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KBS Music Bank 26.06.2009 – MidYear special episode


Today’s KBS Music Bank is DaeBak!

It will be a tabulated KChart for the period of January till June this year, combining Digital music chart, audience preference chart, album sales chart and broadcast hits chart.

Some of the special stage tonight includes:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  • 2NE1 with ‘Umbrella’
  • Boys’ Generation 2PM, 2AM and Super Junior combine stage with Girls’ Generation
  • Idol parade with groups like KARA, SHINee performing classic hits by Fin.K.L and HOT etc
  • Dance battle between AJ, ChungRim and TaeGoon

Still in the midst of updating the performances

Comeback|Special stage

So Nyeo Shi Dae is #1 for the 1st half of 2009 with ‘Gee’

All the crying starts

So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.

I actually half hoped the girls would perform in the white uniforms. I love that uniform. But still I think this is a real sexy performance.

2NE1 with special stage performing ‘Umbrella’

Definitely hot and feminine from the girls!

‘Boys Generation’ 2AM, 2PM and Super Junior performs ‘Gee’

JaeBum, Taec, Nich Khun, EunHyuk, Sung Min, ShinDong, YeSung, JoKwon,  Key – LOL Greasy MUCH. Jo is too experienced in this already. And Sungmin pulled off a great performance despite his injury.

Rookie dance battle – ChungRim vs AJ vs TaeGoon

I personally like them all 3

KWill, Baek Ji Young, Jo Sung Mo with ‘That’s what friends are for’

Display of great vocals and personalities

Special ‘Idol Parade’

2PM with G.O.D ‘Friday Night’

Definitely something refreshing from the boys

So Nyeo Shi Dae with S.E.S ‘Oh My Love’.

Jessica, Tiffany and SeoHyun performing for this one. Lovely sweet performance, it’s been long we have girlgroups singing sweet easy songs like this. Love the little SeokHyun

KARA with Fin.K.L ‘To My Boyfriend’

Gosh I love this performance and song.

SHINee with HOT ‘We Are The Future’

Gahh I love this Idol Parade section

Popular stages from Jan-Jun 2009

2NE1 with ‘Fire’

Awww they paid respect to the late Michael Jackson. Makes me respect them more.

Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry + It’s You’

It’s the official goodbye stage

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Gee’

Following the Boys’ Generation’s performance of ‘Gee’. Great to have them back again.

Davichi with ‘8282’

I love all Davichi’s live performances. Never disappoints.

KARA with ‘Pretty Girl + Honey’

I’m actually really happy to see the girls back.

2PM with ‘Again & Again + I Hate You’

Son DamBi with ‘Saturday Night’

I almost forgot how beautiful her performance was

K Will with ‘One drop one second’

2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’


So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun and SooYoung does Digital ranking charts

Other performing artistes

  • Chung Rim with ‘Step’
  • AJ with ‘Dancing Shoes’
  • TaeGoon with ‘Superstar’
  • Jo Sung Mo with ‘I was happy’
  • Baek Ji Young with ‘Like Being Hit’
  • Im Chang Jung ‘It’s being long’

111 Responses

  1. at first i think snsd the mv the main thing seems to be the butt….o.O

  2. whoever call 2ne! bitches…GO O HELL!!!

  3. chongda! LOL 2ne1 and snsd is the real daebak!

  4. waa. what was the day? so many special perf.

    because of MJ?

    yeah, he’s the man. respect.

  5. i love love love KARA’s performace! it was flawless!

  6. AJ dancing shoes link

  7. Onew fans are sooooo irrational & stupid & immature
    They always blame 2NE1. Are you out of your mind?
    I think it just because Onew can’t dance well, so he slipped.
    If it was because of the rain, why there are no one else hurt beside him???? What about the other SHInee’s member?

    Even 2NE1’s member doesn’t slipped when they perform.
    In fact, 2Ne1 is the one whos perform with the rain…. and they dance with a highheels. But still…. they don’t slipped, because they can dance well

    You are so idiot. I’m sooooo angry of Onew’s idiot fans…

    • I don’t think you should take account of one stupid comment and blame the rest of the fans that we are all stupid and immature. ‘Cause what you said to Onew fans and possibly SHINee fans really just reflects back to you. You actually don’t need to be that angry.
      It’s not that Onew cannot dance well. It’s because the MuBank staff did not clean the stage well enough. During their performance, Onew had to dance to at a side and they were spread apart and it happened to be a part where they did not clean up. Hence Onew slipped and fell. He was injured badly but he was still a rock star and performed despite the accident; pretending it was no big deal.

      Wow, I commented a lot today. I really can’t stand the misunderstandings between fans.

      • and I agree w/ you, I cant stand misunderstandings between fans either that’s why even though sometimes I feel like some matters aren’t my business anymore, I still say something about it, especially when I know something about it. also I can’t stand when fans insults other artists (that’s not their idol) when they don’t even know anything about the artist and the artist didn’t do anything bad to them. I always tried to just ignore it but seriously I can’t stand it. I guess it’s just a part of me. 😀

        I commented a lot too…^^

    • dont be so immature yourself. please!

      one stupid comment of 1 fan is enough. I understood you but STOP w/ all this generalizing. this is seriously one of what I dislike about ‘fandom’..when 1 fan or few said something negative about other artists, other fans will say, *insert name of fans* are so and so. please be more open minded. Onew obviously have more than ONE fan so…again stop w/ generalizing. and THAT APPLIES TO ALL OF YOU KPOP fans!!! honestly I was like that before, but I realized its wrong and unfair for others. its ok to say what you see and hear but always remember, there are people who listened to what you say.

      LOVE AND PEACE (from BB’s ‘oh y friend’ song^^)…!!! 😀

  8. anyway, onto more positive response lol

    girls gen did great in their perf

    cl’s shout out was touching because I didn’t expect it and also cause it was more of a realization that mj really is gone and it stung to be brought back to reality 😦

    boys gen was realllllllyy entertaining lol

    davichi was awesome, I love them, such great vocals

    everyone did great ❤ and I loved the huge roundabout stage



    i swear to god you guys are just reeeaccchiiinnggg for anything

    it is never another performer’s fault for what happens on a STAGE. those production designers are the ones who fucked up for not cleaning or taking care of the stage before shinee came on.

    guys are acting as if 2ne1 came over and poured water on the stage before they came on with the full intent to kill him

  10. SNSD…LEGS…:D

  11. 2ne1 bitches!!!!! poor onew TT__TT

    • y blamed 2ne1? u should blame the mubank production team for not wiping the floor properly plus mubank lightings were also caused of the accident…

    • you’re an idiot.

    • shutup

    • They’re not the ones who made the stage and decided to put water ! Seriously, it’s MuBank’s designers or whoever is in charge of the concept of each performance. You should respect other artists, seriously.

  12. I was really surprised that the old songs kick back in the k-chart. The newer like songs “it’s you” by super junior & “women generation” by Seeya, Davichi, & Ji Yeon not on the k-charts…. weird.

    But this episode did had cool performances!

  13. ❤ 2ne1. cl you said it right.

    im surprised no other artist paid some sort of tribute to MJ….i know it's a korean music program, but it's music nonetheless.

    perhaps it's the freedom YG artists get in general, which of course includes adlibs on stage.

  14. ASDFGHJKL; SNSD i like the dance soooooooooo much… really, honestly.. i like it better than gee.. gee kinda annnoyed me… :/ the last 3 seconds are weird though.. its.. messy… but overall, GOOD. congrats to the girls! HAHAHA. omg… i loved the gee perf.. shindong.. omgsh.. that guy could make me barf if he wanted.. i dunno if that’s good or bad.. SO NEUKEE! haha and TAEC. oman.. he was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO adorable! nich too.. but taec.. stole my heart! >_<3 hehe.. and i love how they transitioned into SNSD! that song.. i'm gonna be surprised if it doesn't win like 20 song of the year awards later…

    er.. i didnt.. the umbrella perf.. it was alright.. the umbrellas were SO awkward.. and bommie messed up a lot.. she was probably nervous d: and cl… was kind of a hooch.. haha… but its okay, cuz i still freaking love her! MINJI. i cannot get over how talented that little girl is. Fire… I’m kinda getting sick of it.. I think I listened to it too much! hahaha.. good thing they’re moving on this week! (:

    O.M.G.osh. jo sungmo + baek jiyoung + kwill = CRAZY ASS GROUP. omgoodness… that gave me the chills.. and HOW is k.will so impossibly amazing? i don't understand….

    Omgosh… 2PM… why are they so adorable!!? Taec… omg… and nich.. hahaha starting scandals from left to right! haha.. I really like this performance.. 2PM! one sentence for I hate you perf… taec melts my heart.

    its nice to see shinee boys out of those horrid skin-tight legging tight things.. hehe.. Omg… when onew fell, my heart was like !!!!!!!!! and he didn’t get up for a couple seconds.. that freaked me out… jeez. He did well despite falling.. . what’s with sm and falling nowadays? Haha.. JONGHYUN. When he holds that note.. I’m just dead!

    Son dambi.. that stage is awesome like it always was.. except for the numerous back up dancers.. need to get rid of that.. hahaha.

    2AM. I love that song.

    Wow.. I’m such a kfangirl… hahahaha

  15. 2NE1 was really cool. They don’t look like anewcomer….. at all.
    They had the most energic erformance of the night & I love them even more^_^

    • Yeah! When they were doing “umbrella” and it got faster I got SO hyped! lol. I had to dance!^_^

    I LOVE 2NE1 to death ;]
    SNSD had an awesome comeback.

  17. i think you should also give props to taemin for ripping his shirt in memory of michael jackson in the h.o.t. idol parade


  19. Love Bommie! She was FIERCE!! wish she sang longer.
    And I actually think Dara’s weird hair works this time with that outfit. She looks like she’s gonna kick some ass, yeah!

  20. boys generation was awesome. the guy from 2 am is gay no offense. Too girl

    2ne1’s was number one. the respect to MJ was really nice and that’s why i want to respect these girls more.

    Sungmin didn’t dance because of his injured leg? I noticed he didn’t, but he was good in BOYS Generation.

    2PM awesome as usual. I loved junsu voice.

    I wish SuJu won the MusicBank award. But SNSD did really good. 🙂

  21. I do think that “Tell Me Your Wish” is a lot of service for the fanboys, but I cannot deny that the SNSD girls look incredible for their comeback. Especially loving Taeyeon, Jessica, and Sooyoung’s new looks!! Taeyeon looks like a whole new person, so pretty. Jessica looks incredibly gorgeous, and Sooyoung’s new haircut is SO edgy.

    “Umbrella” WAS a little awkward, but the girls gave it their best, and you can still really feel their energy.

    I can only LOL at Boys’ Generation XD Looked like Nickhun really enjoyed it!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the rookie dance battle!! I personally think that Chung Lim’s the hottest of them all, but AJ’s a cutie, and Taegoon’s got the showiest performance. Did you catch the cheers for Taegoon???

    HAHAHAHAHA. Taec and Chansung carrying Wooyoung off at the end!!!

    And Kara looks so pretty!!

    • As rooting for 2ne1…..Heard the news days ago about them having special stage for Umbrella…..I was like…..very worried for them ^-^ Cuz it was about to be their FIRST time ever to cover other people song live on TV show. Frankly, I didn’t expect much though….But finally they got me proud to put such a good show….It’s very cool—esp the remix !! It seemed a little off for Fire–esp Bom–as her last week inkigayo part was superb ! maybe she’s sick or tired. I always feel like Bom is the weakest —in term of physical strength— she usually did great on slow songs R&B vibe.

  22. Glad 2NE1 paid tribute to MJ.
    Thanks for putting all these videos together every week, SooKyeong!! ^_^

  23. Loved 2NE1. Liked Boy’s Generation performance of Gee but wdh that the girlsdidn’t cut in.

  24. it wasn’t cause of the rain from umbrella. onew fell one of the light fixtures fell and almost hit him. hope onew is okay. >:

    • not really.
      he slipped during his performance on juliette.
      and it WAS because of the rain from umbrella.
      then AFTER that he fainted because of the light fixtures.

      • well clearly the boy was having a bad day….if 2ne1 had not been performing with rain effects, it would prolly hv been some other thing that caused an accident.
        it was just one of those days for him.

        onew fans are seriously irrational if they start calling 2ne1 bitches and blaming the four girls for his accident.

      • blame the production designers then. anyway, would it make a difference if some fans would continue to blame almost everything?

  25. 2ne1<3333 because they paid respect to MJ.
    but if i were among the audience, i'd probably think that was awkward.

  26. thx 4 sharing this eileen 😉 congrats 2 SNSD 🙂 i’m a triple S yet, am fine the trophy goes to SNSD ^^ i also love the girls and SJ too 😉 so no need to argue on the result guys 😉 just enjoy teh show 🙂 i love kara’s idol stage the most despite “to my boyfriend” is a great song already 🙂 love MuBank overall today 🙂

  27. AJ rocks the group dance!

  28. It’s not a big deal that SNSD won. Remember how Super Junior (It’s you) AND SHINee (Juilette) won without even performing ONCE on those shows? Yet they won it because of their sales. Now don’t be jealous cause no one said anything when they won. By the way, I am a fan of Suju, SNSD and SHINee.

    SuJu look so sleek. I’m so upset that their promotions are ending.. but at least we know they’ll have their concert. Oh Kyuhyun is still fine and hot ❤ Finally, Teukkie smiles during his part! 🙂 And I'm sorry to point out that Siwon was like off-key for a second.. ahahaha

    Props to CL. Doesn't seem like 'Umbrella' really suited them.. but love her rap.

    Yoona improved on her vocals a lot. Great performance! Loved it!

    Oh poor Onew ): It was a thump when he fell… the set was so dangerous. I heard something almost fell and Kyuhyun and Siwon were luckily there to catch it. Onew looked like he was really hurt.. awww ):

    Fantastic show today. Loved all the performances.

    • BTW, do you notice Taemin last performance on H.O.T stage?? People make a big fuss about CL tribute, but Taemin also did his to MJ.
      The ripping shirt part: It’s MJ signature. Anybody who know MJ know how much he love to rip his shirt.

      • Didn’t notice that but now watching the performance again he did. Didn’t Taemin idolize MJ a lot? I remember for one of the concerts, Taemin also ripped his shirt.

      • aren’t people always ripping off their shirts anyways ?

      • @ yblove,
        as mentioned above, it’s a MJ signature. Taemin, being a huge fan of MJ. He worships and idolizes MJ. The reason he dances is because of MJ. Just because he didn’t verbally say and pay his respects to MJ, it shows that Taemin cares and showing how he cares through another perspective.

      • Tae Yang ripped his shirts on BB concerts too.^^


    • I agree but then again… they should have put all the special performances at the end. Like the Umbrella performance at the end so they would not risk any injuries. It’s not the performers fault but the coordinators.
      I hope Onew and Sungmin get better though 🙂

      • when did onew fall??

      • nvm, i just read… wow poor onew… it’s like he’s cursed for this comeback… but siwon and kyuhyun <333

      • onew(or other shinee guy) slipped in his ROMEO performance. Jessica too in Genie perf. and Sungmin has injured his ankle for the same cause…. 2ne1’s rain = bad for sm artist.

    • no ones blaming anyone.
      i think YOU should understand too. there are people that are HUGE onew fans. they wont think of OTHERS. they’ll only think of ONEW.
      its obviously not 2NE1’s fault.. but obviously the staff should have cleared the stage better or put 2NE1 last.

      and sungmin..

      for ONEW

  30. I’m not taking about the concept,, I know they have totally differ image,,
    I just thought that bcause SNSD have sold million and making tons of money for SM, they would give the girls lil bit of glam expensive feels..
    U know the extravaganz stage, outfit and mv…
    Just an opinion though..

    • agreed. i mean i like the song genie but i don’t like the mv. what is up with the tacky huge pink heart as a background? that is so like disney cartoons back in the 90s. but whatever. =/ snsd is doing fine so yeah… but it could be better.

    • yea, i agree with you… i was expecting thier debut performance to be more grand… at least like 2NE1’s stage today (or anyother day)

      I AM NOT COMPARING THEM! so calm down. im just saying that i agree with the fact that SM could have made the girls’ debut stage more cooler… all they had was they’re name in lights in the background, which looked pretty lame… oh well, theyre fans will take them to great hights no matter

      but it was a little dissapointing

  31. How come the teaser always look better for SNSD??
    Dunno,,I expected somthin more from them, more grand stage, glam outfit and dance (voices?)..
    For the 1st time I like SNSD song, but the choreo is just..blah..
    That’s it?!
    How come they number 1 for 9 weeks, sold million digital song (album) but there’s always lacking somthin..
    They’re just not ‘expensive’ enough I think..??
    Compare 2NE1, they debut is so grand and ‘expensive’..
    Wish LSM paid more attention to them, and bring back BOA back.. She’s nowhere to seen in US…

    • Don’t compare 2NE1 and SNSD lol they’re like totally different. Their concept is more “hip hop strong feel” and SNSD has a feminine concept. And I don’t think they’re lacking anything lol. I like both ><

    • It’s more complicated than you think. So what if they made plenty of money from ‘Gee’? You don’t need a great MV or teaser to pretend to make everything glamorous and expensive. It’s all about their performance, how well they can perform and all.
      Many people complained about the choreo, but can you do it? It seems and looks easy but they paid special attention to footwork instead of all the hard-core dance choreo.
      Don’t compare 2NE1, they are on different levels, promoting different concepts, their performance just has different feels to it.

      • So you think that the best performance in the world??

        U guys fanboys/girls r scary somtimes..
        Can’t separate what reel and real..

    • that’s mean SNSD doesn’t need a flashy stage, glamorous clothes to delivered a performance.
      All SM artist do their comeback stage in a mediocre stage. It’s the performance that count.

      DBSK, SJ, SHINee, SNSD have a casual stage, but you can’t deny their performance quality.

    • hmm..i think since SNSD’s already popular, there’s no need to put up a bigger or grander stage for their comeback..you basically have your audience already. Plus, grand stages are not SM’s style. Plus, the girls are enough decoration on the set since they’re all pretty.

      i agree with the others that there’s no need to compare with 2NE1. I just think that YG was building up the girls since they’re rookies. Also, to emphasize the different concept that they’re offering to music scene. Thus, he made the stage for the debut grand and unforgettable.

  32. 2NE1 two performances was definitely the most exciting feat of the night~

    I adore 2NE1 they’re amazing!

  33. i love to see Suju to win, but i guess it’s ok.. their album is selling well. so i guess it doesn’t hurt that much..especially a sm family has won..

  34. Conclusion : We all love 2NE1 and have new found respect for these girls. Congrats SNSD, ” Gee ” was something special.

  35. man, i hate the song genie. With their octopus leg dance. Its like their leg will fall off if they flip their legs like that. Really! If you see properly, when they flip their legs, its look like their legs might just fly away. FYI, i’m LOL wen typing about this.

  36. I like CL rap for MJ. It was really cool. Plus i hate the song genie. With their octopus leg dance. Its like their leg will fall off if they flip their legs like that.

  37. Taegoon killed the other 2!
    Ofcourse, they were good too.

    2NE1 doing umbrella was awkward…but cool!!

  38. dance battle was amazing<3
    i really wanted to see his solo stagee!

    • Man,I wisssssssssssh minzy would have a dance battle with say jaebum from 2pm…so doooooooope ❤

  39. 2NE1 rocks ! I start to fall with these girls…
    I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when SNSD sing the last part of Boys Generation’s ‘Gee’. I want Boys Generation to fully perform it…
    And my Wooyoung… ^^

  40. i really hate the audience. they were like totally silent when it wasnt snsd? GOSH

    • yea i thought that sucked. all of the snsd fans took the entire front area of seats. i’m a 2ne1 fan so i was used to the front being full of supportive fans and listeners but if you listen extremely hard you can hear the fan chants which means they were in the way back. i think the snsd fans could have been more supportive of the other artists, especially since they practically reserved the whole front area

      • They only were at the back because when an artist comes back, more fans of that artist are allowed to come than usual. That’s why today the crowd was mostly SONES. But I thought fan chants were pretty loud for 2NE1 O_o

      • Suju and shinee fans took the entire front area…watch their performance and you will realize that. (snsd fans were in the back area)

  41. LOOL onew slipped haha failure!

    • he slipped because of 2NE1’s motherfucking rain effect on the stage.

      • it was not the girls fault…grabted it was the rain effect but the production team were not able to clean it properly because i think it was too dark…y hatin’ the girls.

      • lol you’re funy.

      • i dont think shes blaming 2ne1..

        i think she can blame them if she wants.. if shes a big fan of onew. -_-

    • He’s a real professional. Despite that he fell and continued on was great. He then collapsed after the performance, in the waiting room and sent to the hospital. Which I don’t think it’s that funny.

      • wtf? collapsed and sent to the hospital?
        Because of the fall? or something else?
        Because he just slipped, I slip like that all the time but aint sent to the hospital.

      • chrissy, go read the article on allkpop. it explains everything.

      • yes it was a hard fall, i am very proud of him for making it through the performance, you can search up fancams of him after the perf on youtube,
        just search up “SHINee onew hospital”
        i believe he fainted o_O

        heres a good video, to answer questions, read the description

  42. I agree with cunbong. Let’s support the SM Family. They are friends and promote each other.

    I love Juliette, It’s You and of course Genie and I think they are the best idol groups out there with DBSK. SMTown is love ❤

  43. I don’t see why people are being jalouse because SNSD won. SNSD stayed #1 during 8 weeks on online charts and how many weeks did SuJu stay first ? I doubt they even reached the first spot in Melon. So accept the truth : Gee has the highest online sales, no songs can even be compared to Gee.

    SuJu had better album sales but with versions A, B, and a repackaged album, it’s not very hard. Anyway I’m saying bad things about SuJu now even though I love them, but you guys need to stop crying when your idols don’t win something.

    They will still win a lot of awards but lose many too. Deal with it and be happy for the winner, for God’s sake. I’m happy SNSD won.

    • “no songs can even be compared to Gee”

      that’s sad..because quality-wise, it’s mediocre at best. imo, it would be a disgrace for it to represent korea’s music industry for 2009.

      it’s a catchy song dont get me wrong, but it doesnt deserve that much recognition. off the top of my head, 8282 would already be a much better choice for song of the year, despite not winning as many awards.

      hopefully an amazing song comes out in these next couple of months (songs that hv won song-of-the-year were usually ones released in the latter half of the year, so hopefully this year will follow suit).

      • I wasn’t talking about the quality but about the success of the song. I agree Gee is not the best track in the world but it’s catchy and addictive. Music was made to be enjoyable and Gee is 🙂

  44. hey guy,don’ jug the girls why they win with Gee.bc 9th no1 on MB.I’m elf but i’m happy bc 2 fav group og mine was #1 and#2.u should congratulation to 9 girls.And the live genie..so awsom..i’m pround of u guys…pround of SM family…

    And 2ne1 well done..but sound like Dara suited for this song,warm,sweet….

    Today is very happy,can’t say anything …good job girls..show off ur power….and can’t help laughing : Boy generation.Poor Sung Min..he hurted so much but still smile,i allmost cried.
    So ppl and anti,look at our idol united..so why we cant…

  45. hey does tiffany from snsd hav long hair or short?
    cause in the genie part she had short now its long??
    unless she got extensions on or something or she wore a wig? who knows anyone notice that??

  46. Full respects 4 mikaeel a.k.a mj, luv 2NE1 again n again…luv d perfmormances

  47. ah, Kara’s performance was nice ^___^
    and the dance battle was <3!!
    Go Chung Lim~
    can't wait for his new mv and drama…………….

  48. Can’t wait for AJ, Chung Lim, Tae Goon vs-stage and Solo Stage.
    Damn what park bom was wearing… =\
    totally laughed my but @ 2PM – Friday Night and Boy’s Generation – Gee
    Dorkies =p

  49. wow 2ne1 is awesome
    the girls are all wearing picture of michael jackson on them

  50. 2ne1,2pm,davichi=<333 😀

    thanks sookyeong^^

  51. same here. i think suju won too. it says to be highest and exceed snsd. aww.

    • except SNSD’s digital sales way surpassed the others, so they took the win.

  52. i loved cl’s rap at the begining. i love them even more.
    it was real cute when dara and minzy kind da bumped to each other. lol
    is it only me that felt this weeks fire was bit faster than the usual?? may be they had to meet the time limit as they did 2 performances??
    well love 2ne1. can’t wait for their mini album and their last performances on inkigayo dis week~!!!!

  53. okay 2ne1 keeps blowing me away like that was just mind blowing most powerful performance I have seen in a long time so much passion and energy on stage it’s completely amazing and CL paying respect to MJ my hats off to her
    I’m sorry but after watching them I just forgot to pay attention to any of the other performances which I’m sure was probably good too but they were WHAOOOOOOO STEP BACK NOW 😉

  54. Omgsh , love SNSD xD . plus Boys Generation ^^ . Today’s 2NE1 performance was the most enegertic performance yet . Good job of CL at the beginning . Nicole looks so cute xD , how respectful towards her fans bowing (:

  55. I don’t get how SNSD won when album & digital sales of SUJU exceeded theirs. I don’t understand what MusicBank’s criterias are for this award.
    anyhoo, I’m happy the girls won, it’s just that I know SUJU’s album was the 1st to go beyond 300K sales this year so I thought they’d win this.

    thanks for sharing the vids 🙂 you rock!!!

  56. 2NE1 is awesome,…LOL what more can i say,…
    they perform FIRE as amazing as always and umbrella,..WHOOAH those dance step is kinda hard,..

    But good job girls,..
    DARA Fighting

  57. proud of 2NE1 they pay tribute to michael jackson just by putting mj’s image in their clothes and then during their fire perf cl announces their tribute and respect good jo 2ne1 you did great not only in performing but in latest news as well…

  58. 2NE1 was amazing!! and omg CL. i was speechless when she paid her respects… so cool. and yea. it makes me respect them more too.

    Suju was awesome as always… i was so happy i got to see sorry sorry and it’s you live on a music show one last time…

    but i didn’t get why Gee won in the end… were they doing most popular songs first half of 2009??

    Suju should have won… but im majorly bias…

    and again, CL i love you. (she rocked umbrella as well)

    • oh really…i already know Gee will won since Gee won 9 k-chart award in mubank

  59. 2NE1 was amazing!! and omg CL ❤ i was speechless when she paid her respects… so cool. and yea. it makes me respect them more too.

    Suju was awesome as always… i was so happy i got to see sorry sorry and it's you live on a music show one last time…

    but i didn't get why Gee won in the end… were they doing most popular songs first half of 2009??

    Suju should have won… but im majorly bias…

    and again CL, i love you. (she rocked umberella as well)

  60. whoaaahhh! 2ne1! so much respect for 2ne1 after cl’s rap paying her respect for the king of pop..

    and umbrella and fire whoah! awesomeness!

  61. love 2ne1!!

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