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MBC Music Core – 04.07.2009


For Music Core today:

  • Special stages: SHINee TaeMin‘s piano performance and piano collaboration stage with 8eight
  • Comeback stages by YangPa, One Two and Wax
  • And also the usual stages by So Nyeo Shi Dae with their new blue costumes, 2PM, SHINee, 4Minute etc

Still updating the performance list

Comeback|Special Stage

SHINee‘s Taemin with ‘River Flows In You’

He’s playing my favourite song. How not to love this kid?

8eight ‘Goodbye My Love’ featuring TaeMin‘s piano companion

Lovely performance. Great collaboration. I didn’t know how nice their vocal-piano collaboration can be

YangPa with ‘Ghost’

That veil around her face, I freaked out for a moment thinking that she was a overly bearded man.

One Two‘s comeback stage with ‘Starry Night’

Usual stages

So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

I love the new costumes, very summer and young. The performance was real hot. Loved it. But what’s with Yuri’s hair?

2PM with ‘I Hate You’

Gosh I missed them much when they were in Thailand, the boys’ performance today was great but they looked tired

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

Aww teddy for presents to fans, sweet

4Minute ‘Hot Issue’

Hong Jin Young with ‘Love Battery’

Outsider with ‘Lonely

Koyote with ‘Nonsense’

Kim Jong Wook with SeeYa Lee Boram ‘If You Pretend’

Untouchable with ‘Oh’


So Nyeo Shi Dae on yacht cut

MC cuts

Other performing artistes

  • The 3 Musketeers with ‘Let’s Go’
  • Wax ‘Finally It Was You’

18 Responses

  1. I should comment on the other performances.

    Loved the collab with Taemin and 8eight. That was great. I’m so proud of Taemin!

    SNSD’s outfits were nice, loved them! Great for the summer! A lot of leg shots. I wish I had long legs like ’em.

    Juliette, awww so cute for them to throw teddy bears around to fans. I bet the fans were at war.

    2Pm.. always hot as usual.

  2. Oh Taemin, you make noona happy! 😀

  3. I would like to applaud for Taemin. He was awesome.
    That was a prerecorded performance of 2pm. It’s easy to tell because their stage set up was completely different.

  4. Great work to SHINee, 2PM and 4minute.

    I loved seeing Taemin on the piano. ^_^

  5. SNSD was hot! and i absolutely loved that yacht cut, especially bcuz sica was just standing around doing her own stuff while the rest were dancing to tell me your wish ^^

  6. 4MINUTE ❤

  7. Oh no, Junsu made the same mistake going in the wrong direction again! It’s okay!!

  8. YangPa and Outsider are great live performers, 4minute kicks ass.

  9. thanx soosoo 4 the videos
    but you write MC cuts and
    the video about outsider
    ” lonely person ” what happen ?

  10. Taemin + Piano + 8eight = Too awesome for words.

    Glad that 2PM is back in Korea~ but they look tired. I hope they’ll have enough rest after this.

    Shinee’s Juliette is pure fanservice. Loool. But it’s cool. I like bears.

    4Minute, I’m still trying to know who’s who. But Hyuna, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR VOICE??? I miss the Irony days Hyuna. T-T I liked her voice there better. And the girl with bob cut, she’s too exaggerated. >.< sorry guys. T-T

  11. 2pm’s not back yet. that performance was pre-recorded last week~

  12. sad face! yuri looks like an old ahjumma with that kind of hair and hat combination. sigh ): i reallyy like yoona’s hair in the yacht clip though. shes most definitely eye candy for me, even more so with that hairstyle and shorts ensemble. im not biased, i like all of snsd really! just pointing out some things that stick out

  13. oooooh yiruma! i didnt know people still publicly exposed that song or, idk how to say it. use it for different performances? oh whatever, its a really nice piano song

  14. Soshi and 2PM. ♥

  15. YangPa is back!! Best vocals today, when it comes to the singing performances.

  16. 8eight and Taemin were awesome! I wish we could see more artist collabs like this.
    2pm is back from Thailand~ Great to see them perform again. ^^
    And SNSD is as awesome as ever. The boat thing was a bit random but still hawt.
    Thanks for the videos!

    • The yacht was supposed to go with their “marine” or “sailor” concept =) i liked it!

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