…. It’s pretty obvious… Idol groups in Japan normally belong to JE. There’d be such a long road taken if BB boys were put up against them. Take THSK for example…how many years and countless singles of them until they finally got attention by JE.. And once BB could finally make it apperance on Music Station then I could be proud of the boys. So for now…I’ll be humble and wait patiently. Keep walking okay. Big Bang Fighting !!!

    • I simply don’t understand why people have to bring up about how Big Bang is totally incompetent when compared to DBSK eveytime an article about Big Bang’s Japan Debut pops up. DBSK’s Japan achievement might be a big deal, but let me put it this way: jury are like giving verdict even before the prosecution proceeds.

      • is because BB and DBSK are both from Korea, and DBSK are the first to conquer Japan, AND YG big mouth..
        I mean come on, if we turn the table, and SM start to make a statement like that, while you watch BB grow from zero to hero in foreign land, see how many small stage that they have to attend, you will feel the same.
        DBSK fans know exactly how hard it is to make a name in Japan, and many of them are BB fans to. So far, no one blame BB for this, it’s YG statement that irks international fans (like me).

        Look at this article. YG make it like it’s an easy job to become successful in Japan and that they have achieve so much with so little time. While in fact, there’s still a lot of thing to do.

      • The spokesperson from YG really needs to learn how to keep a low profile. It’d be better if he just said that the boys are betting their all for this debut instead of making everything sound so big.

        And people, really, it gets annoying to see DBSK’s name pop out whenever BB is involved. I don’t see a single connection between them aside than the fact that they’re both Korean. And may I remind those that say it’s because DBSK were the first to conquer Japan that it was in fact Ms. Kwon?

        The only thing with which I agree is that BB doesn’t really fit the idol image, and that’s also the case in Korea. Contrary to other groups, we all know that YG gives their artists more freedom and BB has proven to be more successful when they get involved in the production of their albums.

        I personally wish the boys wouldn’t have had to go to Japan because I don’t listen to Japanese music and I’ve heard that hip hop isn’t even that appealing over there. But since it’s already done, I’ll wish them luck. If they were to do music like M-Flo, then that would totally change my mind because that’s the only Japanese group I hear.

        And please tell me the boys won’t be staying there like THSK and Boa because then I’d really go straight to Korea and slap Pdt. Yang.

  7. and about idol… it’s because this is Japan and Japan idol is own by JE. But their target will still be youngster. Hip hop is not a common music taste in Japan. It’s either pop, ballad, or rock.

  8. ^
    When will YG learn to shut their mouth…

    My Heaven is nowhere reach that popularity that they claimed to be.
    If it’s true, that it play all over the place in Tokyo, they will be covered at japan magz right now and many tv station will invite them..
    Can’t YG just state the fact and stop giving BB such a high pressure… People can actually check it you know…

    BTW, Big Bang fighting. Take your time and works your way up.. ^^

  9. my family is from tokyo and my heaven is foreign to them thats such an exaggeration

  10. In Tokyo, you can hear ‘My Heaven’ everywhere? really??
    sound suspicious

  11. Big Bang has the whole package.
    They compose, write, produce, sing their own song.
    They have 3 good vocals and 2 incredible rappers.
    Their leader has so much passion that he writes songs for the group. (With some contributions from other members) He also puts the group first before even releasing his own solo album.
    They’re also trendsetters.
    They have such charms.
    They keep everyone entertained, good or bad.
    They’re very original.
    They’re so cute, handsome and hot.
    They practice on different fields (acting, musical, acting, comedy)

    They keep it real!

  12. finally some news for our boys!
    i never actually saw them as “idols” lol
    they were just a male group to me cause
    they have more freedom then idol groups,
    like doing their own albums,solo albums,
    so I’m glad that they’re gonna do that in Japan too.
    cant wait for the single releases especially Emotion(:

    sucks for JJH,drugs are bad!

  13. What’s the difference between Artiste and Idol?
    What does that mean?

    • yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
      can’t wait to listen to EMotion, Gara gara GO and Top of the world…3 new songs in a week…
      GD keeps composing good songs ok…love you!!!!

      • for me i don’t see them as an idol..because of their passion for music…they really knows about music..as most of their songs are composed by GD..they do everything by themselves..i felt in love with their passion for music

    • – artiste
      1: a skilled adept public performer ; specifically : a musical or theatrical entertainer
      2: an artistic or creative person

      – idol
      1: an object of extreme devotion

      In plain english,
      an artiste has the whole package. Composing/writing/producing/performing their own songs.
      an idol is an image you just idolize/worship. They have talent (sing and dance and entertaining), but not as much as an artiste.

    • simply to say they don’t target teens to buy their music.

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