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Netizens, “YooBin has reverted to her So Hot days state?”


With the WonderGirls‘ successful debut stage on 27th June after the release of their American debut single ‘Nobody’, photos of the girls as the opening guests at the Jonas Brothers’ concert were revealed online.

And netizens go, “YooBin has lost weight? She look hot like from the So Hot days”.

Photos from concert




And a photo backstage


YooBin before


YooBin from the So Hot days



Netizens’ responses:

  • “YooBin is charming no matter she is skinny or little chubby”
  • “It’s the hair and the clothes, and also the American air”
  • “Yeah, she did lose a little weight”
  • “Oppa likes YooBin with flesh, don’t lose weight YooBin”
  • “When was she not hot?”
  • “Yes I like this, go go YooBin! Go go WonderGirls!”

58 Responses

  1. yoobin is so cute!!! my fav WG member.

  2. Yey, they wore their gold outfits XD
    I don’t think she was ever fat in the first place..

    ^ Offensive peace gesture? wth lol
    I think you’re getting confused…Well, In Britain
    the peace sign is with the palm facing towards you,
    and the rude gesture is with it facing towards someone opposite,
    but that obviously depends on the context of the situation..

  3. PEACE sign is OFFENSIVE? How dumb is that?

  4. Errr…the backstage photo…shouldn’t they stop using the offensive peace gesture in States? Or is it only offensive in Europe?

  5. i like yoobin the way she is ❤
    it doesn't matter if she's fat or skinny .
    she's still so hot HOT !
    gooo yoo bin ! 🙂

  6. yay she ‘e lost a bit of weight.She is hot anyway^^
    But i also wish she could have her hair from the so hot day back. cause here…not so much for me o_O
    I’m so happy they re performing in US!i hope they can make it!

  7. Lols true that, Yoobin looks pretty skinny or chubby!

  8. Confidence is all crap talk for fat girls to cover their asses in more hamburger and cheese.

    “No, I ain’t going to the gym b/c i’m fine. I’m confident with this body. I have flesh. Hey boy, 10 more cheeseburgers please tehe~~~~~”

  9. YOOBIN IS WILL ALWAYS BE SEXY NO MATTER WHAT HER WEIGHT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL LOVE HER EVEN IF SHE WAS 2,345,167,348,900,765,324,782,111 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOOBIN FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. whatever… yoobin is still hot.. and my girl crush on her wont ever fail… love the wondergirls. jeebux these netizens..~

  11. She’s is NOT fat she’s only slimmer..

    I know Koreans prefer sticky girl but i think Yoobin can be hot in both categories…

    Just think of this try to think your favorite idol to be fat? can she carry that weight with confidence?

    Yoobin is SEXY and also not one in the body you can say SEXY!

    It’s just matter of CONFIDENCE ….

  12. LOL. Yoobin is hot. She always is. Guess she just had gained more self confidence. ^^ She should, because she’s a great epitome of sexy. =)

    Hope people stop thinking about stick thin as the right body for sexy and criticize girls with meat on.

  13. agreeing with breezy 😀

  14. when did she ever stop being hot???

  15. wondergirls are the shit! who cares if yoobin lost weight or not, shes still smoking hot. and whoa whoa whoa, lets slow it down she is hot but not hotter than the princess, Lee Hyori.

  16. LMAO “it’s the American air”

    Wow I didn’t know our air could make you lose weight 😛

  17. @jess
    no way, hyori’s way hotter
    don’t try to be biased.

    • @cloud: but that’s his/her opinion. If she/he thinks that Yoobin is hotter than Hyori, then give her the freedom,we all have different POVs anyway.

    • @ cloud: You must’ve missed the part where I clearly stated “yes, totally my opinion”.

      Hyori is hot, i won’t deny, but to me Yoobin is hotter. Everyone is different and we all have our own POVs, like some think Ye Eun is hotter or Sunye.

  18. weight gain or not I still love Yoo Bin best ! ^^

  19. yoobin is really pretty and hot, at least according to american standards. i think it’s interesting how the netizen’s comments are so positive (because usually there are some spiteful ones).

    anyone who thinks she’s fat probably is fat themselves and hating for that reason. seriously, all the wonder girls, and pretty much any female kpop star, are very skinny…

  20. i think slimmer or chubbier, yoobin still looks gorgeous.

  21. why is everyone targeting yoo bin? i think she looks great skinny or chubby. doesn’t anyone think ye eun put on more weight than yoo bin judging from the pictures in the gold dress and the champagne pink dress. then again, the dress itself may be very unflattering….

  22. honestly, this weight thing on yoobin is getting really annoying. it’s obvious that it took some toll on her, netizens and the public should just leave the girl alone. i mean the girls are preparing and doing shows for their new album, it’s obvious that she’s working consistently hard, appearance-wise and vocally. i think she is a beautiful girl who just needs everyone to stop paying attention to her weight as it supposedly “flucuates”

  23. she’s always been hot no matter how chubby or skinny she is. she just has that sexy charm about her 😉 i dont define sexy as being skinny. a girl can be as skinny as a stick but if she doesnt have sex appeal, i wont find her sexy at all. go yoobin! go wondergirls! ^^

  24. I love Yoobin! She’s so pretty even when she is a bit chubby in the last couple of months.

  25. Yoobin is fat…. YeEun is hotter.

  26. she’s always hot.

  27. I really like Yoobin! She gives us the whole new definition of sexy!!! Step aside skinny long legs! It’s Yoobin’s time!!! And she gives girls out there more confident with themselve!! ^^

    (Sorry no offense to tall ladies out there! I would love a pair of long legs too!! 😦 I would die for one)

  28. Honestly, I personally think she’s the hottest kpop female out there, even hotter than Hyori. Yes, totally my opinion. In fact, I have a girl crush on her! Binnie has always been and always will be HOT!

    She’s totally workin’ that GOLD!

  29. She’s stupidly cute and I can’t wait to see her live again >_<

  30. “When was she not hot?”

    – this is so true

  31. It pisses me off how people are always focused on her weight.
    I can HONESTLY say I never notice her body figure first.
    I swear I’m telling the truth.

  32. i think shes hella cute . im so jealous of her . its hard to believe shes the unnie of the group .

  33. ihmmmm NO! Just look at her thunderthighs!!!
    She lost weight, but it’s very little…

  34. good for her, but it’s not going to change the fact that people in Korea thinks she’s the ugliest in Wonder Girls.

  35. lol, of course the “American air” totally has an effect of how ppl look XD

  36. yeah, she looks better now, not bloated anymore. 😀

  37. she never even gained weight

  38. PEOPLE!

    especially the WG fans!
    watch the video of CEBU inmates dancing Nobody by the WG!
    and i heard they also had a dance cover of Tell Me!
    and Sorry sorry, and Lies of SUJU! ❤

    Uber Love it!
    watch and comment pls!
    let's support the inmates! and the WG! ❤

    • Lies is not from Suju.
      and they danced to Sorry,Sorry? wow. kpop fever is spreading.

      anyway,Yoobin will always be a hottie.

  39. I love Yoobin either way, any way. My favorite image of her was the ‘So Hot,’ days, she was soooo, soooo, hot!
    She’s adorable, very charming, and very sexy.

  40. “Oppa likes YooBin with flesh, don’t lose weight YooBin”

  41. Who cares in the girl lost weight or gained weight. Yoobin is and will always be pretty no matter what.

  42. she looks like beyonce in that gold dresses very diva-ish,. danggg those legsss

  43. yubin is always pretty. i think she looks good in any size. as long as shes happy and healthy her size shouldnt matter :]

  44. I thought she said she was satisfied with her body and was going to continue to put on more weight?

    I guess the pressure did get to her.

    • No with all the preparations for the concerts and what not, the Wonder Girls must have been working their butts off, probably barely getting any sleep.
      It’s not a surprise if any of them lost weight.

    • what? she didn’t say she was gonna put more weight..she only said she liked the way she is..
      —-on the other note: this girl have always been hot…what’s wrong with a lil meat? korean neitizens need to stop with the weight thing..who cares if she loose or gain..she still beautiful and rocking it. i can never understand neitizens definition of beautiful or sexy..anywho, yoobin is hot now and then….

    • She said she was satisfied with her body…. bu losing weight doesn’t mean she succumbed to the pressure. Whether under pressure or not, most people naturally want to be healthy and perhaps thinner.

      Most people want try hard to lose weight, why in the world would Yoobin deliberately try to put on more weight and try to get obese?

      I think her body looks great now. Not too thin, not too chubby. Perfect~! ^o^

  45. she’s pretty anyways xP either way they’re all gorgeous

  46. girl has and always will be gorgeous. no matter what. The girls looks like they’ve been enjoying themselves and putting on a good show. GOOD FOR THEM!

  47. “Oppa likes YooBin with flesh, don’t lose weight YooBin”
    ^Rofl. XDD

    Anyways, she may have lost some weight, idk. Doesn’t matter if it was before or after her ‘So Hot’ days, Yoobin is gorgeous.

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