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So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd minialbum cover controversy gets blown out of proportions


As reported earlier, there has been issue with So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s upcoming 2nd minialbum cover being controversial after netizens spotted out an image an airplane on the cover which seems too similar to that of the Japanese Type Zero fighter aircraft.

But the issue do not just stop there, now netizens are linking the incident to Nazi associations as well.

First, the hat and the brest eagle




Then came the cross



More comparisons:


Plus it has been pointed out that the print on the wing of the airplane printed on the album cover gives it away


There also also been heated argument over on Japanese forums about why the girls have to use such a controversial image on their album cover.

Netizens poked at the issue, “This is not So Nyeo (girls) Shi Dae (generation) but war crime shi dae”. While SM insisted that they had only want to aim the military marine look, and has not other meaning hidden to it.

Is this blowing out of proportion or not?

Meanwhile the girls will have their comeback stage on 26th June Music Bank. Can’t wait.

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  2. I didn’t noticed all that things about there album cover until the netizens mentioned it…
    stupid netizens, there are always trying to look for something with SNSD even the smallest detail..
    anyways, I still love SNSD hahaha! fighting!

  3. Not the girls fault but the management should of been more careful.

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  6. wow, thats pretty interesting

  7. […] Korea – SNSD’s new album delayed because of WWII contorversy [Kbites] […]

  8. I never noticed until now, not that I ever planned to stare at theit album cover for that long

  9. It’s funny how everybody’s like “blame the company, SNSD didn’t have anything to do with it.” when the same thing could be said about 4Minute. Everybody’s hating on them because of the similarities in their song/style. They also didn’t have a choice in it but people don’t go around blaming the company, they go around blaming the 4Minute girls. Isn’t it amusing? lol.

    Anyways, hope that SM cleans it up before it gets worst. This’ll definitely get the girls more antis. -__-

  10. Oh wow, the shitizens are at it again. It isn’t even SNSD’s fault. They didn’t make the wardrobe nor the album cover.

    Hey Shitizens, put the blame where it actually belongs-the designers. DUH.

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  12. Dayummm, ‘war crime shi dae’ lol

  13. Judging from the fact that they are idols, they really need to be careful with things like this.
    It’s SM’s fault for not doing research. They need to go back to college. First thing you learn in marketing class is to be careful with images to avoid giving wrong messages.
    You have to remember that though this may seem pointless for some, it is aggravating for others.
    I think it was a smart decision to replace the cover.
    And yes, I’m saying it as an old conservative person.

  14. Hyoyeon’s cross has a lion and word markings on it, not a swatsika.

  15. war crime shi dae!


  16. Netizens are idiots. Hyoyeon’s cross is the VICTORIAN CROSS. Not a nazi symbol.

    • i agree. it’s clearly the victorian cross. Netizens didn’t do enough research..boo.

  17. SM should’ve done some research instead of just slapping everything on the thing if they care about what the netizen say so damn much.

    I love their costume, I think it’s hot.
    but of course, the netizen always have something to say.

    the plane thing is really is SM’s fault.
    out of all the planes….

  18. And on Sooyoung’s picture, you can’t even tell if it’s the Nazi Eagle. The US has a similar eagle insignia:

  19. http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200906231544151002

    Another side of the story. This source says that netizens are congratulating SNSD’s management for acting so quickly to remove the plane.

  20. […] similitudes entre le concept du groupe et des symboles nazis. Plus d’infos et de photos sur Kbites ou […]

  21. Again neitzens are blowing everything out of proportion.
    As what Yellow mentioned, it’s a brand. Neitzens (and antis) are pin-pointing all the bad things about this brand so why not just tear that brand down? Funny thing is that I love how antis are all getting nitty-gritty and trying to bring these girls down in every way when it’s not their fault. It’s all the marketing teams, designers, stylists and etc.

    I’m pretty sure SM and their marketing team didn’t mean to do this on purpose. Without even telling us all these little detailed aircrafts on the album cover… I simply thought it was a great concept, great look.

    I thought it looked great. It shows a new generation of girls, trying to take over cause it’s their year and change what is happening now to something new, fun and exciting, also to improve what the music industry is offering and bring new things to the table. I bet no one has even thought of that yet.

    Then again, with all these controversial talks with their album cover, it’s bringing more attention them anyways.

    • I’m trying to say that behind their album jacket, that it’s a new womens generation, they have power and try to change things around.

  22. not really a SNSD fan, but I thought that the cover was interesting and looked good. personally, i think that the netizens are blowing things out of proportions. it’s not like anyone did it on purpose. i understand how it might be sensitive for some people, though.

  23. grrr…!!! i hate it! the cover seems perfect but it’s now ruined because of being perfectionist! damn it! x_x

    i hoped the upcoming new album cover will be FINER to prove this netizens that they just did those for the sake of the concept..geez!

  24. Why the hell did the graphic artist used the plane image when they are suppose to be a marine anyway?…that i won’t understand….bad coordination and planning…

  25. haish… gonna get the cd late then.

  26. people, just leave the girls and SM alone. oh my goddess, what a childish act.

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  28. snsd with their negative publicity yet again. dont they think that their reputation is bad enough? though this time its not exactly their fault… and LSM doesnt seem to care much.

    toooo baddd for them i guess.

  29. It kinda rush for SNSD for release the album rite. Any product need to do have ample time to do research before been release. If others can take time to design or do researc mktg why not SM. The money is wasted already.

  30. This concept is interesting and it gives the girls a sexier look, but I wish SM had paid more attention to the symbols they were using in the girls’ costumes and album jacket. This isn’t the type of attention a group should be having just before their comeback. It makes them look insensitive and careless (i.e., like bad role models), even tho it is their management’s fault. Hmm… SNSD fighting!!

  31. Eh there was no harm intended, but oh well. They must delay it now. If anything this is only boosting their popularity.

    Keep the Japanese war planes out. Artists did not think about this.

  32. annoying netizens. Why cant they just leave the idols alone?

  33. to me the whole thing is just a joke
    the air plane looks like any old air plane
    even the hat and the Brest eagle the same design that Nazi used to wear nobody can be sure if it’s have the Nazi sin good luck to snsd now i will support them more than ever b/c what is happening to them it’s not fair & not their fault

  34. that is not the nazi cross if you see the close up it is actually from a brand called S2.
    netizens have to be pretty dumb to think SM is hinting at pro-axis powers propaganda that don’t exist anymore, the axis powers i mean, not the ideals sadly.

  35. LOL Blame the company for that.
    Those girls don’t have a lot to say about this matter.
    They’re too busy recording n filming to do research on their new concept.

  36. It’s a brand.

  37. this time i have to go at netizen’s side i mean hello people looking at this cover is not good to both citizens of korea and japan it seem’s that they are trying to portait something with this kind of cover.the stylist or whole company as well should make something more appropriate since this is a girl group and considered to be a role models..this girls doesn’t need to be condemned for that wrongly decision but they should have speak their mind out of this concept i mean they should have use their right to dis agree with this concept but instead they just let it go like that…but we can’t blame them they just follow their company’s order…

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  39. Omg it become serious
    SNSD will gain more anti

  40. actually the album will be delayed for a few days while SM changes the album cover. the new aircraft is a T-50 Korean Plane.

  41. That sure is a LOT of coincidences… <_<
    This is kind of getting out of hand but those thing REALLY look a like…

    Well the funny part about this is that the military plane says SONE on it! LOL

  42. I love the neitzens, boo shit daes.

  43. it’s totally not the girl’s fault though.

  44. I actually liked this cover, but too bad now the cover will be changed last minute @__@

  45. it kinda sucks how SM Ent are not doing anything about it right now…Sure, LSM said there was no meaning but please say more and be more detailed. I think they’re comming up with a good reason. Lol.

  46. though i wasnt a big fan of snsd, but netizens kind of .. overdone it? since their main aim is simply just military marine look, i dont think theres a need to delete any pictures. its not as if they do it on purpose and make evryone hate them 😀

  47. i saw a lot of people on soompi mention the hat and jacket too and yeah it looks like the plane is the japanese plane.well sucks for SNSD,blame LSM!

  48. Just love it when netizens just smash the idols right in their faces. These netizen are freaking good. Got good eye-sights and good information and all. Right in your face so nyeo shit daes!

    • Yah, they are so fucking good, that they get their information wrong? Wow, gj netizens. Mistake the victorian cross with the nazi’s iron cross and the brand 2s to the nazi eagle.

  49. “war crime shi dae” lol
    seems SM didn’t make detail research about this

  50. OMG! I feel sorry for SNSD. I will support their songs, but idk about the concept.

    SM seriously need to delete all pictures online before someone spots something else again 😦

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