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Singapore Kpoppers: Bring Big Bang to Singapore!


I’ve received a notifciation from sg_bigbang.livejournal.com on the project to bring Big Bang to Singapore to meet all the Kpoppers and SG VIPs here.

We’ve seen the success of the similar project done by SG Prima Donnas in bringing down FT Island, and being there personally myself at FT Island‘s Singapore showcase it was a blast.

Hence look under the cut if you want to bring Big Bang to sunny island Singapore!

Letter from sg_bigbang


Hey all!

Some of you might have heard about FT Island coming to our sunny shores during June, because of their awesome Prima Donnas writing to DATZ Entertainment company to bring them in!


Being fans out of Korea and Japan, we International VIPs have never gotten the chance to meet the boys in person, and only through the Internet and their music. So a bunch of us Singaporean VIPs over at SG_Bigbang got inspired by the Prima Donnas, and decided to kickstart our very own activity,

Project: Big Bang! Coming to Town

What we are planning to do is send a booklet to Mr Yang Goon at YG Entertainment and our basic request will be for him to let Big Bang hold some activities in Singapore, like a showcase, if not a concert! (And we all know how much we’d love to scream our hearts out for our boys on stage right? ^^)

In a nutshell, the booklet will contain:

  1. A formal letter to Mr YG, explaining our project and its aims
  2. Fan messages

More details can be found at our website SG_Bigbang, particularly at this post. Do give it a click, as we hope to garner as much support as possible! Big Bang and VIPs, hwaiting! ^^

Deadline for the project: 6th September, 2009

91 Responses

  1. I would love Big Bang to come to Singapore, but what we do not get now are your responses and although the deadline’s over….. but the fans and I still greatly request that Big Bang will come to Singapore someday & pls do update!(:

  2. awesome ! i dun mind watching Big Bang as i kinda like their music tho not a fan of theirs. It’ll be fun to have a variety of Korean bands e.g hip hop, rap etc. on our shores…

  3. so is BIGBANG coming to SG? :D:D:D

  4. TAE YANG!!!! ❤

  5. T-T Big bang must come to Singapore!!!

  6. Money is mine – I can spend it anyway I want.

    Haha – it’s been a year since your wonderful project. Any result? If not, BB is having concerts in Korea and Japan this year. All the best. Hope you make it there. If BB make it to SG, I will support them too … they have the best music.

    Just get realistic ok. Money talks. Petitions are USELESS.

  7. Yes. Bring big bang over. =)

  8. Ft-Island and B.E.G and T-max are here already. BigBang’s turn.

  9. come on, bring on BIGBANG!

  10. OMG! I really want Big Bang to come. I love their music and everything and I really wanna meet them live!


  11. wait when when when are the Big Bang coming?

  12. omq i loooove biiq banq tha quyz are tha best
    tae yanq && T.O.P && G-Draqon ❤ juust loove em
    i hope they stay liike this 4-ever
    and those who have sumthiinq aqainst em are at tha wronq plaCe soo fuuuCk off <_<

  13. Haha they need to first come to Sgp then they can go to US. o_O

  14. BIG BANG Most Definitely Incredible!

  15. inStead of going to Sjngapore !!!! Why don’t they go 2 the US ?????????? Hello !!! I lived there and the US will be a better place 4 them !!!!!!!!


  16. If they come to Singapore, I’d be willing to pay any price. Serious. Big Bang rules.. I ❤ T.O.P, G-Dragon,Seung Ri, Dae Sung and Tae Yang!

  17. i luv bof……….. you all are so gorgeos………..i luv u all so much………..

  18. i love u all big bang


    please submit your messages by 6th SEPT. thanks!!

  20. i really really like big bang and also my crush g dragon,g dragon and sandara or dara in 2ne1 was a perfect match of loveteam….i hope g dragon would become a boyfriend of sandara………g dragon was a cute,funny,awesome boy i like very much and also i like thier songs and also the lollipop song/commercial…….god bless big bang and 2ne1 also g dragon and sandara……….and just 1 question do g dragon had a girlfriend? please reply……………………hehehehe’-‘

  21. So …. how much are you guys willing to PAY to see them in SG?

    There’s definitely a Kpop fanbase in SG but is it a PAYING fanbase? [also, there’s only ONE pie for Kpop artistes in SG … regardless of the artiste. The target group is the same bunch of people]. If one is only willing to pay the ticket prices of Taiwanese/HK artistes – well, just FORGET your petition ok?

    PS : I’ve seen Shinee, SJ, BB, DBSG, 2PM, 2AM, SNSD, Rain, Se7en, SS501 – all in Korea.

    • hey, pioneer fan here! was into kpop since nov 2006 😀
      i’m personally willing to spend any amount, yeah including a few thousand bucks if it is necessary. lol.

      well, regarding the kpop fanbase in singapore that you’ve mentioned, yknow why they are stingy with the price? cos since the beginning of this year, those supposedly fangirls are just noobs~ @_@ i completely have nooooo idea how nobody and other kpop songs are suddenly the hype around this island. T_T it pisses me off.

      omg you attended sm town live? =O
      okay mine may not be as good as yours cos i’m only 16 and my parents are extremely strict T______T, BUT I’VE SEEN DBSK IN MALAYSIA IN 2007, AND FLEW OVER TO BANGKOK LAST JUNE TO ATTEND BIG BANG’S GLOBAL WARNING AND DBSK’S YAMAHA EVENT. XD (and in singapore i went to kpop night last yr. lol cos after the bangkok trip my parents forbade me to travel overseas until i’m 18 -_-)

    • One question : Why should we listen to you in the first place to forget about the petition or not?

      Y’know, there are people who are sincerely loving k-pop despite the fact that they really want to go to their concerts but lack of no ability to have cash. Deep from their hearts, they still supported them no matter what.

      We are only hoping for Big Bang to come here, and even if they don’t, just to feel the love of the SG-VIPs here.

      If you think rich people can only afford to go to their concert and worthwhile enough to participate in this project, well, I just want to say, money isn’t everything. You can continue squandering your money and just fly to Korea to watch them.

      No offence, but since you talk so much about it, why not sponsor us then? We organisers are digging into our own pockets (and I’m still studying for goodness sake) to translate, decorate, print, laminate the project and to send it to them.

    • u’re so lucky!

  22. […] kpoppers alert! The staff over at Sg_Big Bang left me a message to announce this update on ‘Project Big Bang! Coming To Town’ to bring Big Bang to […]

  23. OH MY ! When are they coming ? 😀 😀 😀

  24. Please sign this petition if you want SUPER JUNIOR to come to SINGAPORE: http://www.petitiononline.com/SJ13/petition.html This petition will be addressed to DATZENTERTAINMENT who successfully bought FT ISLAND to singapore. thanks (:

  25. Any plans to bring SNSD to Singapore? I’m sure many guys in Singapore would like to meet them too.

  26. OMG!



  27. last year pops in seoul held a mini concert here in manila, philippines together w/ vj isak and hottie evan! hope big bang will do the same! 🙂

  28. oh my gosh! would it be much exciting if Big Bang will visit us in the Philippines and have a concert??

  29. Lol, omg. I just hope they come here before 2011. Ahhh tho i’m really curious about them knowing Singapore or not at all. Hehe. But thing is despite Singapore being the 2nd richest country in Asia, people still think it’s a part of China or something-.- Get a grip people, Singapore’s a MULTI RACIAL country:D Sooo hoho, help us in the project:D

    • OMG! SINGAPORE IS THE 2ND RICHEST COUNTRY IN ASIA? i didn’t know that O___O. i thought it was Korea or Thailand?

      • Haha uhm S Korea is one of the top 5 or 6 richest country in Asia. Uhm Thailand falls way back. Singapore is in the top 3 richest country in Asia. Well.. from what i researched.

  30. i hope bigbang will come 2 malaysia…

  31. yay! big bang coming to sg? it seems like a dream to me. gonna give them support. come come come to sg 😀

  32. hope bigbang will come to SG ! *prays*
    Im from malaysia so might be near if i fly to SG (:

  33. oh man.. i would just die if BB were to come S’pore!!

    • Yeah… Bring them.

      But it seems theirs schedule is soo hectic.. with japan promo & individual album…

      Do come to Singapore…

      • Hmmm maybe this project will bring them here, who knows? we should just give it a shot xD

        So do remember to submit your letters! n_n

  34. if BIGBANG comes to singapore. I WILL OH SO GO CRAZY!

    • hahaha everyone will!
      So do join this project and help us out!! 😀

  35. That will be so cool if they can come to Singapore. However, I seriously doubt the possibility…

  36. Just come for KPOP Night, that would be fine!

    • i’m actually very afraid that there won’t be any kpop night this year! T_T since FT and SS501 has had a showcase and is planning a concert here already, respectively. oh man, i really want Kpop Night to be an annual event )=

  37. wouldn’t big bang be tired becuz their schedule is already really hectic

    • I believe YG will do the best for the boys. Whether they come or not , we don’t mind. We’ll just treat it as us sending our loves to them if this project fails. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts yeah?

  38. how awesome is this ?!

  39. What does GD think of Singapore…..

  40. thats great that you guys are putting this together. good luck!! i can only wait and hope that one day big bang will perform in the states.. untill then i luv you bigbang and will always support you =)

    • aww thats really nice of you! 🙂 hoep bb goes to the states someday as well!

  41. OMG!

    “..shosite koko de futare..motto movin’..groovin ikashita partty say B I G to the BANG”

  42. that’s cool but it’s like an impossible dream for me. I really hope this can work

  43. that was cool man!!!!!!!…..if they could spent time with their fans in southeast asia…..n really hope they could stay in malaysia for a while….. TT___TT

  44. lets not start a war on sookyeong page. its not very nice.
    peace people.
    just support this project whoever wants to and whoever dont want to, can just kindly keep comments to themself 🙂

  45. gosh I hope we can bring BIGBANG to INDONESIA x)

  46. I’m not Singaporean but flying there definitely no problem for me.

    I’ll do anything for Big Bang! They are the most important one in my life. My priority among all other artists. I’m serious.

    Can I join this too? I guess you won’t mind right. Not limited to Singaporean only right?

    • Ok. Just read the reply.
      I’ll join this project.

      I want to try too. ^^

      • Yes, non-singaporeans can join too. 🙂 Spread the love yeah? Show YG how many countries have VIPs!

  47. i believe it all boils down to the hard work of the people who tried to make this happen. stop saying its a waste of time, because i certainly dont think it is. we love our idols, we wanna see them, so i dont think its a waste of our effort. even if YG doesnt wanna let them come here, at least we all tried.

  48. omg…
    amen ….
    I wish their would come…
    to Indonesia too…

  49. actually i dun rly want them to experience screamy fans and got cameras shoved at their face man.
    i dun see any point on fans screaming while artiste are singing or performing because u cant really hear hw they sound like, kinda stupid though.
    yes, im saying about fti’s showcase, which i dint really enjoy much, all thanks to the pushing “fans” and the screaming ones. so i rather, big bang dont come. no offense, but nevertheless, i think Mr YG wuldnt let them come here too, kinda wasting their time. & also, stop wasting our time to do stuffs like this. period.

    • wtf

      if you’re singaporean, i hope you get H1N1.

      if you’re not singaporean, butt off asshole.

      • aww, well, cursing is not the right thing, face it, im just stating the facts. dun get so agitated unless ure also one of those screamy devastated fans.

      • lol, I think he/she got some points that I agree with.
        but don’t get disheartened.
        Maybe the project might succeed and they might come,
        and fans may behave.

        And hopefully no more of that kind of behavior. [:

      • that’s not the best reply. he’s just not a die-hard fan like us..some people do think chasing idols are lame. sometimes I feel that way but lame me, I still do so. BB coming to singapore is like an impossible dream for me, you know..but I will still try out this thing.

      • YTIMG,
        wtf back at cha. do you want to see your favourite celebrity get hurt and return back to korea in an injured state? do you want your idols to have a bad impression of your country? please have some common sense and think about the consequences dude. i’m referring to HSA’s camera shoving and fans pushing at the airport statement for your information. oh, not to forget pasting stickers or whatsoever on the members too. i heard it happened to ft island.

        but as for the screaming part, it’s not really the fans’ fault because they do that to show signs of support and encouragement for the idols. i agree that it can get overboard sometimes though, because the atmosphere can be very high. so try not to blame them. haha.

      • oh yeah, i’m not a fan of ft island so i did not attend any event. but i heard and read the fan accounts from my friends so i’m just stating my point of view.

    • You’re right about many VIPs who does that, but I have to disagree with your last sentence. We’re not wasting our time for this project, we just figured that it will be beneficial to the Singaporean VIPs who really do want them to come down. If there’s a chance to meet your idols, then why not give it a shot?

      Nevertheless, you may be right about Mr YG not sending them down, but if we don’t try, how do you know?

      What I don’t like about your comment is that you simply just disregard the organiser’s efforts into all these things. Sometimes, even if you don’t like the way how the project is handling, please appreciate what the organisers has done. To be blunt, you’re rude. No offense, but yeah.


    • We’re not 100% hoping and dying for this project to succeed. This project has 2 aims. 1st- to let YG knows that Big Bang actually has a number of fans in Singapore and he shouldnt neglect this tiny red dot. 2nd- to request BB to come to Singapore. Ultimately, whether they come or not, it’s YG’s decision not ours. And we’ll definitely respect YG’s decision. Not like we can fly to korea and threaten YG.

      Anw, just FYI, this project is open to those who think this isn’t a waste of time. If you think you’ll be wasting your oh-so-precious-time, you don’t have to participate. No one is pointing a gun on your head asking you to do it. Got it?!

  50. i hope that project will be success…
    the thing you made which i want make in Viet Nam
    V.I.P Viet Nam too, really wanna see BIG BANG
    Thanks for your post sokyeong…
    V.I.P go BIG BANG go
    I love GD

  51. Aw I can only wish they come to the states one day!

    I hope you get to see them SG VIPs!

  52. AWESOMEEEE! pls pls pls have it end of this year b4 i go back to aussie for my studies! T____T I really wanna go see BIG BANGG! Thanks for letting us know 😉

  53. COOL! 😀 thank you sookyeong for posting this up! ^^ although i’ve gone to see big bang live last year, i don’t mind them coming to our island lol. it’s easier than flying to thailand although bangkok has better shopping malls imo. xD

  54. @Imuyachan

    i’m from the group of sg vips organising this, and yep it’s okay even if you’re not singaporean to participate in this! ^^

    just check out the post we have about this on our lj comm (:

  55. Hopefully dis project will come true. Im truly a big bang fanatic.. Really wanna watch them LIVE.. All dis while me only depend on youtube & KBS World…

  56. eileenn.. can non -Spore-an joined too ? if BB comes to SG, it’s easier from me to flew to SG rite ^^ let me know dearie..

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