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K Bites – 03.07.2009 III (2NE1, BEG Narsha)

YG Entertainment to take strong actions against photos of 2NE1 leaked


YG Entertainment said on the 3rd that they will take strong against the leakage of the several photos of 2NE1 members posing with no makeup on.

2ne1_030709A YG representative said, “We are currently investigating into the source of the leakage. The photos leaked out are the stillcut when our staff are deciding on the style and cordi for the girls.”

“We are now investigating into how they were leaked out. This seems like some bad intentions with the recent release of the girls’ new song ‘I Don’t Care’. Our company will make a strong stand that we will be taking actions against whoever leaked them.”

The photos leaked out have shown the members with no makeup at all. Many fans have also voiced their unhappiness with such photos circulating online. Meanwhile the girls’ new song ‘I Don’t Care’ has already gone up to the #1 spot on various music charts.

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha hospitalised while filming for comeback teaser video

beg_narsha_030709News had it that Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha was hospitalised after injuring herself from a fall while the girls were filming for their comeback teaser video.

The girls were shooting the teaser video for their comeback 3rd album recently when Narsha had a fall after losing balance herself on a swing.

Fortunately she did not fall from a great height and did not suffer from major injuries. She was sent to the hospital immediately for treatment after that. But as for the girls’ upcoming comeback, their company said, “She is currently still receiving treatment for her injuries. She will do her best and continue with the plans for the girls’ comeback.”

The girls will comeback beginning of July to join the war of the girl groups with other groups like 2NE1, So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.

Meanwhile here’s the teaser video to their comeback album

72 Responses

  1. I hope these kinds of criticism doesnt force 2NE1 members to go under plastic surgery. I hope YG doesnt allow it also.

  2. […] video features GaIn with a femme fatale sexy image, different from the 1st teaser featuring member Narsha. It was said that the filming of GaIn floating on the water took more than 12 hours, and it was […]

  3. Also, there are other girl groups with talent too, you know: BEG, Big Mama (a group that can REALLY sing), CSJH.

  4. Wow, 2NE1 fans are really defensive and rude. I understand that the 2NE1 girls get bashed but SNSD, Wonder GIrls, Kara, 4minute ALL get bashed as well.

    • SNSD, Wonder Girls, Kara, 4minute fans would probably say the same thing you said against 2NE1…

  5. love how YG dosent care about looks and its more about talent. Anyone care wear a mini skirt and dance around lip syncing. But not everyone can sing how Bom can or rap like CL.
    2ne1 hwaiting!! love CL!!

  6. I highly doubt this will bring them down any…just cuz they’re that strong of a group. =)


  7. Damn.. people always be saying that WGs looks ugly. I guess its coming back around. Karma hits hard huh! I never thought 2NE1 girls would look this ugly. sorry to say but since the pics are already leak, its too bad that that just look so ugly! Those antis out there who keep saying SoHee looks ugly and unpretty. you better do a reality check. because this is what i call ugly!..,

    • it’s too bad that they just look so ugly? that was the snobbiest comment i’ve ever heard.

      No one even mentioned SoHee or the WGs here so I don’t know what you’re making such a big fuss over.

  8. 2NE1 is still pretty.
    ah wow, leakers. tsk, shame on yourself.

  9. i can say that was a bad pic…but aynhow im still lovin 2NE1 no matter what, I dont care e e e e e people say.
    2NE1 fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEG..sorry but i dont know them?!

  10. okay.. well from my POV.. the pictures don’t really matter.. i like 2NE1 cuz they’re TALENTED which doesn’t apply to most girl groups these days.. so really… the pictures are useless.. and i’m sure every 2NE1 fan agrees with me.. besides.. i’d like to see those haters w/o THEIR makeup on.. and then we’ll see who’s embarrassed… psh.. keep it coming haters~ (:

    NOO~ i hope narsha’s alright.. and that this doesn’t affect their comeback schedule… i_i BEG is def. one of my favorite girl groups… the teaser… is alright.. haha.. but STILL EXCITED! (:

  11. 2NE1’s got real talent ;] Yes, agreed.

  12. I’m standing along with YG, putting 2NE1 into my heart with all YG Family. Nothing that anyone do trying to damage my YG family will shaken my love for them.

    And that is the right thing for ma beloved YG family ‘appa’ Mr. YG to do to bust that idiot out for harming his ‘daughter’.

  13. Actually they look ok though.
    Like normal people.. -__-
    Just that CL,yea looks alil too pale and a teeny bit unglam.
    All the others looks perfectly alright! (:
    I still think minzi looks good!
    So as Bom too.

  14. Oops. that was supposed to be “I don’t think any of them can perform like CL does”

  15. I’m proud to be a 2ne1 fan… we love the girls for their talent and not just looks besides I think the girls are all cute esp Dara and Minzy. CL was just caught at a bad angle which was all right because it was a still cut for the stylists. Bom had always been beautiful from the start (CF with Lee Hyori) and she just looks tired here. I’m sure the haters are having a great time judging them but I don’t if any of them can perform with both fierceness and sexiness like Ciel does… CL!

  16. HAHAHAH! sorry. but those pics make CL look like she on crack or something. i love their music. but these pics caught me by surprise. XD

    BEG rocks! Narsha get better soon!!!!!! man i do miss their voices.

  17. If your idol gets bombarded by insults everyday and some of them below the belt, I won’t wonder if fans get defensive. I think the pictures were not meant for public viewing and the fact that someone took it out for money presumably without any permission is what YG is irritated about. I admire him for not letting this pass, no one likes to have their things taken without their permission. Also, I know that everyone gets to show their faces without make up but I don’t think that still cuts would do the “cut”. If you want to see them without make up then watch them on YG live.

  18. All I gotta say is that most of these 2NE1 fans are getting cockier and cockier by the minute. 2NE1 isn’t the only group with talent. There’s plenty of girl groups with talent. I don’t think this is a big deal though. Everyone gotta show their faces one day. They shouldn’t be hiding underneath all that make-up and photoshop. YG always states that he chooses talent rather than looks then he shouldn’t really say anything about this matter.
    Looking forward to BEG! I hope Narsha gets better… waiting for their comeback!

    • they’re not cocky…they’re just supporting the girls
      they don’t say shit like omg 2ne1 is betterblahblahblah.
      they’re just saying that they dont’ care about looks, which is good cause looks aren’t everything. they just care about 2ne1 music and their talents…

      and other fanbases are just jealous that there are ppl who actually stand up for their group .

      • If you are really supporting the girls, you wouldn’t need to bring down other groups right? I am just saying the same thing.

        Other fans don’t need to be jealous because every fan would stand up to their idols and support them. Not just 2NE1 fans. It’s funny that you say 2NE1 fans don’t say “2NE1 are better” because there’s clearly a ton of replies and comments that says that.

        It’s great that 2NE1 fans don’t care about the looks then do the same thing and not care about the looks of other groups. If someone truly is here for the music, they would not need to judge a persons’ features.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate 2NE1. I just don’t like their some of their fans.

    • I do not hate SNSD but I find SNSD fans cocky too and you cannot deny that. Sorry, truth hurts. The point of YG stepping up about this issue is not because the natural faces of the girls were shown, but because he feels violated and he doesn’t want this to happen in the future. Wouldn’t you feel violated when pictures or your private files were shown in public without your permission? There may be an insider or somebody stole it, which is very trifling, and that’s why YG wants to investigate this matter. It may not be big deal for you but don’t question why YG is doing this.

      • But you defend 2NE1 by bashing other groups. That’s not a good way to defend a group. I can defend groups I like by focusing on their talents and appeal wihtout resorting to bashing other groups just to make my favorite groups look good.


      Um. Cocky? Okay, well if 2NE1 fans are cocky, then the same thing can be said about any other fans who stick up for a group they like.

      I hate how some people like to point fingers at 2NE1 fans and accuse us of being cocky just because we support them fully. I mean, honestly.

      AND you don’t need to be a 2NE1 fan to bring down another group. Just saying. So whenever someone brings down your beloved group (SNSD or whatever it is), it’s not just “those cocky 2NE1 fans.”

      So please stop pointing fingers. Mmkay, thanks. bye. =)

      • But you bash other groups. Other fans stick up for 2NE1 without bashing other groups.

    • Yeah, 2NE1 fans are really cocky. I’m actually kind of surprised. I expected the 2NE1 fandom to be sane and nice, considering how cool and talented the 2NE1 girls are, but the fandom’ s really rude and nasty instead.

  19. letting people know nott to mess with YG.

    ohkay, so all of you wouldn’t mind photos like those floating on the net.

    BEG! too much girl groups but i look forward to their comeback!

  20. I hope Narcia feels better.

    Is their new song a remix of Oasis from their Leave, Ms. Kim album? O:

  21. O.O What exactly is a stillcut…? But why would they still save the tryout photos after the shoot is done.. I wonder if entertainment companies like to keep everything related to their artists archived lol. The angle, pose etc of CL’s pose still looks extremely weird to me =|

    I’m liking BEG’s teaser… the smooth laidback sound is soothing 😀 But the swing looks like those type which one can easily fall from if you didn’t grab it tight enough.. kinda dangerous. Hope that Narsha recovers soon!

  22. The leakage of their no make-up photos is no big deal for me. We always see them with make-up on that’s why when these photos were leaked out, most of us were shocked. But for me their no make-up looks is ok. Besides, their music is what’s more important. ^^

  23. why their pics without makeup cant be leaked out.
    Load of pics female artists without makeup spreads on internet and they dare to show their natural face on reality tv program .

    • true that, but this one is intentional, it would have been a different story if YG of 2ne1 themselves posted it. And i dont think anyone would dare put a picture if it ruins their image.

    • True, but these ones i think came from the YG files. They didnt come from any cywolrd or myspace albums..it was legally taken out to public.

      • It wasn’t legally taken out because obviously, YG did not allow any release of these photos >.> If he did, he wouldn’t take a strong action about this.

      • my bad i mean I-llegally taken out.

  24. its just photos without makeup…not as if they are some scandalous photos. abit weird for YG to take action against such a minor thing…at least to me.

    • of course it isnt a minor thing. Fan ranted out their anger toward those pictures. And FANS are important. 2ne1 has an image to protect as well.

      And the picture was leaked out, its not suppose to be out, so its intention was to degrade 2ne1 image. Because its obvious that their garnering a lot of attention.

  25. omo! the teaser of BEG’s song is awesome!

  26. i will always love 2NE1 no matter what,..
    okay now lets sing,..I DON’t CARE eeeeeeee

  27. […] Brown Eyed Girls released their 1st teaser video featuring member Narsha. News also came that Narsha was hospitalised while filming for the teaser video recently. Coming back with what is said to be ‘City Girl’ image, the title song to their new […]

  28. the girls already say ‘i dont care’. at least they dont sound like some chipmucks going around geegeegee for 4minute.

  29. omg…very cruel…anyways!! for me the girls still looks cute=]

  30. 2ne1 got REAL talents and are REAL singer and show their REAL voice. those who wants face can go to snsd, bad thing is, its FAKE.

    • 2NE1 isn’t the only group with “real” talents, with “real” singers and show their “real” voices. Plenty of other groups have real talents, are real singers and show their voices…
      Cocky fans just really piss me off. SNSD have talents too and can sing and has talent. They just do different genres in terms of music. It’s a disgrace that you think SNSD is fake (in terms of having plastic surgery) because there’s a hell lot of celebrities that has gotten plastic surgery. If you think think everyone who has gotten plastic surgery is fake, just leave the K-scene.

      • ^lol…not really.

      • ahaha. so true. 2ne1 isn’t the only group with real talent/singers. i actually don’t think they’re that great. the girls just fail to impress me. there are so many other girl groups that have talent as well (ex: Wondergirls, SNSD, BEG).

  31. NARSHA!! Feel better! I’m waiting for BEG’s comeback. Fighting!

  32. rofl, after looking at the pictures so many times, it doesn’t seem all that bad anyways. They just seem really tired and sad. Except for CL, who was caught in a bad time. Seemed like she was mid-laugh or something.

    And hope Narsha gets better. I’m looking forward to their comeback.

  33. 2ne1 must be getting really popular that someone wants to bring them down but too bad because I don’t think their evil plan is going to work. The people hating on them just because of those pics were never fans to begin with. I think people mostly liked them for their music and charisma, not really their “pretty” looks.

  34. do you guys not read the other article? someone physically hurt themself and no one has yet showed care. i presumed narsha fell from like, a trip or something and so it didnt seem that painful but after reading “Narsha had a fall after losing balance herself on a swing.

    Fortunately she did not fall from a great height ” , i was surprised. glad she want hurt

  35. so what’s going to happened if they take on these “action”? lol as much as YG want to clear this situation its already there what is it to say or do to those who already spoke their opinion about these photos.. those people who said bad things about the girls won’t change their minds and say oh YG said so lol & their fans accepted who they are no matter of how unattractive the photos are and so did i & i’m not even a big 2NE1 fan but heck so what ..

    well newayz enough with the bull crap where is the MV for “i don’t care”

    • ^ to prevent something like this to happen in the future duh. I believe YG should investigate about this because there was no permission for these photos to be circulated around, so that’s definitely wrong. I still love 2NE1 – fighting!

    • The damage is done but they just want to teach whoever leaked these photos a lesson.

  36. when i saw those pics i thought ” who did this?” that one is so cruel! YG definitely have to do sth thing. i’m happy that they are going to do sth.
    2NE1 fighting [ those pics’re fine ’cause they have normal girl’s look but lots of talents!^^]

  37. ^ I agree with u, but however, they still look cute for me and I don’t care about comments saying about their faces, I care about their talent 🙂

    • as much as i love the girls im not going to say they all look cute dara ,bom looked the same and minzy was okay but CL I was shocked she doesnt even look the same in the pic she looks like she is under drugs lol

      • I agree ’bout CL, they’re not the prettiest people (bom was da same though), but their music is one of the best…x

  38. YG love 🙂

  39. It’s sad that people forget that these girls are HUMAN. The person or persons who released these photos are very cruel, disgusting human beings 0-0

    • i totally agree with you!. imagine if u were them & someone posted a bad picture of you, you would totally get embarrassed and everything. OMO, it so bad of them to do that. BUT its okay, as 2ne1 fan I lovee them not becoz of their looks, but becoz with their talent and skills. 2ne1 fightingg ~

      • Yes I think it is a bad picture! It’s gonna sound like im just defending them but honestly I think CL looks better than that pic of her. The other girls look fine.

    • i really don’t know why anyone would care if these photos of the girls got out. they are human, so y would anyone expect them to always look perfect. it is a photo without make up. it is not a photo of them naked or taking a piss. do people really think they are so disgusting looking that showing them without make up is a crime? They look like anyone else would look with no makeup..normal. they are not so awful looking and if they were awful looking who cares, they are people too.

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