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Special stage galore for Music Bank tomorrow


As many have heard about it, (26.06.2009) tomorrow’s episode of KBS Music Bank is going to be really interesting.

Tomorrow’s episode is a sum-up episode of all the popular Kpop hits on all the different charts on KChart for the first half of 2009. And some of the special stages line-up are

  • 2NE1 with ‘Umbrella’
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  • ‘Idol Parade’ featuring idol groups like KARA, SHINee and 2PM doing classic hits by Fin.K.L, HOT and G.O.D.

Tomorrow’s Music Bank stages include:

  1. Wan Seok Hyun & Lee HwiJae ‘Noona I Love You’
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage – ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  3. 2NE1 special stage – ‘Umbrella’
  4. Girls Generation So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Boys Generation’ 2AM, 2PM and Super Junior
  5. Rookie dance battle – ChungRim vs AJ vs TaeGoon
  6. KWill, Baek Ji Young, Jo Sung Mo with ‘That’s what friends are for’
  7. [Special ‘Idol Parade’] KARA performing Fin.K.L
  8. [Special ‘Idol Parade’] SHINee performing HOT
  9. [Special ‘Idol Parade’] So Nyeo Shi Dae performing S.E.S
  10. [Special ‘Idol Parade’] 2PM performing G.O.D
  11. 2NE1 with ‘Fire’
  12. Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry + It’s You’
  13. KARA with ‘Pretty Girl + Honey’
  14. 2PM with ‘Again & Again + I Hate You’
  15. Son DamBi with ‘Saturday Night’
  16. Davichi with ‘8282’
  17. Chung Rim with ‘Step’
  18. AJ with ‘Dancing Shoes’
  19. TaeGoon with ‘Superstar’
  20. 2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’
  21. SHINee with ‘Juliette’
  22. Jo Sung Mo with ‘I was happy’
  23. K Will with ‘One drop one second’
  24. Baek Ji Young with ‘Like Being Hit’
  25. Im Chang Jung ‘It’s being long’
  26. I heard K Chart #1 contestants tomorrow are said to be So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior and 2NE1

So looking forward to the performances I can’t even pinpoint out which is my favourite >< Plus Super Junior, Son DamBi, 2AM, Baek Ji Young are back tomorrow!

Stay tuned tomorrow for followup post!

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63 Responses

  1. Holy crap, I missed a HUGE MuBank episode. T___T

    Lots of great performances! o:

  2. omg this is one great stage!!!!!!

  3. KARA!! and SUJU! i got kbs but it’ll air two weeks later so gotta stay tuned for that!

  4. thiss iss friggin cool hahhaha wish i got a kbs channel on my tv


  6. is 4minute performing? O_O

  7. Woah! I love the line up! Can’t wait.

  8. waw, what a line up of performance, cant wait to watch each performance! and 2ne1 has 2 performance!!!

    2ne1! fighting!

  9. im sure they will announce that later at mubank and somehow show their respect if they will not then aagghh they sucks hehe..TAEYANG FOR SURE IS CRYING NOW COZ HE LOVES MJ..one of his photo shoot was an mj concept where he dreeses like mj and act like one poor taeyang

  10. i hope they make room and pay a short tribute or any sort to michael jackson. music is universal and i guarantee some if not all idols in korea (since we’re talking about kpop) are influenced by the king of pop

  11. fishie join YGS21 forum and you will be updated surely just click the link at the right lower part here…that is if you love 2ne1 hehehe

  12. guys michael jackson died already sorry out of topic but he is one of the reason why some of our kpop artists dance and perform so well somehow they admire MJ..GOODBYE MICHAEL YOU ARE A LEGEND

  13. is there a way to stream the show online for free?

  14. YEA!! 2NE1!!! Can’t wait! Plus of course the boys generation..

  15. WOW, why is it special?
    that’s so cool 2NE1 is performing Umbrella.
    Yay actually i’m excited for all of them.
    Must stay up/wake up early now. hrmmm

  16. totally irrevelant, but michael jackson?!

    • i was ’bout to mention him too !
      he passed away…
      that’s right ladies n. gents the King of Pop has been announced dead from a cardiac arrest at the age of 50.
      gosh…y must all the talented ppl die so young?

  17. gdcl yah i agree with you that song is hot loved it

  18. 2ne1!!! can’t wait

    sookyeong unnie…i have a good news..
    TY and TOP new song…’FRIEND’…it’s an OST
    This song is totally hot like ‘Emotion”

  19. just wanted to give you the heads up, SHINee’s official website announced Key as a member of Boys Generation. ^^

  20. Oh sssshhhnaaapss!! 2NE1 FTW!!

  21. does anyone know what time in korea and in the US this special stage is gonna start thnx ^.^

  22. Wow, can’t wait to see AJ, 2NE1, 2PM, Super Junior and SHINee then. ^_^

  23. wow…seems this is gonna be exciting tommorrow…
    2ne1 fighting!!! hope they won an award this time b4 snsd gets it.

  24. cant wait πŸ˜›


  26. wow..
    its like mid-year gayo daejun!


  27. omg that’s crazy.
    what an awesome lineup.
    i dont care about everybody else, i just care about SNSD , 2ne1 and 2pm ❀
    SNSD and 2PM have so many shows together 😦 hahah jealous fan.
    but i like SNSD so i guess it's okay…
    anyway, 2pm<3 ahhhhhh

  28. Suju’s last goodbye stage. T__T

  29. I love the line-up!
    And dude, Soshi is going to rock with their comeback! I can’t wait. β™₯
    Too bad the music video for Genie isn’t even released yet.

  30. I can’t wait for Suju tomorrow!! I was so upset because I thought that their last performance was on Sunday! I hope Suju can nab their 13th award for third album promotions!

  31. One word *shouts* “WOWW!!~~~”

  32. Suju is back again?! It’s you!!! Yeah!
    Lucks for them. Hope they can get their 13th awards.
    13yond your imagination.

  33. Definitely watching this! Looking forward to 2NE1, SNSD, Son Dam Bi, Super Junior, and 2PM~

  34. super junior πŸ™‚ good luck! i hope you get your 13th award. also, 2ne1 give us a great performance. love them both.

  35. perfs im looking forward to:
    2NE1’s cover of umbrella and fire perf;
    2PM & Jo Kwon as Boys generation;
    2PM GOD tribute & perf
    SNSD’s comeback (: i’ve never been a SNSD fan but im surprisingly anticipating their comeback. i hope 2NE1 wins on music bank tomorrow!!!!

  36. oh dang! a hell of an exciting show tomorrow!!
    I’m stoked for it!

  37. What time will the show be aired? I don’t want to miss it.

    • 6:40 PM Korea Standard Time

      • I guess that would be 4:40 AM Central Standard Time. I usually don’t hit the sheets ’til about 2 AM. I’ll force myself to stay up a bit longer. I really want to see the entire performance and not wait for bits on You Tube.

  38. As great as all these performances sound I am most looking forward to KWill, Baek Ji Young, Jo Sung Mo with β€˜That’s what friends are for’ because vocally that will probably be an amazing performance plus I really love that particular song, it is such a classic, although I do hope that the engrish is kept to a minimum because that song is so beautiful.

    And to people that may not be familiar with the song (I hardly doubt there are many since its such a classic). Here’s a performance of the song by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross & Whitney Houston

  39. Woooh, can’t wait XD

  40. OMG ITS DAMN EXCITING but what about 4minute and After School? will 4minute perform per usual?

    • guess they weren’t invited to perform at all.

    • no cause 4minute are still rookies (they debuted one week ago)
      and after school i think because they’re not popular enough?They never won the first spot so..But that’s pretty ridiculous imo.After school is active since January and 2ne1 just one month o_O
      <not tht i don't like 2ne1;

  41. yes !!!! it will be a great show.. πŸ™‚ eileen i’m so happy that we can see SJ on tomorrow’s show πŸ˜‰ thx 4 sharing this dear πŸ˜‰

  42. omgomgomg (INSERT BUCKETFUL TEARS OF JOY!) i was just bawling over how suju’s promos are over now and they’re performing tmr πŸ˜€ and so many other fantastic performances as well. CANT WAITTTT πŸ˜€

  43. KARa doing Finkl= DSP
    SHINee doing HOT= SM Family
    2PM doing G.O.D= JYP Family

    • haha if only 2ne1 did 1tym = the original family, YG Family

      • omg… that would be amazing.

        Or even Swi.T YG’s first female group

      • gosh! how epic it will b then…LOL
        YG Family 4eva!!! ^__________^

        & i love wif the 21PM collabs too!!! ^___________^
        hope it will become true soon…=P

  44. wowowow!…can’t wait…but i just dislike Kara performing Finkl…dunno why ???

  45. Wow 2NE1 ;] Yay then (:
    Can’t wait for SNSD’s comeback (:

  46. Oh I wish 2NE1 would collaborate with other artists,say…..2pm,for example?

    it’ll be like 9 PM though XD

  47. what kind of special day is 2mr ???
    suju’s back again???!!! yeah!!!!!!!

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