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SBS Inkigayo 05.07.2009 – SHINee wins 2nd Mutizen!


Tonight on SBS Inkigayo:

  • SHINee wins Mutizens 2 time through with ‘Juliette’
  • 2PM with new Energy Song MV
  • Other stages: Lee MinWoo’s comeback stage, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2PM, 4Minute, YangPa, K Will etc.

Still updating the performance list

Comeback|Special stage

Lee Min Woo M comes back with ‘Minnovation’

Not really digging the song yet

Wax with ‘Eventually it’s you’

I liked Wax singing ballad but I thought she rocked this song too.

SHINee wins Mutizens again! 2nd consecutive week!

Congratulations to the boys, and JongHyun really has a lot of tears

Take 7

So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

I love those military-style vests, but not digging the big khaki shirts..

SHINee with ‘Juliette’

2PM with ‘I Hate You’

Love this performance, always do. I love that 4 camera take part if u get what I mean

4Minute with ‘Hot Issue’

Other stages

Hung Jin Young with ‘Love’s Battery’

K Will with ‘1 drop 1 second’

TaeGoon with ‘SuperStar’ remix performance

Lee Jung Hyun with ‘Vogue It Girl’

Moon Hee Jun with ‘Toy’

I like the song! It’s great to see Moon Hee Jun come back.

One Two with ‘Starry Night’

Namolla Family with ‘You were tricked’ featuring Jeong Joo Ri, who transformed as 2NE1‘s Sandara.

Speed Motion

Yangpa with ‘Soul’


Energy Song Music Video: 2PM

Great, another energy song by the boys! ^^

Digital Chart: Hong Jin Young

I’m not getting use to the absence of 2NE1 and SuJu ><

17 Responses

  1. shoot i’m still not used to the absence of the Wondergirls.

  2. Does anybody know a place to download full shows??
    I found a place for Music Bank and Music core but what about others?

  3. Does anybody know a place to download full shows??

  4. Did Ji Yoon had a cape on? :)). Also, SNSD are really great performers, they synchronize so well when dancing. Tae Yeon is also looking mighty fine.

  5. 2pm, 4MINUTE, MoheeJun & Shinee = LOVE

  6. This “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” performance is definitely much better than their previous performances.
    In this one, you can actually HEAR their vocals without the background music overpowering them too much.

  7. happy for Shinee…
    same here, ain’t the same w/o SUJU. at least 2NE1 will be back next week 🙂

  8. lol not feeling Minwoo xD I think my little skittle should just step away from the stage slowly…..Still like him though.

    I really miss seeing 2NE1 on stage for some reason 😦
    Can’t get sick of 2PM 😀

  9. Still not digging Min Woo’s song and style. I missed SuJu and 2NE1!

  10. hrmmm is it just me or does the second half of 2pm energy song doesn’t have any sound ?
    I always say this but I miss big bang and I hate the fact that they’re not gonna have a comeback this year 😦
    The only highlight for me was 2pm they did awesome as usual and I know what four camera screen your talking about I love that part of their choreography * sigh* how dreamy hehe

    I still miss big bang<3

  11. Tell me Your Wish is really getting to me, and i mean that in a good way. like the song and performance even more as it progresses. the choreography for the song is grand! from the high and low fives at 2:04 and synchronization after Hyoyeons solo to that simple yet sexy somewhat slow twirl and bounce of the hips at 2:30. its not to say genius, but it really emphasizes the different charms of the girls from being playful (high fives), powerful (solo dance and sync), and sexy (that one twirl 😀 ). oh, really like how they make the maknae dress in the captain’s uniform with the cap and all – that shows a lot of support for one another, especially the maknae

    • GRAND? lol !!!!
      the choreography for the song is LAME.
      Much worse than anything else they ever do.

  12. Not so fast…I think they are going to release the MV..have their YGTV show every Wed and then comeback hopefully in next week’s Inki. Don’t worry..the girls will be back in no time at all.

    Minu’s style is a bit weird..haha. He’s too old for that..I really like “I hate you”..I’ve said this before..keke. SNSD’s clothes..O_o Okay, some outfits looked too oversize..and they are wearing the same themes anymore? great..

    Congrats Shinee for another win.

    • Those clothes that looked oversized (Tiffany and Jessica wore them here) made me think of, errrr, after-mornings, if you get what I mean. hehehe.

      But then they still have the same theme (summer marine looks) and I love it that they had variety now. =)

      Can’t wait fro 2NE1’s comeback. though I’m not a big fan of their new single “I don’t care”…maybe it’ll change when I see them perform it.

      BTW the audio and the video of 2PM’s energy song is not in sync. huhu.

  13. wasn’t 2ne1 supposed to comeback w/ i don’t care this week? 😦

    thanks for the update (:

    • I thought they were suppose to go US end of June to prepare their album. Hmm..

      • Apparently, only YG went to the US. The girls stayed. ^^ Hopefully, next Sunday they’ll be performing since their mini-album will be out on July 8 >.< I'm excited for it! Anyway, congrats shinee and soshi. Lol he cried too much – he's prolly so happy =)

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