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K Bites – 06.07.2009 II (BEG GaIn, YangPa, Dong Bang Shin Ki)

Brown Eyed Girls comeback 2nd teaser video revealed – featuring member GaIn

Brown Eyed Girls’ comeback 2nd teaser video has been revealed, this time featuring member GaIn.

The video features GaIn with a femme fatale sexy image, different from the 1st teaser featuring member Narsha. It was said that the filming of GaIn floating on the water took more than 12 hours, and it was really tiring but the results were great.

Meanwhile, the girls’ comeback song will be revealed on 13th July with comeback concept ‘City’.

Reasons why YangPa did not perform on SBS Inkigayo

yangpa_080609Many were curious to why singer YangPa did not perform on SBS Inkigayo on 5th July even though she did participate in the rehearsal.

For her comeback stage, her face was covered throughout the whole performance on stage. But Inkigayo staff has demanded for her to remove her black scarf during the performance deeming that it may be inappropriate.

YangPa’s side has insisted that it is part of the concept but the 2 sides could not come down to an agreement and in the end YangPa did not perform on Inkigayo.

YangPa’s comeback song ‘Soul’ is the theme song for the upcoming drama ‘Soul’ to be aired on MBC coming August. Because of this, they wanted to create a horror effect by having YangPa to wear a dark veil on her face during the performance to give a mystical feeling.

While on YangPa’s side, they had explained YangPa’s absence on Inkigayo as, “She was unwell and did not perform.”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s afterthoughts about their Japanese concert performance at the Tokyo Dome


Dong Bang Shin Ki talks about their feelings with the end of their Japanese concert tour. The group had their last Japanese concert tour performance on 4th and 5th at the Tokyo Dome. The concert tour saw more than 300,000 audience present at the concert performances, and had brought it more than 40 billion KRW in production costs.

Dong Bang Shin Ki said, “We had more concert performances than from last year but it ended much faster then we thought. We were very excited about experiencing the different food and culture at the different places we went.”

“It still feels very real to us, the concert. Especially the finale performance at Tokyo Dome, we can still feel the after effect of it. We are really touched as we had talked about performing at the Tokyo Dome between the members when we first advanced into Japan.”



“We had also taken a little break this year to go visit OnCheon with our band, dancers and staff to relieve stress. We have also seen another side of our staff, we have become more close to each other, it was a fun experience. Our trip to Satpo was the more impressionable. Xiah JunSu has finally joined us for dance performance after he got himself injured. We felt complete as 5 members again on stage.”

And about them being the 1st Korean artistes to perform at the Tokyo Dome, “It serves as greater meaning as the 1st Korean artistes to perform at the Dome, and we are really excited as the chance for us to perform at the Dome came faster than we expected.”

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  1. congrate!!!!!TVXQ fighting………love u all….really hope TVXQ can come to malaysia….. T___T

  2. my friend’s mom went their. so envious~ TT_TT keke^^

  3. Congrats to DBSK !!

  4. they make the biggest deal of of shit man

  5. congrats to DBSK for a successful show at the Tokyo Dome!

    i’m not really feeling BEG’s song from the teasers. also, the teasers a little bland. curious about the full song and mv.

  6. Why would they not let her sing just because she was covering her face?

    40 billion Kr won? Is that the revenue or production costs?

    • it’s production costs.. will have it changed.. thanks for the clarification

  7. They didn’t let the best singer from Music Core sing on Inki?? Pffft.

  8. SBS = lier.
    Poor Yangpa.

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