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KBS Music Bank 03.07.2009 – 2PM wins #1!


On Music Bank today,

  • 2PM wins #1 on K Chart pushing aside strong competition coming from So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Special stages by Navi-Nassun, The 3 Musketeers-After School and comeback stages by One Two, Wax and Moon Hee Jun
  • And your usual stages by ChaeYeon, TaeGoon, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 4Minute etc.

Still in the midst of updating the performances

Comeback|Special stages

2PM wins #1!

Congratulations. It’s a pity that they cannot be around to receive the award. They are busy promoting in Thailand

Navi ft Nassun with ‘Heart Damage’

Though I never really like Nassun‘s music, this featuring turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Or it’s just that this song is just so really great

Usual stages

So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

Just a joke, but their stage setting looks like jailhouse much. But is it me or does the sound system sounds bad?

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’.

Things I’ve grown to love about them: the song chorus and JiYoon.

Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Vogue it Girl’

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

3 Musketeers with After School Uee and Joo Yeon

I really thought the backdancers were After School at first glance. Lol

8eight with ‘Goodbye my love’

TaeGoon with ‘Super Star’

Chae Yeon with ‘Shake’

Kim Jong Wook feat. Davichi Kang Min Kyung with ‘If You Pretend’

Untouchable with ‘Oh’

Hong Jin Young with ‘Love’s Battery’

Other performing artistes

  • One Two comeback stage
  • WAX comeback stage
  • Moon Hee Jun’s comeback stage
  • Ilac (feat. Brand New Day Chae Rin)
  • Yoo Sung Chan
  • Achtung
  • Speed Motion
  • V.O.S
  • Koyote
  • MAC
  • Outsider

30 Responses

  1. prea sovath

  2. btw. in the 3 musketeers perf. it not UEE, its soo young and joo yeon πŸ™‚ right?

  3. i dont get it? why are the back up dancers for the 3 musketeers perf wearing the same outifts that after school wear in diva mv and perf? is that really after school?

  4. I’m super happy 2pm won o_O
    SNSD will probably win next week or even on inkigayo.But i think they won’t rewin nine awards.That’s pretty obvious genie is not a craze like Gee.
    I hope 4minute would win soon^^ (with hot issue or not)

  5. YEAH!!!! I’m SO HAPPY for 2pm.

    WOo-Hoo! 2pm is the Hottest….=D

  6. seriously… are the fans at music bank not get annoyed at hyuna’s voice. yet another boring performance.

  7. I think the magnae in 4minutes got a stage presence.

    Congratz 2PM!

  8. Oh well, SNSD loss. Just wait ’till next week………^^

  9. I LOVE YOU 2PM!!

  10. aishhhο»Ώ they only won because snsd’s album sales weren’t counted for this week 😦
    i wanted snsd to win, but they’ll have it next week obviously

    but congrats to 2pm

  11. huh… nassun was always whatever for me.. but that rap really complemented the song.. i like it (: navi is always gorgeous and talented as usual.. hehe.

    okay.. wow.. snsd.. i have no idea how they’re doing this cuz i don’t like them that much, but i’m starting to like them. hahaha.. or maybe its just the song.. I LOVE IT! the background is kinda freaky and the sound does suck… but damn.. the girls sound GREAT… shows they don’t need the prerecordings… :p

    4M… eh.. as always.. to me at least.. they haven’t made me get that WOAH moment yet… i’m sure they will.. someday… :/ but for now.. hyun ah’s voice.. DAH.

    JONGHYUN. omg.. EVERY time he holds that one note.. i’m just grinning like an idiot.. but wow.. (:

    dude… they shortened 8eight’s song…. -_________________- which is also my favorite.. thanks mubank.. haha

  12. omo2!..i just saw jyp tweets sayin’ 2pm’s coming to malaysia in for mtv asia award…demm..hope it’s true!

    • I saw his tweet too. I believe JYP. so far he never failed me when he announced some news. he always take action what he talk

  13. CONGRATS 2PM !! <33
    hope they'll win more awards.. next week maybe ?? Kkkk ~
    ah i miss suju already.. ;_;

  14. Congrat 2PM, they really deserve this

  15. yeahh, I miss the big contenders. huhu. well hope they’ll success abroad

  16. aww even though the performances were great it seems like today music bank is missing something it just doesn’t seem right. I miss all the good old performances by like big bang suju 2pm and all of them groups 😦 music bank just seems incomplete.
    Like I said the performances were still good though
    And congrats to 2pm they deserve it

  17. gratz to 2pm! i like the 3 musketeers performance! and yup like Chelsea said, its Soyoung and Jooyeon

  18. omg I thought 2pm won’t win anymore because they don’t release a new album!! congratsssssssss

  19. sookyeong, for the 3 musketeers video, isn’t that soyoung and jooyeon? not uee?

  20. I like 2pm’s song..I think it’s good. Yeah for them winning..better than give it to anyone else. Especially those *coughcough* girls..

    I will prolly puke blood if 4444 wins..what’s with Hyuna’s voice again..but it’s good now that they tuned things down a bit. That’s the wisest choice they ever made till now..

    And I do think SNSD is running out of clothes to wear..navy blue is next I think or black..

  21. aww.. too bad SNSD got 0 on the album sales point thanks to the album delay T-T

    congrats to 2pm though! :d

    • lol..
      is that why?
      they didnt released it yet?

      • No, they have released the album on the 29th (delayed 4 days from the actual release date due to the whole album cover controversy)

        ..and Mubank was only counting the album sales up to 28 June, hence SNSD got 0 point on the album sales.

  22. yay 2pm jjang
    would have been better if they were around though

  23. woohoo!!! I’m happy for them πŸ™‚ totally unexpected because the song has been around for long…finally .


  25. congrats to 2pm
    and im glad outsider is doing well and proven that he is a strong competion

  26. 2pm! Yeah their 2nd mutizen.. Congrats boys!

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