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K Style 06.07.2009 (SNSD, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Yeon Hee)


In K Style today:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae looks good on and off stage. How can their off stage photos look like real photoshoot?
  • See talent Goo HyeSun in the working on her art pieces
  • Lee Yeon Hee for new Vogue photoshoot with a new look

So Nyeo Shi Dae back stage photos of SBS Inkigayo with their white military uniform costumes.

These girls make normal photos look like real photoshoot



What else does she need to ask for? Talent Goo Hye Sun can draw, can act, can sing, is an author, is a painter, and has the beauties.

Plus points – she is close with our favourite Big Bang members and get to work with our favourite F4 members. Lol, jealousy much?

Photos of her while she works on her art pieces, uljjang indeed.


One of my favourite paintings from her titled ‘Fog’. See more of her paintings here



And lastly, actress Lee Yeon Hee‘s new Vogue Korea photoshoot, with new hairstyles – curls and bangs bob style.

I’m really loving the 7th photo. She looked great here. Looking forward to her next production, I was hoping for a movie from her.


12 Responses

  1. Goo Hye Sun…i guiess she have the art blood in her body..
    She can perform really well in any arts such as sing,act,painting…huh…wish i can do the same..lol

    And the SNSD girls…my heart stop when i saw Yoona picture…she damn pretty..=)
    The others also pretty cute too…hehe

  2. The Soshi girls are so cute.
    Goo Hye Sun is super multi-talented.
    I hardly recognized Lee Yeon Hee!!! She looks amazing.

  3. I envy the fact that Goo Hye Sun is in YG
    & she’s close w/ BigBang, Aha, she’s so lucky!
    I love her though. WOW I AGREE w/
    SNSD’s pictures, their photos look like a
    photoshoot when they’re not. So pretty (:

  4. this snsd pictures look so good =)

  5. SNSD…wow…damn pretty. With faces like that (plus good light from the cam) every picture will come out like from a photoshoot. ^^

    GHS. damn talented. Admiration for her as always. ^^

  6. Photoshoot or not, SNSD girls are always pretty.

    GHS.. why!?!?! I envy her.. and wow, that painting looks AMAZING.

    LYH, I hope she comes back with another movie… I miss Go Ara too.. what happened to her?

  7. gosh…
    snsd very pretty

  8. Taeyeon’s a 2NE1 FAN?!
    * hand sign *


  9. snsd… they’re so pretty. GHS? sheesh shes too talented for her own good XD

  10. Whether its photoshoot or offstage, the girls are really pretty! Waah~
    And GHS is like.. super gifted. Wow I’m jealous of her abilities. T_T
    LYH, not bad. 😀

  11. wow..you’re right….i thought that group photo especially looked ilke one of those professional photos..

  12. You know… I really wished they would had Goo Hye Sun on YGTV. If they had Gummy… why not GHS? YG Family FTW!

    And I hope no one mistakes SNSD to be in the ROK navy. haha.

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