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2PM meets up with Thai Prime minister


2PM is the 1st foreign artistes group to meet up directly with the Thai prime minister.

2PM was invited to be the representative for foreign artistes for a local campaign called ‘I Love Thailand’. And on 3rd July, they met up with the Thai prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva parliament building.

2PM has received much popularity and fans on their trip to Thailand this time, and even before that, their albums are shooting off music and albums charts there in Thailand. And Thai member Nich Khun is also one of the more popular members there.

The boys received over the tees and pins with the prints ‘I Love Thailand’ on them from the prime minister, and they also gave their ‘2PM Thailand Special Edition’ to the prime minister as a gift.

Nich Khun said, “Me and 2PM have got the chance to take part in such an event because of the love that everyone has showered on us. We are very honoured and thankful for that. We hope that more people will visit and love Thailand like me and the other 2PM members.”

Aww the boys in suits

13 Responses

  1. I’m vietnamese, almost forgot lol … Hope they’ll come to Vietnam one day … I love u 2PM :* … I love u, Khunnie …. Love u Chan-sung …. Love u guys :X

  2. How lucky they are :X Look, they’re so sweet and adorable … I hope they’ll come to our country once … I love 2PM so much … Hope they’ll read my comment somehow :X

  3. Haha..of course they have the chance to meet Thai PM because Nickhun who a Thailand have become among the famous K-artist in Korea…
    I bet Thai PM proud with Nickhun and his group..=)

  4. […] Thailand – K-pop group 2PM meets Thai PM [Kbites] […]

  5. […] Thailand – K-pop group 2PM meets Thai PM [Kbites] […]


  7. haha now i can picture Jae being tall…lol…

  8. LMAO jay looks so odd wearing a suit. he looks like he’s drowning in it, cute cute cute.

  9. omg they all so handsome and thai prince is so freagin talll!!~

  10. the men in suits……. so handsome including thai PM.
    I hope their next concept is men in black.

  11. Congrats boys! They looked good in suits.. Eye candy 0.o

  12. too good to be true. but they are so awesome. they’re cool guys. HAHA

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