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Netizens expose T-ara members pre-debut photos


Recently causing a topic with various concept teaser photos revealed ahead of their debut mid-July, T-ara members’ pre-debut photos get exposed by the netizens.

This can just be good news or bad news for them.

In the order of the photos listed:

  1. Boram
  2. SoYeon, she had changed her name from Park In Jung to Park SoYeon
  3. Eun Jung
  4. QRi
  5. JiYeon
  6. HyoMin


Netizens say:

  • “Oh please, stop calling that girl ‘Little Kim TaeHee’ already”
  • “This is amazing. The others all looked the same except for JiYeon”
  • “Even though JiYeon is prettier than most girls, she does not look like Kim TaeHee”
  • “Where did you girls get your double eyelids done? I want to do my eyelids too”
  • “BoRam is the prettiest of them all”
  • “QRi and HyoMin – they have the best looks”
  • “They looked the same”

Teaser photos for their debut released so far:




Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to their debut. Love their song ‘Good Person’.

EunJung is my favourite of the 6. Liked her from when she appeared in FT Island MV


40 Responses

  1. WOW!!!!!! Hyomin was ulzzang even when she was a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fu*k….another g goup…..im tired of them….

  3. wtf some of them can be fake photos
    jelous antis might have put up a picture of a person that might kinda resemble them for soyeon and boram .. so u cant really believe what u see or hear -.-
    but even if they had surgery or whatever ii still like them (:

    • agree
      how can they tell it’s really soyeon in that pic
      even there is a name there
      but in korea there are sooooooooo many people with that name


    On to the topic, I can’t wait for T-Ara to officially debut. After the two girls left, I was disappointed, but the new girls look like great replacements. I’m really liking their latest photoshoot as well.

    • you’re right in using quotation marks….anyone can pretend to be a certain someone on the internet.

  5. Why do you guys have to bring other groups here? We’re talking about T-ara and their looks not the competition with the other female group.

    And don’t expect them to look the same 5 years or 10 years ago. People change by time to time!

  6. i thought i saw eunhyuk in jiyeon’s pre-debut photo… scary…
    no offence tho…. (:

  7. goshh…i know ji yeon…because she’s with seeya n davichi…
    n hyomin, because her face seriously look like jessica jung..
    especially the d-1 photo of her..
    thanks god they dont put bangs on her..n thanks to jessica too that she has bangs..

  8. They are pretty but I find their concept rather boring. Cute and innocent image just not my cup of tea.

  9. QRI IS CUTE AND PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @that guy ,,,im not generalizing its fact most of the 2ne1 fans love tp bash other groups if u read any article for any other female groups especially 4minute u will read many comments of 2ne1 fans that are bashing 4minute and now i guess their new target is t-ara and btw im also 2ne1 fan

    • To be honest though… if that other group didn’t underperform most of the time, maybe it wouldn’t get so many bashers.

      I don’t think T-ara is going to get as much bashing. They are too good.

      • jiyeon has not shown much of anything in her performances with davichi and seeya – very mediocre talent, but a cute face nonetheless

        and ffs…it’s a fact, 121? a fact?
        and for your information, saying things like “most” and “many” IS generalizing.

  11. whow, soyeon…her eyes are very different now. good luck to them.

  12. Hyomin, omg. hyomin, she’s adorable.

  13. They look same to me.

  14. They look the same to me.
    Just different hairstyle and makeup.

    And why the hell did they use the perfect pics (as in Photoshoot pics, pics that are clearly taken at the best angle and are edited to maximize the appeal) to compare to the real-from-the-past pics? At least took thei natural pic from now and compare to a natural pic back then (as in 2 ,3 years ago, not 10 years ago)

  15. ^ lol how can you say that already? T-ara has only come out with ONE song, and with only half the members in this group. not to mention, they’re completely different groups in different genres of music???

  16. 2ne1 is more talented than t-ara

    • oh shut up, this is about t-ara, nothing is about 2ne1.

      And what do you know about talent?

      EunJung has on her own a bunch of commercials, MVs, movies.
      SoYeon = 1st place @ radio broadcasting singing contest.
      JiYeon = 1st place model look.
      Boram = release her own single last year and cause a stir on the internet (her style is not mainstream)
      Qri and Hyomin, idn yet, but at least they are ulljjang loz

      What makes 2ne1 anymore talent than t-ara?

    • this cooi belongs the type of people that I hate the most. Retarded fan who does nothing more than running around trying to marketing for their idols at the wrong place, and with a lame tatic.

    • i dont think t-ara is less talented than 2ne1 didn’t u hear their song Good person the girls are all vocally strong plus all the members in the group can sing which is A+ to me and im more than 100% sure that the 3 news members are also vocally strong and be honest they reason why u are trying to bring them down by saying the are less talented b/c u know they are strong competition to 2ne1

      one thing that i really dont get is why many of 2ne1 fans love to bash and bring other female groups down cant u guys just support them without bashing other groups b/c its really started to be annoying

      • Please don’t generalize a fanbase. It’s not just 2NE1 fans, but other group fans bash too.

      • Just. stop. generalizing. there are trolls everywhere.

      • gtfo, dipshit. I hate people like you who generalize all fans due to one person’s idiocy.

      • ppl like 121 are just as annoying for calling out a particular fandom…when there are haters in every fandom.

      • I agree with what you say about 2NE1 fans, but then again, in every fan base, there are really immature and rude people.
        Ever since the debut of 2NE1 and 4-Minute, I wished fans would tone it down and stop bashing each other, comparing all the groups (e.g. SNSD vs. whoever and so on). They are all talented, they all some strengths and weakness.

      • but to be honest, ever since 4minute debuted, 2NE1 fans have been a pain in the ass. they actually go everywhere and say “so and so sucks, 2NE1 is so much better” or like “2NE1 >>>>>>> 4minute & T-ara”.

        it’s so annoying.
        expect to see more of this after T-ara debuts.

    • Oh right. The great and talented 2ne1.
      I wonder if they have a name for the fans yet. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be H8ERS

      Geez. First it was 4minute, then T-ara. Can’t 2ne1 just PLEASE mind their own fandom?

  17. darn little hyomin soo pretty, even prettier than dambi and SHK

    qri pretty too, everyone is pretty!

  18. lol the damn netizens can’t find any bad pics of Qri, EunJung and HyoMin. I lmfao!!!

  19. some of them are fake, some of them are real but jiyeon and the first two sure had some jobs done.

    • JiYeon look exactly the same..
      Boram’s nose, eyes, lips are the same. Her face got smaller but that can be achieve through weight loss and hairstyle to cover your face.

      SoYeon, idn, can’t say anything, that picture is like 10-15 years ago, and you can’t expect people to grow up looking exactly like that. + Note that the thing that makes her look bad is the hair.

  20. They look the same.

    Boram got better makeup + a better hairstyle + lose weight.

    Hyomin + EunJung + Qri = naturally a beauty since little.

    JiYeon = lose weight.

    SoYeon = grow up to be a beautiful girl. (Nose lips face structure the same, with bigger eyes (circle lense). And oh hell, that picture is like from 1st grade. How can you make any compare with a pucture like that?)

    But then again I must say, what a beautiful child, HyoMIn!!!!!

  21. Damn…. T-ara is freakin’ good!

  22. i think qri look the best..she’s really pretty since her pre debut..but now i think boram the cutest..lol..but sorry gurls..i heart 2NE1..

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