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K Bites – 07.07.2009 III (Son DamBi, Infinite Challenge)

Son DamBi’s Twitter account is fake?

sdb_240409It seems that the Twitter account supposed to belong to that of sexy singer Son DamBi is a fake account. And netizens have fallen for it.

The account created had Son DamBi’s photo as the background plus she had posted up her Cyworld minihompy link as the website link, and this had caused many netizens to believe that the Twitter really belong to her. And with news going on that her twitter account may be true, many netizens have also visited her twitter and followed her account.

But some netizens have pointed out that one of her tweets to be fishy. It says “I wish I have an iPhone”, but she is currently the endorser to Samsung Anycall phones. Hence it has been said that that account is not authentic.

Her company has also came out to confirm that that is not her twitter account. And it would not be right of her to post such a tweet since she is endorsing for Samsung.

Currently Twitter does not have a system for identifcation authentication.

Tablo-HyungDon and Yoo JaeSeok – Tiger JK duet songs for Infinite Challenge revealed

infinitechallenge_070709Hiphop group Epik High member Tablo will be having a duet ‘BBQ’, arranged by Tablo himself, with Jung HyunDong for MBC Infinite Challenge.

The 6-member group on Infinite Challenge will have different collaborations with various musicians – Park Myung Soo with So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica, Yoo JaeSeok with Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK; Jung Hoon Ha with After School and Yoon Jong Shin; JunJin with Lee Jung Hyun, and Noh Hong Chul with No Brain. These collaboration is for their special episode of ‘To the Olympics: Music Festival’

Ahead of the reveal of the songs, teasers to Tablo-Jung HyungDon ‘BBQ’ collaboration and Yoo JaeSeok-Tiger JK and Yoon MiRae collaboration of ‘Let’s Dance’ are revealed.

Catch them under the cut.

Lol I love the teasers. Can’t wait!

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  3. Wow…well…luckily the company told the netizens that its not her twitter account….as a fans we usually easily fall that…hm…
    Hope she have a real one someday..=)

  4. ooo twitter DOES have a system for identity authentication! if you go to like… ashton kutcher, or britney spears, any of those celebs you can see this icon that says it has been verified that it IS in fact them =) but i guess they haven’t gotten around to korean people yet, haha

  5. hahah sounds awesome!! the ep was hilarious!! can’t wait to hear the whole thing next week!!

  6. Sounds cool ^^

  7. lol the jaesuk’s one sounds funny! I hope someone subs infinity challenge cos its such an awesome show.

  8. when is this going to air?!?!?!! thanks i love tiger JK and tablo!!!!!!! =)

  9. lol haha love it

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