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K Bites – 06.07.2009 III (SNSD, Eric, 2NE1)

So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is #1 on album-song-ringer tone charts


Girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s comeback hit ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ occupying the #1 spots on various music  weekly charts.

SM Entertainment said on the 6th, “So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is #1 on ringer tone charts, after being #1 on various music and album charts. This is indeed going to be their 6th consecutive hit.”

The song is up #1 on Melon, Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs music charts for the 1st week of July. Also the song is 31 on SKT ringer tone weekly chart, and HanTeo weekly chart.

The girls have also received much love for their new dance choreography with their comeback like ‘kicking the feather’ dance, ‘beautiful leg line’ and ‘Miss Korea’ dance steps.

Meanwhile, the girls continue to promote the song on various music programmes.

New girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric to debut this year-end

eric_060709A new girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric will debut this year end.

A representative said on the 6th, “We are currently preparing for the debut of a girlgroup which Eric worked hard in grooming.”

Eric has given in a lot, including working for this new girlgroup’s album, for the debut of his hoobae girlgroup. We are targeting for them to debut this year end. We are still deciding on whether to make this a 4-member or 5-member group.”

Eric is known to be the talented rapper and dancer in ShinHwa, and much anticipation is into how this girlgroup will be like with his grooming. To add on, being the hoobae (juniors) of one of Korea’s biggest pop legend group ShinHwa would sure help this girl group with a good headstart.

Meanwhile, Eric is currently serving his military service, he had joined the military service last October.

2NE1 earns the praises from Lee Min Woo and GDragon


Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo and Big Bang‘s GDragon have not held in their praises for rookie girl group 2NE1.

Lee Minwoo who has come back in 8 months with his 4.5 album Minnovation had an interview with Joy News 24 and has revealed that 2NE1 caught his interest.

Lee Minwoo said of 2NE1 “the good thing about them is that they are different. The force they have is different. You can see their passion for music, their energy on stage seems like they have had lots of experience on stage before. He also said, “their charms are overwhelming and their colours are like a chameleons.”

GDragon of Big Bang also did not hide his love for 2NE1. GDragon who made an appearance on Mnet 2NE1 TV on the 2nd had said of 2NE1 “I am very happy that there is a group who can leave a big impression.” He also said “Every performance they do you can see that they have improved and this is a sign that they are doing very well.”

We can see his love for 2NE1 is big as he has been lending them his accessories for their album jacket shooting or for their first performance.

2NE1 who has had a successful debut with Fire, has been taking the number 1 spots On online music charts straight away with their 1st mini album title song ‘I Don’t Care.’

(2NE1 article credit: cookieMuncher@ http://ygsecret21.com)

Another girlgroup!

20 Responses

  1. 2NE1 ftw 😉
    Go Genie, lol.

  2. 2NE1 has sunbae fanboys. love it. ^^

    Need we crown 2009 as “Year of the Girl Groups”?

    Amid all people saying that there’s too many girl groups debuting this year, we’ll also see tough competitions. Survival of the Fittest (girl group) is here! Whoever lasts this year prevails. hehehe.

  3. congrats to the girls ~
    wow.. this year is really a year that belongs to the girls. Girls are dominating this year.

  4. am agreeing minwoo oppa n GD n other sunbae’s of 2Ne1. we just love u girls.. yet, eric oppa’s entertainment company is going to introduce new girl group.. omo.. idk whether i will be able to remember the girls name in the future if they don’t show special stage presence or stage act like 2ne1 did.. *sigh* instead i miss eric oppa a lot…

  5. it isn’t eric’s problem he’s releasing a girl group you know. we shouldn’t care if its a girl or a boy group as long as they can provide the musical talent we need.

    and being a fan of Shinhwa, I think I know Eric is not going to follow the ‘sweet-sugary’ concept. He’s known for being the 4D leader of Shinhwa!

    its good to know Shinhwa likes 2NE1. I’m a fan.


  6. hm…first Minwoo plans to released a boy group and now Eric plans to release a girl group? I don’t really mind how many girl/boy groups there are but i do wish them all the best!!~

  7. 2ne1 isnt just “ANOTHER GIRL GROUP” … and those who are sick of girl groups should STFU!!! sexist much!!! boybands arent the only ones who can sing good and entertain…


  9. i don’t give a damn about any girl group except for 2NE1..they rock! These girls are talented..

  10. 2NE1 FIGHTING!

  11. i was all for girl power, but this is too much..lol…but it’s eric, so i’ll give them a chance….aiiissshhh

  12. ANOTHER girl group?! they should give these “catfights” a rest, plz.

  13. Yes another girl group..what the hell..keep all those girl group away!! At least those untalented ones..

  14. Wow, 2NE1 got so many fanboy gasoo^_^
    From Lee Hong Ki (F.T Island), Jaebum (2PM), ShinDong & HeeChul (Suju), U-Kiss, Go Young Wook (Roora), Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa)….. and now Min Woo also loves them too>_<

    Gosh…..They must be soooo proud.
    I'm so happy about that………

    The girls are sooo pretty inside & outside, that's why so many sonbae love them

  15. OH GOSH, more girl groups? I’m honestly sick of the saccharine sweet concepts so many are churning out! where are the boybands?!?!?

    • saccharine sweet concepts <— for real?? i dont see that on 2ne1….. what the hell is your problem… if you dont like girlgroups then go away!

      • i think bazinga is talking abt Shinhwa eric’s new girl group article, not 2ne1.

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